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PEEL is a small sea-port, in the parish of German, 16 miles from Ramsey, 12 N. of Castletown, 11 N.W. of Douglas, and seven w. by S.from Kirk-Michael; situate nearly in the centre of the western coast of the island. The town, which is composed of five irregular streets and some lanes, is chiefly remarkable for the ruins of its castle and cathedral, which stand on a small islet of rock, about three hundred yards from the town: the walls are flanked with towers, and inclose an area of about two acres, now converted into a sheep-walk; it is supposed to be of higher antiquity than even Castle Rushen and in it some of the early kings of Scotland are said to have received their education; a strong stone wall connects the castle with the main land,

Before the purchase of the royalty of Man this fortress was garrisoned by troops in the pay of the proprietor of the island; and the natives have a tradition that a black dog, called in their language 'Moddey Doo' used to present himself every night before the fire to the consternation of the guard; on this old tradition Sir Walter Scott has founded his allusion in the 'Lay of the last Minstrel,í to the 'spectre hound of Man.í (The appearance of the castle from the south shore, is faithfully displayed in the vignette, on the map of the island, which accompanies this work.) The cathedral of St. Germain was-erected about the year 1245, and the remaining arches of the transept sufficiently, testify Its former magnificence. This Islet likewise contains the ruins of a church dedicated to St. Patrick, besides the fragments of other structures. In June, 1844; was found the brass-plate, lost or stolen about fifty years ago, from the tomb of Bishop Rutter, who was buried in the cathedral in Peel.Castle, in 1662. It was discovered, by some boys in the well near the sally-port of that ancient structure, the water being then very shallow. This venerable relic is in a good state of preservation, and the engraving very perfect.

The port has the convenience of a good quay, erected in 1810 with a light-house at its extremity; and a jetty of substantial masonry was constructed in 1830, by the commissioners of the harbour, as a protection from the heavy swell of the Irish sea. The herring fishery may be considered the staple of Peel; there are, however, several other branches of some consequence, as two breweries, a tan-yard, boat-building yards, and two corn mills, and the barking of sails is carried on by three or four persons.

The places of worship are the parish church, and chapels for Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists. The Church, which stands in the western part of the town, and is dedicated to St. Peter, was rebuilt in 1816; the living is a vicarage, in the gift of the bishop. The grammar-school of Peel was endowed so early as 1746, and the mathematical school was founded in 1763, and rebuilt in 1846; there is, also, another seminary, supported by funds bequeathed by Philip Christian, in 1654,for educational purposes. The neighbourhood of Peel is very pleasant, and contains many respectable family mansions, some surrounded by fine timber. Parties of pleasure to the mountain-torrent fall of Glenmoij , three miles to the south-west, are frequent, particularly on the arrival of visiters to this part of the Isle. The rocks along the southern shore are in some places hollowed into caves by the incessant operations of the sea; and on the northern strand agates and comnelians, fit for seals and brooches, are occasionally picked up, A weekly market is held on Saturday, and an annual fair for cattle on the 28th of March


GERMAN parish is situate in the sheading of Glanfaba, on the western and southern coast of the island; it extends about four miles and a half from north to south, and three and a half from east to west; the surface is much diversified with hills and valleys, the latter very fertile and productive.

ST. JOHN's is a small village, three miles east and seven west of Douglas, consisting of a few houses skirting the spacious green on which stands Tynwald Mount, whence every law is promulgated to the people. The form of the mound is circular, it is about eighteen feet in height, and appears like-three platforms of earth placed one above another, the uppermost being attained by a flight of steps cut in the turf on the east side. The places of worship are St. John's church situated on the border of the green, and a Wesleyan chapel at its western end. Fairs are annually held here, for cattle, on the 17th of March, 1st May, 5th of July, and 1st of November. '

POST OFFICE, Market-place, PEEL, Charles Christian, Post Master.-Letters from all ports arrive (from DOUGLAS) every morning (Sunday excepted) at half-past seven, and are despatched thereto every afternoon at four.


Atkinson Mr.Caulfield, Hinton Tower
Blacker Mr. William Hy. Michael st
Burman Mr. James, Norfolk place
Burn Lieutenant-, Castle st
Cain Mrs. Esther, Michael st
Carran Mr. Thomas, c, p. Custom-house st
Chapman Mr. Mary, Athol House, Athol st
Clucas Capt.-; Peverill terrace
Clucas Mrs, Catherine, Patrick st
Clezy.J. Esq. Kerrow-ny-glagh
Clough Mr. Samuel, Peveril terrace
Connon Rev, John, Athol st
Ellis Capt. Dixa, Peveril terrace
Garde Rev. John Fry, Ballahawin
Gell Mrs. Elizabeth, Kenna
Goldsmith Mrs. Ann, Patrick st
Giifth Mrs. Ellen, Sheakherro
Hancock Mrs. Jane, Douglas st
Harrison Mr. Richard (high bailiff and justice of the peace), Patrick st
Harrison Mr. William, Ballastrok
Hewson Mr. Thomas, Strand st
Higgins-Mrs. Mary, Market st
Hinton Mr. Edward, Marine Cottage
Hinton.Mrs. Eleanor, Marine Cottage.
Hutchinson Mr. Henry, Marina road
Mackey Mrs. William, Mount Grace
Nash Mrs: Amelia, Peveril terrace
Norman Capt.:- Ballaquane Cottage
Peel Rev. James, Church st
Qualtrough Rev. Edward, Church st
Quirk Mr Robert, Ballaquane
Quirk; Miss Susan, Rock mount
Stewart Rev Charles Jas. Ballaquane
Stowell Rev John La Mothe, chapel street
Taubman Mr Thomas,Customhouse lane
Thomas Miss Ann, Patrick st
Torkell Mr John, Laurel bank
Wimberley Miss Mary Ann, Bridge st
Windle Lieutenant John Shephard,Fairy cottage Douglas road


Gawn.Thomas, back-of Douglas st
GRAMMAR SCHOOL Church street-Rev Edward Qualthrough, master
Hales Eleanor, Bridge st
PAROCHIAL SCHOOL, St.John's-- Hugh Cannell, master


Clague William, Kirk German
Harrison Richard (notary, high bailiff and M. H. K.), Patrick st
Kelly John, jun. Customhouse lane
Moore Robert John, Michael st


Callister David, Strand lane
Callister John, Michael st
Clarke William, Market st
King John, Church st
King Thomas, Church st
Thompson Robert, Church st


Bell James, St. John's
Cowlay John, Michael st
Kelly Henry, Patrick st
Quayle William, Market st
Shimmin Thomas, Douglas st
Watterson Thomas, Lake


Cannon William, Quay
Couier William, Strand st
Cowell Thomas, Quay
Gell Thomas. Strand
Graves Henry, Patrick st
Kermode John, Quay
Quiggin William & Co. Quay


Clucas Hugh, Glynmoar
Cowell Joseph; Church st
Crow William; Church st
Dawson William; Douglas st
Fargher Robert, Michael st
Fell Robert; Strand st
Fell William, Michael st
Killcy. William, Strand st
Kirk William, Strand st
Loughin Philip, Patrick st
Neal John, Michael st
Qniue Thomas, Lambfell
Shimmin Richard, St, Peter's lane


Clark & Quayle, Harbour ,
Oates Michael, QUAY BREWERY


Bailey Edward, Strand
Cottier John, Michael st
Kegg Thomas, Church st
Lewin Robert, Market st
M'Cormick William, Church st


Carran Thomas (& stationer) Douglas street
Morrison John, Douglas st


Colvin Archibald, Quay ,
Corris Robert,Church st
Greggor George, Strand
Kelly Robert, Patrick st


Garratt Thomas, Michael st'
Moare John & Co. (and [] millers), Ballakilly: -
Quayle William (& woollen []), Cragwilleysell


Bissel John, Ballatassen
Boyd William, Glynmoar -.
Cain John, Ballgyr
Cain Thomas, Cronkyvoddy
Cain Thomas, Bullavinch
Cain Thomas, Largyhoo
Christian John, Kervaley
Clark John, Ballawillian
Clucas Hugh, Patrick st
Collister John, Douglas:st -
Collister Silvester, Closeegary
Corris Edward, Ballabroie
Cowley Jane, Knockbane
Cowley Richard,Knockbane
Cowley Thomas, Ballaleece
Creer Williani, Beary
Crellin Caesar,-Knockbreck
Crellin John, Brackabroom
Crellin John, Knockbreck
Cubbon Thomas, Church st.
Dale John, Northop
Garrett Philip, Kew
Garrett William; Ballabwoie
Dell John, Kenna
Gordon William, Knockaherry
Hampton Robert, Kerooglass
Hatch Richard, Mount Morrison
Hinds William, Rock Mount
Kaighin John, Ballakaighin
Kegg; John, Castle st
Kelly John, Ballacurry
Keown Robert, Douglas st
Kermode Edward, Lynock
Kermode John, White-Strand
Kermode Thomas, Ballaboie
Killey William, Lambfell
Killip James, Ballakhigher
Killip Thomas, Cronkevoddy
Kneale John, Kew
Matthews Francis, Glonmoar
Moore John Stevens, Largydhno
Mylchreest Thomas, Ballagaraghin
Mylchrest Thos. jun. Ballagaraghin
Quay Thornas, Stockfield
Quiggin John, Lehrgydoo
Quilliam William, Michael st
Quine John, Sand House
Quine Thomas, Lambfell
Quine Thomas, jun. Lambfell
Quine William, Kernnaa
Quirk John, Crotnakillogh
Quirk Philip, Ballalaugh
Quirk Robert, Lambfell
Radcliff George, Ballakilley
Roger Patrick, Ballakhighn
Sale John, Naryvegg
Sayle Charles, Lambfell
Shimmin Elizabeth, Ballacross
Shimmin John, Ballanare
Shimmin John, Ballabuigh
Watterson Paul, Ballacrink
Watterson William, Ballacarkay
Wattleworth Cæsar, Ballaquayle
Wattleworth Samuel, Castle st
Woods William, Knocksharry


Corris John & Cæsar; Athol st
Cottier John, Market st
Graves Henry, Patrick st
Higgins Robert, Church St


(See also Shopkeepers, &c.)
Blackley David, Marina road
Callister John, Church st
Clarke Thomas, Michael st
Corrin Robert, Strand st
Higgins Robt. (& corn dealer),Church st
Karran Edward, Marina road
King John, Church st
King Thomas, Church st
Morrison John, Douglas street
Oate's Michael (and ironmonger), Market street
Pickels Nathan (and ironmonger), Michael st
Thompson Robert, Church st


Peel Castle Edward Frissell, Market Place
Taubman's Hotel, Cæsar Taubman, Quay


Clarke Thomas, Michael st
Cowley Joseph, Church st
Cowley Thomas, Michael st
Graves Henry, Patrick st
Kermode John; Douglas st
Kewen John, Duke st
Wattleworth Thomas, Quay


Christian Charles, Market place
Greaves John, Douglas st
Higgins William, Church st
Kerruish Robert, Douglas st


Cain William, Michael st
Clark -Robert, Customhouse st
Clucas Henry, Bridge st
Higgins Mary, Market place
Keown John, Duke st
M'Murray Margaret, Strand
Pickels Nathan, Michael st
Taubman Thomas, Customhouse st
Weldon Thomas, Ballagyr


Craine Thomas, Michael road
Kaighen Thomas, Michael st
Kelly John, St. John's
Quale,Charles, Douglas st


Clucas Hugh, PEEL MILL
Hatch Richd. Wind mill, Ballaguane
Parker Thomas, Glonmoar
Windsor John & Co. Glonmoar


Cottier Harriett, Douglas st
Fargher Jane, Douglas st
Shimmin Eleanor, Douglas st


Corkan Thomas, Church st
Kelly Thomas, Strand st
Kermode Thomas, Michael st


Quiggin William & Co. Quay- Robert Quiggin, manager
Tear John, Quay


Clucas Henry, Michael st
Corrin Thomas, Patrick st
Oates Michael, Quay


Clucas William, Douglas st
Graves Henry, Patrick st
Shimmin John, Strand st


Bell Martha, Bride st
Cain Charles, St. John's
Callister David, Strand lane
Callister John, Michael st
Cottier Robert, Market st
Cottier Thomas, Douglas st
Cowin Margaret, Michael st
Cowle Henry, Church st
Crellin William, Green
Garrett Margaret, Market st
Gill William, Patrick st
Joughin John, Michael st
Kaighen Katherine, Michael st
Leece Ann, Douglas st
Shimmin John, St. John's
Watson Samuel, Strand st
Wattleworth John, Lower Duke st


Kelly James, Customhouse lane
Kemp George, Glonmoar
Milne Bentley, Michael st
Smith William B. Strand
Stubbs Joseph, Douglas st
Young Thomas, M.D. Peveril terrace


Archibald, William, Market st
Cain Robert, Douglas st
Cowley Thomas, Ballakaighin
Crellin Henry, Michael, st
Higgins Thomas, Church st
Killley William, Douglas st
Myllcraine Thomas, Strand st


Corris John & Caesar (and leather cutters), Athol st


Cain William, Church st
Cailin William; Michael st
Clucas Hugh, Glynmoar
Clucas William, St. John's
Cottier Margaret, Market.st
Crellin Dinah, Douglas st
Dodd Robert, Strand
Garrett Catherine, Market place
Hampton Margaret, Gloumoar
Hopton Margaret, Glonmoar
Kewin Ann, Church st ,
Korkan Thomas, Quay
Lawton John, St. John's
Morrison John, Marina road
Mylrea Bazil, Bridge st
Potter Thomas, St. John's
Quilliam Jane, Michael St
Shimmin Margaret, Glonmoar
Tarbet Catherine, Douglas st


Graves Henry, Patrick st
Quiggin William & Co. the Quay- Robert Quiggin, manager


Cottier Thomas, Market st
Graves William, Church st


Baillie Robert, keeper of the castle, Upper Quay lane place
Cannell James, hat manufacturer, market
Clark Robt, police officer, Customhouse la
Clucas Philip, parish clerk, Michael st
Cool James, chief constable, Michael st
Corlett John, Temperance Coffee House, Michael street
Crane Daniel, agent for the Foxdale Mining Company, Patrick street
Dodd Mary, straw hat maker, Michael st
Garrett Catherine, china,&c.dlr.Market st
Garrett John, saddler, Douglas st
Hatch Richd. millwright, Mount Morrison
Karran Thomas, coroner, Peel
KermodeThomas, ironmonger,Michael st
Kerruish Robt harbour master,Douglas st
King Thomas,Temperance Coffee house, Church street
Laurence Joseph, hair dresser, Big st
Quayle William, woollen miller & carder, Cragwilleysell
Quiggin Robert, manager to William Quiggin & Co. Quay
Smith Michael, tinman, Patrick st


Collector and Landing Surveyor-Patrick Carran.
Comptroller, Landing Waiter,&c.-J. V, Fenning,
Tide Waiters and Boatmen-William E. Cain and Thomas Cowley.


ST. PETER'S CHURCH, Market place -Rev.John La Mothe Stowell,B.A.
SAINT JOHN'S CHAPEL, St.John's-- Rev. John Fry Garde
CHAPEL OF EASE, Cronk-e-Voddy--Rev. Charles James Stewart-
PRIMITIVE METHODIST, Knocksharry, and Michael street
WESLEYAN METHODIST, Athol.st. Greeba; St. John's, and White Strand


To DOUGLAS, the Falcon, from the Peel Castle Hotel, every morning (Sunday excepted) at nine in summer, and every Wednesday and Saturday morning in winter-returning in the evening after the arrival of the Packet from Liverpool - also A Coach, from the above Hotel, every afternoon at four.


To DOUGLAS,, Mark Watterson, and William Kennedy, daily.


To CHESTER. the Foxdate and Elk.
To LIVERPOOL., the Thistle.
To WHITEHAVEN, the Patrick, the Seaford, Fennellla, and Betty, at uncertain periods. `




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