[From Pigot's Directory, 1823]


IS a small seaport about the centre of the western coast of-the island, twelve miles N. of Castletown, eleven N. W. of Douglas, seven from Kirk Michael by the shore road, and sixteen from Ramsey. Besides the herring-fishery, it possesses a small share of trade with the three kingdoms: The church is dedicated to St. Peter, but the town is chiefly remarkable for the ruins of its castle and cathedral, which stand on a small rocky island about 200 yards from the town. The walls are flanked with towers, and inclose an area of about two acres, now converted into a sheep walk. It is supposed to be of greater antiquity than even Castle-Rushen, and in it some of the early kings of Scotland are said to have received their education. Before the purchase of the royalty of the island, this fortress was garrisoned by troops in the pay of the Lord of Man. The natives have a tradition that a black dog, called in their language mauthe-doog, used to present himself every night before the fire, to the terror of the guard; and this is "the spectre hound in Man," to which Sir Walter Scott alludes in his Lay of the last Minstrel. St. Germain's was built about the year 1245, and the arches of the transept sufficiently bespeak its former magnificence. This islet also contains the ruins of a church dedicated to St. Patrick, besides the remains of various other buildings, walls, &c. The rocks along the southern shore contain some caves and sinuosities, and on the northern strand agates and cornelians, fit for seals and brooches, are occasionally found. At Glen Moij, three miles to the 8. W. of the town, a mountain torrent forms a very pretty water-fall, which is frequently the resort of parties of pleasure. Peel possesses one good inn, but though well supplied with provisions, particularly fish of an excellent quality, it has no regular market. The population in 1821 was 1909,

POST-OFFICE - Post Mistress Mrs E. Moore - for particulars see Douglas


Barker Rev,. Geo. methodist Minister
Cowle James, Esq. C. P.
Cowle John, coroner
Crane Miss M, Beech
Gelling Rev. James, vicar of Kirk German, and master of the free Latin Grammar school
Graves Henry, esq. acting collector of the customs, Shore
Griffith Captain John, R. N.
Hinton Mrs E. Ballaquane
Kewley Rev,. Thos. curate of Kirk Patrick
Lace Mrs. Ann
Lee Captain David, near Peel
Llewellyn John, esq. High Bailiff, barrister, member of the house of keys, and commissioners for taking affadavits in the Court of Chancery
Lucas Captain Edward
Moore Philip, Esq.
Morrison Charles, Esq. chief constable
Mudie Captain David, R. N.
Thomas Mrs. Ballacosnahan
White Arthur, Esq.



Fell Jimes, surgeon
Kinley Wm . advocate
Llewellyn John, esq. barrister, &C.
Moore Wm. surgeon


Acting collector, comptroller, landing-waiter, searcher and coast,waiter, Henry Graves, Esq.
Tide-surveyor, and acting comptroller, Mr Patrick Carvan
Tide-waiter, and acting tide-surveyor, Mr. Hugh Jones
Tide-waiters and boatmen, Thos. Gracey, John Kermod, & Thos. Hewson


Costain Thos. Douglas-st
Hodgson John, Big-st
Munn Mrs. near the Sands


Cain Jas. schoolmaster, Douglas-st
Cannell Margaret, straw hat maker, Shore
Carren Thos. brewer & maltster
Clague John, victualler and smith Ballamoar
Clarke John, schoolmaster
Clucas Henry, boot & shoemaker
Collister David , baker
Collister John, blacksmith
Cool James, saddler
Corken Thos. nail-maker
Corris Caesar, timber Merchant
Corris John, tanner, currier, and leather-cutter
Costain Thos. draper & spirit dealer, Douglas-street
Cottier John, watch & clock maker
Cowin Samuel, tanner
Crellin John, wine & spirit merchant, & grocer & flour dealer
Cumming Alexander, vict Cumberland Tavern
Farrant Isabella, grocer, draper ironrmonger, & spirit dealer
Garratt Thos. grocer, spirit dealer, &c.
Gawn Wm. wheelwright, boat builder, & block-maker
Grant Robert, wine & spirit merchant, Caledonian & Liverpool Hotel, Big-street
Graves Thos. Joshua, sail-maker timber merchant
Higgin John, grocer, spirit merchant & farmer
Hodgson John, grocer & spirit dlr
Holmes Thos. grocer, baker, and spirit dealer
Kelly Hardy, blacksmith
Kenneugh John, wheelwright
Kewen John, joiner & builder, Shore
Kitty Mathias, dyer, Balladore, St. John's
Lace John, blacksmith
Leece John, baker & flour dealer
M'Kinley Robert, White Lion Hotel. and Commercial Inn, nr. the Pier
Marsden John, farmer
Moore Elizabeth, dealer in wine, spirits & tobacco
Morrison Thos. tailor & shopkeeper
Oates Michael, grocer, ironmonger, &c.
Quail Wm. shoemaker
Quine Thos. schoolmaster
Reaney Jas. grocer victualler
Shirman John, vict. sail-maker
Taubman Thos. rope & twine maker & flax dresser
Thompson Robt. grocer & spirit dlr
White Wm. boat-builder, Shore
Wilson James & C. drapers, grocers, & spirit dealers
Younge John, tailor & barber


James Stevenson, to Douglas and back every day.


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