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Atholl Place.
Formerly called the top of the town. Kione y valley.
Atholl Street.
1874 H.B.N. The Close, Joyner's Close. Also called Corris's Close.
Baarney mooar.
1740 Dioc. Reg.
‘Great gap.' Now Mount Morrison.
Bailey ny hinshey [].
‘Town of the island.' Manx name of Peel, sometimes used in place of Purt ny hinshey.
Bank, The.
Site of Railway Station.
Barrack Lane.
1874 H.B.N. Boyde's Lane
(see letter J. Manx Museum June 1935
...George Goodwin, in a series of articles 'Manx Annals of Eighty Years Ago' published in the Guardian, Peel, wrote, on January 4, 1902 (quoting from an ancient notice)

"On Sunday next, December 29th (1822), a sermon will be preached by the Rev. , Thos. F. Winslow, MA., at the Independent Chapel, Peel, and a collection made for the benefit of the Sunday Schools connected with that place.' The writer added, 'The chapel was, I think, that building on the Shore Road, not far from the Rocket House, which had previously been the barrack for the soldiers stationed in Peel, and which was, in later years, turned into cottages.'

When this item appeared, I questioned several of my elderly Peel friends as to the position of the barracks, and they were all of opinion it was where Lucas's restaurant and adjoining properties stood. This would make the site considerably nearer the Quay than Palmer's restaurant. Further evidence that this was the correct site may be had by referring to Kneen's ' Place-Names of Man,' and, under Peel Street Names, on page 405, will be found

Barrack Lane.

1874. H.B.N. Boyde's Lane.

This is the lane, I believe, which runs up the east side of the properties referred to. I never heard either title applied to this cul-de-sac while I resided in Peel, but I have heard it styled ' Fayle's Lane ' from the family living in one of the houses-Yours, &c.,

J CUBBON. Edmonton, Canada, 12 Feb., 1935.

Bayr beg.
‘Little road.' Near Cotch Quarter.
Beach Street.
1874 H.B.N.
Bayr Broagh.
1749 Dioc. Reg. Bare broogh
1874 H.B.N. Bayr Broagh
Mx. Bay, broigh, ‘dirty road.' v. Love Lane.
Bayr Cross.
‘Cross road.' Near Cotch Quarter.
Boaly Spittal [buli spitl].
1703 Man. Roll Boaly Spittal
1740 Dioc. Reg. Boal as pittle
Mx. Boayly spital, ‘place of the hospital.'
The Hospitallers or Knights of St. John had some remote connection with St. John's and neighbourhood, probably through Sir John de Courcy, of which no record has been left to us. We also find two days on the Manx Calendar dedicated to hospitals. One was Laa'l Spitlhin Souree, ‘summer festival day of hospitals,' held on the 18th May ; and the other Laa'l Spitihin Geuree,'winter festival day of hospitals,' held on the 18th November, On each of these days a court and fair were held at St. John's.
Bridge Street.
1874 H.B.N. The Gill.
Castle Street.
1874 H.B.N. Big Street
"to be called by its modern name of Castle Street"—. Extract from H.B.'s notice,
Chapel Lane.
1874 H,B.N. Cowin's Lane.
Charles Street.
1874 H.B.N. Joe Cowell's Corner, Walker's Lane, Boy-Bowyers Lane, Pilot Street.
Chibbyr Pharick.
‘Patrick's well.' v. Station Road.
Christian Street.
1874 H.B.N. Upper Michael Street, Kirk Michael Road.
Called after Philip Christian, Clothworker.
Christian's Well.
Opposite the house in which Philip Christian (Cloth. worker) was born in Cotch Quarter.
Church Lane.
1874 H.B.N. Porter's Lane
V. Porter's meadow.
Close Chiarn [].
‘The Lord's close.' The surrounding land belonged to the Bishop and the Abbot of Rushen.
Close Dick.
‘Dick's enclosure.'
Close Sam.
‘Sam's enclosure.'
Close Toalt.
1703 Man. Roll
1808 Eccles. Doc. Close Thoailt
Close y toalt, ‘enclosure of the barn' (soalt). Near Cotch Quarter.
Court House Lane.
1874 H.B.N. The Parson's Lane.
Croit Leonard.
1703 Man. Roll Sill. & Jo. Leonard
,, ,, Crott Leonard
‘Leonard's croft.'
Cross Veg, The.
1874 H.B.N. The little cross.'
Crown Street.
1874 H.B.N. Munn's Corner, Quay Street.
Derby Road.
1874 H.B.N. Molloy's Road, Paddy Lace's Road, Poortown Road, Rockmount Road.
Douglas Street.
1874 H.B.N. Arthur's Corner
Duke Street.
1874 H.B.N. Duck Street
Factory Lane.
1874 H.B.N. Michael Lane, Craine's Lane, Back Michael St., Chapel Lane Also formerly called Silver Street.
Fountain Street.
1874 H.B.N.
Gable, The.
1874 H.B.N. Bottom end of Beach Street, abutting on Shore Road.
Gawne's Court.
1874 H.B.N. "Johnny Gawne's House."
Glanfaba Road.
1874 H.B.N. Edge Hill
Green Lane, The.
1874 H.B.N. Green, The.
1703 Man. Roll Conny Green Conning, ‘a rabbit.' (?)
Hope Street.
1874 H.B.N. College Street
Jib Lane
1874 H.B.N. Back Green Lane, Picket's Lane "to be called by its ancient name of the Jib Lane"— High-Bailiff's Order.
Kaighen's Begs.
1874 H.B.N.
Keown's Lane.
1874 H.B.N. "Bobby Keown's houses."
Lake Lane.
1874 H.B.N. Tom Dawson's Lane Siddleton's Lane
Love Lane.
1874 H.B.N. Love Lane, Cottier's Lane,
McCormick's Lane
Anciently called the Bayr Broagh, q.v.
Lower Market Street.
1874 H.B.N.
Marine Parade.
Formerly ‘the Green.' q.v.
Market Place.
1874 High Bailiff's Notice The Cross Later the Market Cross
Michael Street.
1874 H.B.N. Kirk Michael Street
Mill Road.
1874 H.B.N. Ellison's Road, Close Chiarn Road
" Cooper's corn.mill" ( High.Bailiff's Order).
Mount Morrison.
v. Baarney Mooar.
‘N aaigh gheinnee.
‘The sandy fiat or green.'
Old Chapel Court.
1874 H.B.N.
Orry Lane.
1874 H,B.N. Taubman's Lane, Carran's Lane, Custom House Lane.
Patrick Street.
1874 H.B.N. Kirk Patrick Street.
Purt ny hinshey [].
‘Port of the island' (inis), i.e. the port near St. Patrick's Isle or inis Parick. The Manx name of Peel.
Queen Street.
1874 H.B.N.
Scotch Quarter.
1703 Man. Roll Christo. Cotch
1874 H.B.N. Scotch Quarter, the
‘Cotch's quarter.'
Scotch Quarter Lane.
1874 H.B.N.
Shore Road.
1874 H.B.N. Marine Road.
Sound, The.
1874 H.B.N. Jeebin Street
y eebin, ‘a fishing-net.' Where nets were manufactured. "to retain its more modern name of the Sound" High-Bailiff's notice. Now glorified into West View.
Stanley Road.
1874 H.B.N. New Road, the.
Station Place.
1874 H.B.N. The Factory.
Station Road.
1874 H.B.N. Well Brow, Mill Road "leading from Patrick St., by the Garey Brown, to the Big Well or Chibbyr Pherick."—H.B.'s Order.
St. German's Place.
1874 H.B.N. Tank Field.
St. Peter's Church.
1592-99 Lib. Bangor et Sabal Templum Holme Town, Templum in lez HolmeTown.
1637 Dioc. Reg. Capella SdIi. Petri de Holme.
1691 ,, Chappel of St. Peter.
‘Chapel of St. Peter of Holme, Temple of Holmetown (Peel), Temple in the Holme town.'
St. Peter's Lane.
1874 H.B.N. Church Lane, Vaults Lane,
Summer's Lane.
A shipbuilding yard known as Vaults Yard.
Strand Street.
1874 H.B.N. "to retain the old name of Strand St."—H.B.'s Order.
Tynwald Road.
1874 H.B.N. Douglas Road.
Upper Market Street.
1874 H.B.N.
Upper Patrick Street.
1874 H.B.N. Upper Kirk Patrick Street, Kirk Patrick Road.
Yeaman's Well.
1874 H.B.N



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