...for though the town itself is wretchedly dull, the Ultimata Thule of the civilized world; yet is there the beautiful scenery of the coast, and many hospitable and agreeable families in the neighbourhood

J Welch Six Days Tour, 1836

These pages will include various topics connected with the Peel, Isle of Man


Fred Palmer Peel One: Peel Hill and Shore Road [Peel: Author's imprint]nd [c1960] (reprinted by Amulree 1997 (ISBN 0-9521126-6-3)

Fred Palmer Peel Two: Creg Mallin [Peel: Author's imprint]nd [c1965]

Fred Palmer Glimpses of Old Peel Laxey:Amulree 1993 (ISBN 0-9521126-1-2)

Jennifer Lewis Peel Town: An Archaeological and Architectural Assessment Douglas: IoM Goverment & Univ of Liverpool 1992 (available via Centre for Manx Studies)

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