Peel Census, 1841

This is taken from the microfilm - full version only on CD-ROM

Not an exact transcription - I have grouped families for ease of finding

H column 1 = new house , / = new family (note this is not always clear) 1U = 1 uninhabited 1B = 1 Building
ref = Peel (much as per Brian's index except I may have grouped families that straddle 2 pages)
Age (note supposed to round down those over 15 but luckily not always followed)
Rel - other than presumed head and serv not given on census - other entries are my own notes
Address = street name (streets not numbered until 1870's) - assume in sequence but not always clear
Birth/Bapt - asked on census born on Island or England etc - the Bapt (Ger 18401201 = found in IGI for German 1840 Dec 1)
Notes = my own notes

H    Ref                Name              Age  Rel    occupation   Address         Birth/Bapt      Notes
1  Pee.1.1.1      HARRISON    Richard     40   head   advocate     Patrick st       
   Pee.1.1.1      HARRISON    Jane        35   wife                                                 d/o Th Gawne & Alicia Curphey, m. 6 Jun 1831 Rushen                             
   Pee.1.1.1      HARRISON    Alicia      8    dau    
   Pee.1.1.1      HARRISON    Richard     7    dau    
   Pee.1.1.1      GAWNE       Alicia      40   sis-i-lindependent  Patrick st       Rus 18000629    d/o Th Gawne & Alicia Curphey                                                   
   Pee.1.1.1      CLAGUE      Richard     31   serv                                                 ? m Jane Kelly                                                                  
   Pee.1.1.1      KELLY       Jane        30   serv                                                 ? m Richard Clague                                                              
   Pee.1.1.1      KINLEY      Mary        24   serv   
1  Pee.1.1.2      CHRISTIE    William     40   head   navy half payPatrick st       scot            Lt  Wm (in 1837 West Cronkold Ballaugh), by 1846 College Green C'town           
   Pee.1.1.2      CHRISTIE    Clara       35   wife                                 eng             Clara BURCHALL (+James Onc 18510807)                                            
   Pee.1.1.2      CHRISTIE    Clara       10   dau                                  eng             
   Pee.1.1.2      CHRISTIE    William     7    son                                  eng             b. 18350429 (KWC)                                                               
   Pee.1.1.2      CHRISTIE    Alexander   5    son                                  DSG 18360410    Alexander Smith CHRISTIE b. 18360409 (KWC)                                      
   Pee.1.1.2      CHRISTIE    Mary        3    dau    
   Pee.1.1.2      CHRISTIE    Alice       1    dau                                                  ?= annie in 1851 no death found                                                 
   Pee.1.1.2      HOLLINGWORTHSarah       25   serv                                                 ?born England                                                                   
   Pee.1.1.2      QUAYLE      Catherine   15   serv   
   Pee.1.1.2      CAIN        John        20          joiner       
   Pee.1.1.3      GOLDSMITH   Ann         50   head   independent  Patrick st       
   Pee.1.1.3      CHRISTIAN   Margaret    20          independent  





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