Contacting the Editor

Ms. Frances Coakley

The Editor spending Xmas morning 2000 on Peel Hill
Christmas Morning 2000 - on Peel Hill

I am very happy to offer any help I can, with any aspect of Manx Research - I have a good library of over 1500 Manx-related monographs plus maps, prints etc but cannot undertake any detailed genealogical work.

Please contact me via , generally I am online most days.

In any email relating to a specific page please quote the page title as there are some 15,000 on this site! Please also put a subject heading commencing with [MNB] in your email - most other mail will be delayed and possibly not looked at, empty subject emails are automatically trashed
I would also appreciate Plain Text e-mails without any attachments, and, finally, please, please, check that your correct email address is entered in the reply-to field! Any reply will not come from the specified email as this is incoming only and redirects to my currently active email. Please note that I will NOT fill in any request forms to be put on your whitelist for mail so if you operate such a system please check for replies. I have had several replies to some users rejected because apparently they need to explicitly allow mail from an address - please also check in your spam folder as certain ISPs seem not to trust Manx Telecom - this seems particularly true of those in Australia or New Zealand.


 A CD-ROM of these pages (20,000+ pages), together with additional material,is available

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