[From Brown's Directory, 1894]



Adams George Augustus, gentleman, Tynwald-road
Ainsworth, Rev. William, Primitive Methodist minister, Derby-road
Anderson Daniel, Marina House, Marine-parade
Anderson Edward, builder and contractor, Albany-road
Annett William, fisherman, Orry-lane
Armstead Mrs Sophia, retired, Peveril-road


Bailey Alfred, butcher, 11 Castle-street
Bailey James, mariner, 32 Patrick-street
Bailey John, fisherman, 13 Duke-street
Bannin Robert, 3 Marine-parade
Barry John, ship carpenter, 8 Stanley-road
Bawden Mrs Ellen, fancy goods dealer, Christian-street
Bawden Samuel K., printer, stationer, and publisher of the Peel City Guardian, Michael-street
Bell William, mariner, 26 Circular-road
Blair John, bootmaker, 10 Michael-street
Blight Joseph, Devonshire House, Victoria-terrace
Boyde Mrs Anne, 19 Bridge-street
Boyde George, fisherman, 26 Glanfaba-road
Boyde Robert, inspector of police, 42 Patrick-street
Boyde William, glass and china dealer, 19 Stanley-road
Boyne Edmund George, Creg Malin Family and Commercial Hotel, Marine Parade
Brew Thomas, fisherman, 9 Strand-street
Bridson Mrs Mary Ann, 36 Michael-street
Brown Arthur, general draper, Market-street
Buchanan John, ship carpenter, 13 Castle-street
Buchanan Robert, grocer and confectioner, Michael-street
Burden John, fisherman, Watson's-court
Burden Mrs Margaret, 18 Patrick-street
Butterworth James, painter and decorator, 20 Market-place
Butterworth Mrs James, Market-street,


Cain Angus, labourer, 7 Duke-street
Cain Arthur, grocer and provision dealer, Castle-street
Cain Arthur, fisherman, Bridge-street
Cain Caesar John, licensed victualler, Castle-street
Cain Charles, fisherman, 30 Market-street
Cain Mrs Christian, 15 Bridge-street
Cain David, greengrocer and fruiterer; agent for the Pearl Assurance Co.; 8 Market-street
Cain John joiner, 17 Mona-street
Cain Matthias, fisherman, 21 Shore-road
Cain Robert, general draper, 38 Michael-street
Cain Thomas, fisherman, 2a Bridge-street
Cain Walter, seed merchant, 4 Tynwald-road
Cain William, mariner, 18 Market-street
Callan Mrs Esther, Derby-road
Callan John, salt merchant, East-quay
Callan John, family grocer and provision dealer, 9 Stanley-road.
Callan William, gas stoker, 44 Patrick-street
Caley Thomas, mariner, 25 Market-street
Callister Misses C. and K., High School for Girls, Derby-road
Callow Thomas, fisherman, 6 Mona-street
Cannell John, 31 Michael-street
Cannell James, hairdresser and tobacconist, 3 Douglas-street
Cannell Miss;, 6 Glanfaba-road
Cannell Charles, fisherman, 5 Charles-street
Cannell George, town surveyor, 37 Stanley-terrace
Cannell Mrs John, milliner, 31 Market-street
Cannell John, general, & agricultural, ship, and shoeing smith, the Quay
Cannell John, stonemason, Victoria-terrace
Cannell Thomas, 1 Market-street
Cannell W. J., bank manager., Athol-street
Cannan Henry, 10 Strand-street
Carter J. H., customs, Athol-street
Cashin Caesar, fisherman, 9 Station-road
Cashin Caesar, fisherman, 1 Castle-street
Cashin Thomas, mariner, Orry-lane
Cashin John, fisherman, Graves'-court
Cashin John, 24 Shore-road
Cashin Joseph, fisherman, St. German's-place
Cashin Thomas, butcher, 16 Douglas-street
Cashin William, harbour master, Marine-parade
Cashin William, mariner, 60 Douglas-street
Caugherty Joseph, fisherman, 4 Mona-street
Catherall Thomas, family bootmaker, 7 Athol-place
Clarke Mrs, 6 Watson's-court .
Christian Mrs Catherine, 33 Stanley-terrace
Christian Charles, mariner, 18 St. German's-place
Christian Daniel, restaurant, Crown-street
Christian Edward E., general draper,1 Athol-place
Christian Edward T, bank manager, Derby-road
Christian Thomas, tailor, 25 Stanley-terrace
Christian John, fisherman, 8 Stanley-mount
Christian Thomas, ship carpenter, i S Church-street
Christian William, mariner, 12 Stanley-mount ;
Christian Rev. -, Derby-road
Clague Miss E., Athol boarding House, 4 Marine-parade
Clague Edward, fisherman, 5 Stanley-road
Clague Frederick, grocer and baker, 21 Michael-street
Clague Mrs Jane, 1 Church-street
Clague John, secretary to the Gas and Water Cos., Athol House, 4 Marine parade
Clague Mrs Margaret, 16 Bridge-street
Clague Richard, labourer, 24 Glanfaba-road
Clague Thomas, 29 Factory-street
Clague Thomas, family grocer. baker, confectioner, and wine and spirit merchant, 37 Michael-street
Clarke Angus, baker, Beach-street
Clarke Mrs, 8 Peveril-terrace
Clarke Joseph, carter., Charles-street
Clarke Joseph, carter, 20 Douglas-street
Clarke John, miner, 20 Glanfaba-road
Clarke John, 6 Factory-street
Clarke William, farmer, 36 Patrick-street
Clinton James, fisherman, 24 Church-street
Clinton William, mariner, 4 Station-road
Clucas Daniel, fisherman, 9 Queen-street
Clucas Evan, fisherman, 68 Patrick-street
Clucas Hugh, fisherman, 24 Patrick-street
Clucas Margaret, shopkeeper, 38 Glanfaba-road
Clucas Joseph, jeweller and watchmaker, 5 Michael-street
Clucas Philip, farmer, 52 Glanfaba-road
Clucas Thomas, fisherman, 32 St. German's-place
Clucas William, senr., farmer, Glanfaba-road
Clucas William, railway porter, 64 Glanfaba-road
Clucas William, rope maker, So Glanfaba-road
Cleator John, tailor and woollen draper, 3 Athol-place
Cleator William, compositor, 8 Station-road
Collister Mrs Eleanor, 7 Church-street
Collister Mrs Elizabeth, 23 Bridge-street
Collister Mrs James, 11 Factory-street
Collister John, mason, 27 Douglas-street
Collister Philip, fisherman, 20 Castle-street
Collister Mrs Mary A., 32 Glanfaba-road
Collister Richard, mason, 29 Shore-road
Collister Miss Susan, Derby-road
Collister William, mariner, 28 Peveril-road
Collister William, mariner, 3 Beach-street
Colvin John, labourer, 46 Michael-street
Colvin Thomas, salesman, 22 Bridge-street
Colquot Stanley, fisherman, 24 Castle-street
Comaish Thomas, grocer, 35 Douglas-street
Comaish Thomas, fisherman, 3 Stanley-road
Constable Mrs Ann G. 56 Glanfaba-road
Cook John, mariner, 27 Factory-street
Cooil Richard, saddler and harness maker, 1 Athol-place
Coole Henry, fisherman, 1 Patrick-street
Corkill Edward, mariner, 21 Bridge-street
Corkill John, labourer,. Watson's-court
Corkill John, mariner, 10 Stanley-mount
Corkill James, labourer, 30 Patrick-street
Corkill Thomas, labourer, 7 Charles-street
Corlett Mrs Jane, Church-lane
Corlett Mrs Jane, licensed victualler, 2 Tynwald-road
Corlett John, mason, 37 Douglas-street
Corlett Mrs Margaret 1 Tynwald-road
Corlett Mrs Mary, 17 Stanley-Toad
Corlett William, fisherman, 38 Stanley-road
Corlett Bros., net manufacturers, Factory-street
Corris Frederick, mariner, 22 Church-street
Corris Henry, sailmaker, 11 Church-street
Corris Mrs Margaret, 54 Patrick-street
Corris Thomas, mariner, 36 Castle-street
Corris Mrs Jane, baker and grocer, 30 Douglas-street
Corris John Cecil, slate, iron, and builders' merchant, 64 Douglas-street
Corris William, fisherman, 20 St. German's-place
Costain Richard, farmer, 18 Circular-road
Cottier and Cubbon, general drapers, 4 Douglas-street
Cottier John, master baker, 14 St. German's-place
Cottier John (late of Knocksherry) ferry proprietor, 40 Market-street
Cottier Mrs John, 48 Patrick-street
Cottier Philip, ferryman, 6 Stanley-road
Cowell Henry, mariner, 4 Duke-street
Cowell James, baker, grocer and provision dealer, 12 Market-street
Cowell Joseph, 6 Charles-street
Cowell Mrs Margaret, 6 Circular-road
Cowell Mrs,Margaret, 2 Charles-street
Cowell Stanley, plumber, gas fitter and electric bell fitter, 34 Michael-street
Cowell William, joiner, Derby-road
Cowell William, mariner, 3 Peters-lane
Cowell William, builder and mason, 23 Christian-street
Cowley Mrs Annie, family butcher, Michael-street
Cowley Miss Christian, 44 Douglas-street
Cowley Rev Daniel Seurr, vicar of German, the Vicarage, Peveril-road
Cowley John, joiner, 21 Mona-street
Cowley William, mariner, 44 Glanfaba-road
Cowley William, chemist, Athol-place
Cowin Mrs Ann, 25 Douglas-street
Cowin Thomas, 3 Queen's-terrace
Craig William, labourer, 14 Church-street
Craine Edward, fisherman, 10 Bridge-street
Craine Daniel, fisherman, 7 Market-street
Craine Mrs Jane, 11 Mona-street
Craine Thomas, mason, Orry-lane
Craine Thomas, fisherman, Graves'-court
Cregeen Miss Eleanor, refreshment rooms, Cambridge House, 26 Shore-road
Cregeen John fisherman, Adelaide House, Peveril-road
Crellin Mrs Eleanor, 3 Peveril-terrace
Crellin Elizabeth, 18 Stanley-road
Crellin James, fisherman. 24 Stanley-road
Crellin James Henry, mariner, 6 Church-street
Crellin Robert, mariner, Bay View House, Victoria-terrace
Crellin Thomas, carter, 3 Christian-street
Cringle Mrs Eleanor, 3 Stanley-mount
Cringle Mrs Elizabeth, 22 Shore-road
Cringle James, private apartments, 4 Peveril-terrace
Cringle John, blacksmith, 48 Michael-street
Cringle John, 6 Factory-street
Cringle John, 55 Douglas-street
Cringle Robert, fisherman, 4 Queen-street
Cringle William, fisherman, 18 Bridge-street
Cringle William & Son, joiners and builders, 56 Patrick-street
Cross James, blacksmith, 5 Circular-road
Crow John, mariner, Orry-lane
Cryer James, coal carrier, 33 Douglas-street
Cunningham Charles, tailor, 4 Patrick-street
Curphey William, fisherman, 1 Charles-street
Cuse John, fisherman, 26 Bridge-street
Cubbon Edward, labourer, 36 Douglas-street
Cubbon James, fisherman, 38 Patrick-street
Cubbon John, fisherman, 17 Patrick-street
Cubbon John, fish buyer, 32 Bridge-street
Cubbon Leonora, 52 Michael-street
Cubbon Mrs May Arm, Fairy Cottage, Tynwald-road
Cubbon Robert, draper and clothier, 2 Douglas-street
Cubbon Thomas, fisherman, 14 Patrick-street
Curteen Thomas, mason, 7 Patrick-street
Curteen Walter, diver, Orry-lane


Dale Samuel, family grocer, Crown-street and Castle-street
Dalgleish Samuel, butcher, Athol-place
Davey Captain, Naval Reserve, Peveril-road
Dawson Mrs Ann, 62 Patrick-street
Dawson John, private, 22 Douglas-street
Dawson John, glass, china, and general dealer and ironmonger, Christian. street and 14 Douglas-street
Dawson William, tinsmith, plumber, and ironmonger, 3 Patrick-street
Delaney George, butcher, 6 Michael-street
Delaney James, fisherman, 17 Castle-street
Dodd Cottier, bootmaker, 42 Michael-street
Dodd David, clerk, 6 Marine Parade
Dodd John, joiner, 30 Glanfaba-road
Dodd William, ship joiner, 50 Douglas-street
Dumbell's Banking Company, Castle-street, Edward T. Christian manager


Faraker William, retired surgeon, Glen View, Tynwald-road
Faragher Mrs Ann, 2 Duke-street
Faragher Caesar, mason, 11 Circular-road
Faragher Edward, fisherman, 6 Stanley-mount
Faragher John, fisherman, 5 Market-place
Faragher John, postman, 13 Patrick-street
Faragher John, 34 Glanfaba-road
Faragher William, restaurant, 9 Shore-road
Fayle John, bootmaker, 15 Market-street
Fayle John, mariner, 24 Market-street
Fayle John, mariner, 13 Mona-street
Fayle Mrs Margaret, 5 Christian -street
Fayle Thomas, painter and decorator, 18 Douglas-street
Fayle Thomas, boarding-house, Shore-road
Fayle William, mariner, 26 Castle-street
Fisher Mrs Alice, 27 Stanley-terrace
Fitzpatrick John, fisherman, Church-lane


Garrett Edmund, fisherman, 14 Stanley-mount
Garrett Mrs Margaret, 2 Athol-place
Garrett Thomas, mariner, 66 Patrick-street
Garrett Thomas, mariner, 4 Circular-road
Gaskell George, fisherman, 5 Patrick-street
Gawne Frederick, mariner, 2 Orry-lane
Gawne James,.Fisherman, Peter's-lane
Gawne Thomas, grocer, 6 Christian-street
Gell Mrs Elizabeth, grocer, provision dealer, and wine and spirit merch Athol-place
Gell Francis, grocer, baker, and spirit dealer, 17 Bridge-street
Gell Henry, physician and surgeon, Stanley-terrace
Gelling Mrs Emily, milliner, 3 Douglas-street
Gelling John Joseph, car proprietor, 3 Douglas-street
Gill John, mariner, 38 Castle-street
Gill Thomas, fisherman, 1 Stanley-mount ,
Gill James, fisherman, 5 Bridge-street
Gill John, labourer, 62 Glanfaba-road
Gill Robert, mariner, 3 Bridge-street
Goddard George, Peel Castle caretaker, 10 Glanfaba-road
Goodwin George, house painter, Albany-road
Gorry Benjamin, fisherman, Church-lane
Gorry Charles fisherman, 1 Marine parade
Gorry Mrs Eleanor, Shore-road
Gorry George, fisherman, 34 Stanley-road
Gorry James, labourer, 6 Stanley-mount
Gorry John fisherman, 3 Charles-street
Gorry Margaret, 15 Castle-street'
Gorry Patrick, fisherman, 9 Circular-road
Gorry Thomas, fisherman, 62 Glanfaba-road
Gorry Robert, mariner, 19 Market-street
Gorry William, labourer, 10 Station-road
Gracey Catherine, 8 Charles-street
Graves Cottier, timber yard foreman, 16 Patrick-street
Graves Mrs Elizabeth, 3 Michael-street
Graves Henry, J.P., Woodville
Graves Henry. timber merchant, rope and twine manufacturer, ship and boat builder, Mill-road
Greggor Ann, 14 Bridge-street
Greggor Benjamin, fisherman, 3 Duke-street
Greggor Cyrus, joiner, 48 Douglas-street
Greggor George, fisherman, 2 Circular-road
Greggor James, fisherman, 8 Queen-street
Greggor John, fisherman, 5 Duke-street
Greggor Richard, carter, 7 Bridge-street
Greggor Thomas, coal dealer, 2 Mona-street
Griffith John, quarryman, 9 Church-street


Hale Mrs Millicent, Walpole House, Marine-parade
Hall Alexander, labourer, 15 Patrick-street
Hall James, glass, china and earthenware dealer, 2 Strand-street
Hall Thomas, fisherman, 26 Glanfaba-road
Halsall Harry, master mariner, 28 Patrick-street
Halsall Thomas, car proprietor, East Quay
Halsall Thomas, licensed auctioneer, and car proprietor, Livery Stables, Castle-street and the Quay; out-door officer Peel Town Commissioners
Hannah John, family butcher, 11 Douglas-street
Harrison George, farmer, 12 Tynwald-road
Harrison John, master mariner, 30 Tynwald-road
Harrison Robert, grocer, seed merchant, and wine and spirit merchant, Michael-street
Higgins Robert, tailor, 38 Castle-street
Higgins Mrs, Patrick-street
Hodgson James, advocate, Athol-street
Holland Alfred, fruiterer and greengrocer, Athol-place
Holt John Russell, Albany-road
Hudson Mrs Jane, 34 Patrick-street
Hudson John, mariner, 13 Church-street


Isaac Mrs Elizabeth, Heywood House. Victoria-terrace
Isle of Man Banking Company, Limited-Walter J. Cannell, local manager
Irving Joseph, mineral-water manufacturer, 4 Derby-road


Jenkin John, fisherman, 9 Mona-street
Jenkinson Walter, schoolmaster, Derby-road
Joughin Charles, carter, 22 Circular-road
Joughin John, family grocer and net manufacturer, provision merchant, 8 Michael-street
Joughin Mary, 1 Duke-street
Joughin John, bookkeeper, 29 Stanley-terrace
Joughin Philip, mariner, 48 Glanfaba-road
Joughin Matthew, carter, 29 Castle-street
Joyce Joseph, Peters-lane
Joynson Miss Eleanor, 39 Douglas-street


Kaighen John, brakesman, 58 Glanfaba-road
Karran John. fisherman, 20 Church-street
Karran Mrs Margaret, 24 Circular-road
Karran Thomas, sawyer, 58 Patrick-street
Kay Thomas, fisherman, 26 St. German's-place
Kay Cornelius, licensed victualler, Peveril Hotel
Kaye William, joiner and builder, 6 Athol-street
Kaye William Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 27 Shore-road
Kee Daniel William, watchmaker and jeweller, 35 Market-street
Kelly Ambrose H. C., joiner and builder, 19 Christian-street
Kelly Miss Arm Jane, 16 Church-street
Kelly Caesar, joiner, 10 Mona-street
Kelly Mrs Caesar, private apartments, 1 Peveril-terrace
Kelly Edward, fisherman, 46 Glanfaba-road
Kelly Harry, fisherman, 6 Castle-street
Kelly Henry, mariner, 20 Patrick-street
Kelly John James, agent for the Prudential Assurance Co., Albany-road
Kelly Mrs Isabella, 22 Tynwald-road
Kelly Mrs J., Peel Castle family and commercial Hotel, Market-place
Kelly John, bookseller and stationer, 27 Castle-street
Kelly John, advocate. Derby-road
Kelly John, labourer, 15 Mona-street
Kelly John, mariner, 8 Mona-street
Kelly John, ship carpenter, 15 Peveril-road
Kelly John, carpenter, 23 Castle-street
Kelly John, blockmaker, 32 Douglas-street
Kelly John, fisherman, 5 The Sound
Kelly Mrs Margaret, 1 Peter's-lane
Kelly Matthias, fisherman, 34 St. German's-place
Kelly Richard, fisherman, 40 Patrick-street
Kelly Robert, mason, Church-lane
Kelly Robert, fisherman, Bridge-street
Kelly Robert, fisherman, 57 Douglas-street
Kelly Robert fisherman, 36 Stanley-road
Kelly Thomas, bootmaker, 44 Michael-street
Kelly Thomas and Son, family grocers, bakers, seed and patent man merchants, Athol-place
Kelly Thomas, tailor and woollen draper, 12 Michael-street
Kelly Thomas, school attendance officer, 5 Stanley-mount
Kelly Thomas, Cliff View, Victoria-terrace
Kelly Walter, fisherman, 57 Douglas-street
Kelly William, Private apartments, Shakespeare House, Peveril-road
Kelly William, fisherman, 19 Mona-street
Kelly William, carpenter, 23 Strand-street
Kelly William Thomas, grocer and draper, 12 Douglas-street
Kelly William, tinsmith and general ironmonger, 29 Michael-street
Kelly William, tailor and woollen draper, 33 Market-street
Kenna Thomas, joiner, 23 Mona-street
Kennaugh John, fisherman, Duke-street
Keown John, builder, 13 Bridge-street
Keown Robert, fisherman, 5 Tynwald-road
Keown William, mariner, 15 Circular-road
Keown William, fisherman, Orry-lane
Kewley John, labourer, 9 Market-street
Kewley Robert, mariner, 17 Circular-road
Kewley Thomas, fisherman, 21 Christian-street
Kermode George B., private, 50 Patrick-street
Kermode George B., cabinetmaker, 16 Market-street
Kermode Henry, grocer, 8 Douglas-street
Kermode Henry, fisherman, 21 Strand-street
Kermode James, baker, 62 Douglas-street
Kermode John Thomas, retired, 4 Derby-road
Kermode Captain Thomas, coal factor, 39 Michael-street
Kermode William, coroner of Michael, Derby-road
Killey Mrs Elizabeth, Sea View House, Victoria-terrace
Killey John, mariner, 28 Michael-street
Killip Robert, hatter and outfitter, 10 Douglas-street
Kinnish John, mason, 28 Shore-road
Kinrade & Sayle, painters and decorators, 3 Market-place
Kinrade John, bootmaker, 60 Patrick-street
Kinrade John, joiner, Derby-road
Kermode Thomas Cowley general ironmonger, 7 Michael-street
Kinrade John, mariner, 14 Glanfaba-road
Kinley John fish buyer, 28 Bridge-street
Kinley Mrs Katherine, 20 St. German's-place
Kinvig Miss Catherine, confectioner, 13 Douglas-street
Kinvig Richard, joiner and builder, 36 St. German's-place
Kneale John, fisherman, 12 Stanley-road
Kneale William, cowkeeper, 18 Bridge-street
Kneale Mrs Frances, Berlin wool and fancy repository, Christian-street
Kneen Elizabeth, grocer, 9 Beach-street
Keig Mrs Ann, 20 Circular-road
Keig John, butcher, Marine-parade
Keig Francis, fish buyer, 5 Mona-street
Keig William, fisherman, Shore-road


Lace Mrs, refreshment rooms, 13 Shore-road
Lace Henry, fisherman, Derby-road
Lace Patrick, fisherman, Tynwald-road
Lace William, fisherman, 20 Shore-road
Lace William, fisherman, 4 Strand-street
Lancaster Joseph, fisherman, 16 Stanley-mount
Lambert Edwin, chemist, 4 Michael-street
LaMothe Albert Edward advocate, Stanley-terrace
Larkum Samuel, gas manager, Station-road
Laughton Alfred N., High-Bailiff of Peel, Ballaquane
Lawrence Thomas, chemist and druggist, and post master, Michael-street
Lawson Mrs Elizabeth, 14 Charles-street
Leece Mrs Elizabeth, 14 Stanley-road
Leece John, labourer, 7 Queen-street
Leece John. joiner, 30 Stanley-road
Leece William, fisherman, 26 Patrick-street
Leece William Edward milliner, 32 Michael-street
Leece William Edward, hatter and hosier, 25 Michael-street
Lewin Mrs Jane, 10 Athol-street
Looney William, general draper, Michael-street
Lucas William, refreshment rooms, 2 Shore-road
Lucas Mrs, Peveril-terrace


Mackay Miss Francis, 2 Peveril-road
Maddrell Henry, roper, 13 Patrick-street
Maddrell Thomas, fisherman, 28 Castle street
Manx Bank Limited, John Corris, manager, 5 Douglas-street
Marsden, William F., Marine Family Hotel, Shore-road
Marsden John , mineral water manufactory, Peter's-lane
McCall William, mechanic, Christian-street
McCormick Mrs Elizabeth, Tynwald-road
McCullock James, labourer, 26 Stanley-road
McNeill Anthony, labourer, 26 Douglas-street
McDonald John, 10 Circular-road
McDonald John, fisherman, 13 Factory-street .
McDonald William, fisherman, 12 Church-street
McDonald William, fisherman, Derby-road
McLeavy John, labourer, 15 Christian-street
McMichan Robert, fisherman, 6 Queen-street
McMurdock Mrs Jane, refreshment rooms, Ivy Cottage East Quay
McNeil Mrs Elizabeth, lodging House, 22 Patrick-street'
McNicol Robert, 18 Market-street
McQuarrie, John Archibald, M.B.C.M., physician and surgeon Athol-street
Meyrick John, car proprietor, 21 Victoria-terrace
Meyrick Thomas, shipwright, 8 Glanfaba-road
Milbum Briden, master mariner, 16 Glanfaba-road
Miller Mrs Sarah Ann, the Royal family and commercial Hotel, Athol street
Morrison Charles, 4 Orry-lane
Morrison Mrs Eliza, 2 Castle-street
Morrison Mrs Louisa, family baker, grocer, and spirit merchant, Market-street
Morrison Thomas, fisherman, 5 Peter's-lane
Morrison James, Crown-street
Morrison James, harbour master, East Quay
Morrison William, railway guard, 12 Glanfaba-road
Moughtin John, fisherman, 32 Castle-street
Moughtin Robert, fisherman, 11 Beach-street
Moughtin Samuel, 1 Stanley-road
Moughtin Thomas, fisherman, Duke-street
Moughtin William, bootmaker, 7 Tynwald-road
Moore Edward, fisherman, Derby-road
Moore James, fisherman, 8 The Sound
Moore John, fisherman, 15 Stanley-road
Moore John Stevenson, Ballaquane
Moore Philip, engineer and millwright, The Quay
Moore Philip, engineer, 9 Stanley-mount
Moore Mrs Sarah, milliner, 1 Michael-street
Moore Thomas, fisherman, 13 Stanley-road
Moore Thomas, fisherman, 5 Church-street
Moore Thomas, 19 Factory-street
Moore T. C. S., Ballaquane-road
Moore William, labourer, 5 Market-street
Moore William, mariner, 36 Glanfaba-road
Moore William, mariner, 10 Charles-street
Moore William, grocer and salt dealer, Shore-road
Mylrea John, fisherman, 10 Stanley-road
Mylrea William, fisherman, 11 Circular-road
Mylrea William, mariner, 12 St. German's-place


Nolan Mrs Eleanor, 34 Douglas-street


Palmer William Knowles, printer, stationer, and publisher of the "Peel Chronicle," 14 Michael-street
Preston John, bootmaker and leather dealer, Market-place
Pugh William, fisherman, 24 Bridge-street

Quane Charles, weaver, 16 Tynwald-road
Quaye Manassah tailor and woolen draper, Michael-street
Quarry James, stonemason, 6 Station-road
Quarry John, mason, 26 Michael-street
Quayle Edward, fisherman, 19 Shore-road
Quayle Mrs Ellzabeth, 22 Stanley-road
Quayle James, Bay View House, Crown-street
Quayle James, 5 Peveril-terrace
Quayle James, labourer, 9 Bridge-street
Quayle Mrs Jane, 34 Market-street
Quayle John, fisherman, 20 Glanfaba-road
Quayle John, mariner, 18 Church-street
Quayle Mrs Louisa, Watson's-court
Quayle Thomas, fisherman, 11 Patrick-street
Quayle Philip labourer, Douglas-street
Quayle Philip fisherman, 15 Duke-street
Quayle Thomas, rope maker, Douglas-street
Quayle Thomas, mariner, 7 Mona-street
Quayle William, mariner, 30 Shore-road
Quilliam James, mariner, 30 Stanley-road
Quilliam John, fisherman, 35 Market-street
Quilliam John, constable, 3 Tynwald-road
Quilliam Thomas, fisherman, 30 Market-street
Quilliam Thomas, fisherman, 10 Queen-street
Quilliam Thomas, fisherman, Ballaquane
Quilliam Thomas, ship carpenter, 9 Castle-street
Quilliam Thomas, labourer, 21 Market-street
Quilliam William, fisherman, 11 Christian-street
Quilliam William, fisherman, 2 Church-lane
Quine Harry, mason, 3 Church-street
Quine Henry, 8 Church-street
Quine John Y., labourer, St. Peters-Iane
Quine John, fisherman, 46 Douglas-street
Quine Mrs Margaret, 40 Michael-street
Quine Robert, Duke-street
Quirk Evan, fisherman, 16 Circular-road
Quirk James, policeman, 28 St. German's-place
Quirk James, fisherman, 1 1 Queen-street
Quirk John and William, fishermen, 52 Patrick-street
Quirk John Tynwald House, 5 Marine-parade
Quirk John insurance agent, Stanley House, 3 Marine-para
Quirk John: fisherman, 11 Bridge-street
Quirk John, fisherman, 8 Strand-street
Quirk John, mariner, 12 Charles-street
Quirk John, labourer, 25 Mona-street
Quirk John, carter, 2 Peveril-road
Quirk Phillip, fisherman, 1 Marine-parade
Quirk Philip, fisherman, 14 Stanley-mount
Quirk Philip, mariner, 28 Douglas-street
Quirk Richard, greengrocer, 7 Christian-street
Quirk Thomas, bootmaker, 14 Beach-street
Quirk Thomas, fisherman, 2 Marine parade
Quirk Thomas, mariner, 26 Circular-road
Quirk Thomas, fisherman, 24 Circular-road
Quirk Thomas, fisherman, 11 West-view
Quirk Thomas, fisherman, 15 West-view
Quirk William, fisherman, 7 Peter's-lane
Quirk William, mariner, 1 Beach-street
Quirk William, mariner, 4 Church-street
Quirk William, Sea Mount House, Victoria-terrace


Radcliffe Henry, builder and contractor, W, West-view
Radcliffe Thomas, stonemason, Derby-road
Radcliffe Thomas, mason, 13 West-view
Radcliffe William, general smith, East Quay
Redpath Mrs Ellen, 60 Glanfaba-road
Rice John, driver, 22 Glanfaba-road
Rice Patrick, marine store, Watson's-court
Rogers Richard, mariner, 23 Glanfaba-road
Rothwell Mrs, refreshment rooms, Shore-road


St. Patricks Catholic School - Miss McNamara teacher, Patrick-street
Sayle Mrs Ann, Melbourne House, Peveril-road
Sayle Claudius, fisherman, 25 Shore-road
Sayle Mrs Eleanor, 3 Queen-street
Sayle Mrs Elizabeth, 14 Circular, road
Sayle Mrs Elizabeth, 1 Queen-street
Sayle Mrs Jane, 5 Beach-street
Sayle John, mariner, 38 Market-street
Sayle Miss Margaret, 30 Michael-street
Sedgman John, headmaster of the Wesleyan School
Sharp John, grocer, 7 Stanley-mount
Sheard Daniel, joiner, 36 Market-street
Sheard Mrs Emily, Beach-street
Sheard Mrs Margaret, Graves'-court
Shimmin Alfred, mariner,7 West-view
Shimmin Mrs Ann, 23 Market-street
Shimmin John, mariner, 16 St. German's-place
Shimmin Mrs Maria, 10 Church-street
Shimmin Mrs Margt., 24 St. German's-place
Shimmin Mrs Margaret, 11 Duke-street
Shimmin Patrick, mariner, 64 Patrick-street
Shimmin Philip fisherman, 16 Stanley-road
Shimmin Robert fisherman, 32 Patrick-street
Shimmin Thomas, 11 Stanley-road
Shimmin Thomas, mariner, 15 Circular-road
Shimmin William, fisherman, 9 West view
Shimmin William, farmer, 23 Michael-street
Shimmin William, rigger, Church-lane
Shimmin William, baker and grocer, 2 and 9 Patrick-street
Shimmin William, car-driver, 30 St. German's-place
Shires John, engine driver, 54 Glanfaba-road
Skelly John, foreman baker, 29 Market-street
Skelly William, fisherman, 3 The Sound
Skillicorn Mark, mariner, 40 Glanfaba-road
Smith Natal, mariner, 4 Circular-road
Spence William, mason, 2 Stanley-road
Stevens Robert, fisherman, Duke-street
Stevenson Thomas, 11 Market-street
Stowell Miss Amelia A., private school, 9 Peveril-terrace.


Taggart John, fireman, 38 St. German's-place
Taylor Mrs Ann Eleanor, licensed victualler, Castle-street
Tasicer Joseph, fisherman, 19 Peveril-road
Teare Charles, mariner, 7 Stanley-road
Teare Mrs Ellen, 28 Stanley-road
Teare Henry, ship chandler, Derby-road
Teare John, sailmaker, 21 Castle-street
Teare John, fisherman, 17 Bridge-street
Teare & Sons, ship chandlers, East Quay
Teare Thomas, shopkeeper, 14 Patrick-street
Teare Thomas, greengrocer and fruiterer, 19 Michael-street
Teare William, ship chandler, Crown-street
Thompson Mrs Elizabeth, 53 Douglas-street
Thompson Godfrey, grocer and baker, 18 Castle-street
Thompson William, bill poster, 17 Market-street
Toser John, 3 Mona-street


Wade Henry, mariner, 3 Market-street
Watterson Christian, 31 Douglas-street
Watterson George, station master, 3 Station-road
Watterson Henry, fisherman, 29 Douglas-street
Watterson James, mariner, 22 St. German's-place
Watterson James, fisherman, Watson's-court
Watterson John. Derby-road
Watterson Mrs Margaret, retired, 59 Douglas-street
Watterson Robert, fisherman, 42 Glanfaba-road
Watterson Thomas, tailor, draper, and outfitter, 50 Michael-street
Watterson Thomas, fisherman, 1 Orry-lane
Watterson William Henry, hairdresser, 41 Michael-street
Watson Thomas, ship builder, 6 Patrick-street
Watson William, mariner, 6 The Sound
Wattleworth Miss Cecelia, lodging-house, Ballaquane-road
Wattleworth John, painter, 16 Beach-street
Weare Rev. William J., Wesleyan minister, Athol-street
Wells Charles Henry Cooke, artist, The Hut, East Quay
White Miss Catherine, 6 Tynwald-road
Wilkinson Henry, fisherman, 15 Market-street
Williamson William, labourer, 30, Bridge-street
Willmott William, mariner, Church-lane
Wilson John, fisherman, 12 Strand-street
Wood John, licensed victualler, Fenella Hotel, Peel-hill
Wood Joseph, family and shipping butcher, 6 Patrick-street
Woods Thomas, labourer, 9 Duke-street
Woods Thomas, mason, 6 Strand-street
Wright James, labourer, 5 Queen-street


Young Robert, labourer, Derby-road


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