[From Atholl Papers - AP X46-23]

[Petition re Peel Harbour, 1759]

To the most high and puissant prince James Duke of Athole, Baron Strange, Lord of Man and the Isles &c &c

the humble petition of George Moore Merchant in Peeltown for and in behalf of the inhabitants of said town, all of whom save one or two have subscribed a paper copy whereof is herewith, appointing the said George Moore to address your Grace, in relation to the harbour.

Most humbly shewing

That your said petitioner approaches your Grace with the most affectionate duty, with the tenderest zeal for your person and government in this your Grace's Isle and with the warmest wishes for the felicity of your illustrious family and shews that under the laws, which your Grace and your noble predecessor have assented to and confirmed, certain provision has been made for the enlargement and improvements of the habours of this town, tending to serve the most salutary publick and private uses.

That in all the recitings of Peel Harbour in said laws with the other harbours of this your Graces Isle, Peel harbour is first named and therefore claims and seems intitled to a preference in point of improvement : this consideration weighs with your said petitioner from various other circumstances, whereof the following are remarkable : in the castle of Peel is the Cathedral Church of this your Graces Isle ; In the said Castle are easily descry'd the vestiges of the ancient seat of learning, for which history records this Isle was imminently famous and in said castle are now to be seen the house or remains of the house which your Grace's most noble predecessor built for his own convenience and use and wherein he several times was pleased to reside : How far your said petitioner may be right in these considerations and what degrees of respect is due to a place thus distinguish'd he most humbly submits to your Grace.

That certain steps have been taken by the supervisors to'ards the improvement of Peel harbour for which they applyd to the court of Tinwald held the 5th instant, requesting leave to borrow money according to law, while leave being denyd or not granted them, as appears by copy of the protest signed George Moore, has put a stop to the said improvement and has damp'd the publick and private expectances, which were founded in the laws and in the exercise of them. Your said petitioners therefore most humbly refers your Grace to the harbour laws, to the said application to the court of Tinwald, to said protest, and to all the papers relative to said application and improvement, which are most humbly herewith transmitted to your Grace praying that your Grace will condesnd to inspect into this premised cause and grant such relief as the merits claim right to, deriving under your princely direction and your said petitioners as most dutifully bound for your Grace's happiness shall ever pray.

George Moore by appointment of the several inhabitants of Peeltown

26th July 1759

Copy [of Petition]

Whereas Mr George Moore mercht in Peeltown did some time ago send to the worshipfull the comittee appointed by the Court of Tynwald of this Isle for overseeing the harbour, a memorial in behalf of himself & Mr Thomas Mylrea then supervisors of Peel Harbour, therein setting forth the great necessity the harbour of Peel had of being extended & improved being but partly begun and not finished, and also by his letter to said committee dated the twentyth of April last urging therein the great necessity of improving mending & finishing said harbour of Peel according to the true meaning & intent of three several acts made for that behalf, and also the said Mr George Moore & Mr Thos Mylrea supervisors of Peel harbour, their petition to the court of Tynwald on the fifth day of the month of July in this present year. And also the said Mr George Moore's observations on the preceeding memorial letter & petition & further having exhibited a known & experienced Pilots certification of the insufficiency of Peel Harbour as it then and now is, not being in a condition to receive into safety a vessel of burthen laden, such as come to this harbour often with cargoes from beyond the seas to discharge at the port of Peel all which was laid before the court of Tynwald assembled the fifth day of July instant. And whereas the said several papers of memorial, letter, petition, observations & certification of the pilot were laid before the said court of Tynwald as consistent with the three several acts pass'd in this Isle in years 1734, 1739 and 1753 for repairing amending finishing and compleating the seaports & harbours in this Isle as those laws prescribe. When accompt is laid or request received the person or persons so complaining or requesting are in all courts of judicature fully heard and the cause and matter of such compt or request are strictly heard & inquired into before any judgement or judgements are given or granted by the judge or judges and not hastily done to the great detriment of a whole town & the country thereto adjacent and consequently to our most Noble Lord, and as all & every of us cannot attend ourselves, we the inhabitants of Peeltown do for our selves our successors & for the publick benefit of our most Noble Lord, as and the community in general for who is the person or man can say that the improving the harbour of Peel will hurt him or them if not prejudiced against the publick good of the people of Peel & the benefit of our most noble Lord and his successors & the community in general. And that the true and litteral meaning & words of the three several acts may be legally, faithfully and justly set forth known and understood so that our most noble Lord & his successors, we and our successors and the community of their successors may not receive any damage nor hurt till we are fully heard and the same determined according to the words meaning and intent of said three acts and also according to equity and justice and is becoming and due to be done between man and man or to say to be done to as one would be done by. And whereof said Mr George Moore did protest in the said Tynwald court against the proceedings of said court coming to a vote without fully attending to his arguments & pleadings, to the great detriment & prejudice of the harbour of our most noble Lord & his successors & us and our successors we do therefore earnestly crave and request of the said Mr George Moore to appear for us and every of us in that cause relating the supporting the rights & privilidges of the harbour of Peel.

Know all men then that we the subscribers hereof and inhabitants in Peeltown knowing the uprightness of our claim and request & haveing great faith in the uprightness of Mr George Moore Mercht in Peeltown do request of him to appear for us and also denominate and appoint him the said Mr George Moore to act and appear for us & every one of us and in our name to lay before our most noble Lord the protest he hath already so lawfully and justly laid for the preservation of the harbour of Peel from utter ruin & the trade & support of the inhabitants of Peeltown which will innevatable follow on the decay of said harbour & that he the said Mr George Moore may hold & continue the ballance of cash in his hands belonging to the harbour of Peel till the whole is determined by our most noble Lord or any other court of judicature in or out of this Isle, against any proceedure that hath or may be done by any community of men court or courts in prejudice to the harbour & town of Peel, and further we do desire him to do everything that is or may be done whether before our most noble Lord or any court in or out of this Isle for the supporting & preserving the rights and privilidges of the said harbour of Peel according to Law justice & equity. And do further desire him the said Mr George Moore to use all ways and means for preserving the rights of the harbour of Peeltown for the general & mutual good of our most noble Lord & his successors our and our successors & the community in general. For which he the said Mr George Moore acting for us we shall asquiece and agree to whatever he doth to be done as by us and shall hear our prayers, thanks & acknoledgements in witness whereof we have hereunto signed our names and marks in Peeltown this 10th day of July 1759

Henry Quay
John Kaughin
David Kaughin
Charles Cowle x
Robert Bridson x
John Shimin x
James Blackmoor x
Silvester Fairbrother
Henry Colvin x
John Comish x
Wm Sale x
Robt Corlet x
William Cottiman junr
Wm Coole
William Dawson
John Shimmin
Silvester Elison x
Philip Gell KKG x
Wm Dawson x
Hen Christian x
John Dawson

Geo Williams
Robt Pickens
Thoms Crellin jnr
Thoms Crellin senr
William Craig
William Chirmside
William Cooper
John Myllworey x
Saml Wattleworth
Math Dore
John Taylor
John Hutchin
Willm Lace x
Edwd Dawson x
James Lace
John Gibbony x
William Calvin x
Hen Kneal x
John Christian x
Thos Goldsmith x
Wiliam Oats x

John Kelly
John Callin
John Callister
James Parr
Patrick Karran x
Henry Lace
James Crane x
Patt Lace
John Craine
Philip Quayle x
John Radcliff
John Knagle
John Charles
John Connelly
John Cotter
Joshua Brew
Thomas Clucas
Thomas Craine
Silvester Callister

William Cottiman
William White
William Corlett
Thomas Dawson
William Quirk
William Gibbony
Thomas Kermed
John Cummins
James Cowin
John Craine x
henry Woods x
Wm Qualtrough x
Charles Kneale
John Lace x
Wm Craine x
Thos Kelly x
John Faile x
Hen Kaighen x
Willm Quirk x
William Gell KKG x
William Kelly x
William Kneale
John Mylechreast x
Anth Kennedy
Thos Goldsmith
John Cannon
Mathew Colvin
Thoms Fargher
John Quay
Gilbt Gell x
Thos Knagle x
Simon Cowle x
Thos Cubbon x
John Higgin x
Philip Kaighen x
Thos Cannel x
Thos Shimmin x
David Lace x
Nicho Callister x
Hen Farragher x
John Quayle x
Caesar Wattleworth
Hugh Cowin x
William Mitchell
Alexr Downie
James Mcilldoe
Thos Witham

Charles Gordon
Patrick Hutchin
John Cannell
Dollin Corris x
Thos Craine x
Thos Christian x
William Shimmin
Joseph Cannell
John Quayle
William Love
James Gill
Danl Claigue x
Thos Cannon x
Arthur Calvin x
Patrick Quay x
Gilbert Cowin
Caesar Parr
William Cooper junr
Henry Watterson
John Graves
Hen Loard x
Thos Quay x
Wm Clark x
Thos Cain x
Danl Clark
Patrick Lace
Daniel Kerr
Thomas Cottier x
Thomas Skeally x
Willm Gell
Willm Crellin
Patrick Kneale x
Willim Karran
John Stephan x
John Davidson
John Fairbrother
Danl Colvin
James Dawson x
Robt Quay x
Henry Radcliffe x
Joseph Cross
Robert Paterson

Edward Gawn x
Hugh Woods x
James Caine x
Wm Killey x
Thos Christian x
Henry Cummins x
Thos Corkill x
Nicholas Corkill
Saml Nicholson
Alexander Bailie
Robert Clark of Ballawillin x
John Dawson x
John Bowie
Thomas Costain
Thos Quay x
John Cain x
Thos Crellin
William Oats
Wm Clarke x
Philip Clark x
William Killey x
John Keay x
Wm Quayle x
John Addi
Patrick Killey x
John Clark x
Hugh Quirk
Thos Crellin x
Wm Kelly x
Wm Skeelly x
John Cubbon x
John Kneel x
Philip Gell
John Quayle x
Richard Ellison
Silvesr Coole
Thos Cool x
Thos Clucas x
Rich Bell x
Richd Quirk
Robt Curkell
Willm Scott x
Phinlo Stephen x
Henry Quayle x
John Quentin

 On the back are inscribed the words following


Peeltown 16 July 1759 This day this paper was deliverd by us to mr George Moore in our own names and behalf and in the names & behalf of the town earnestly requesting him to do everything in his power for the good of the harbour of Peel & for the good of the inhabitants thereof

Signed thus

James Coule
Peter Quirk
John Callister
Thomas Goldsmith

John Callin
Geo Williams
John Radcliff
Caesar Wattleworth
Silvester Fairbrother
Thomas Costain
Philip Quayle
William Cottiman
James Parr


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