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These pages are not intended as original research but are based on a distillation of information scattered through various parish guides and other references. It was the lack of any such single overview that was the driving force behind what has turned out to be an interesting lesson in self education!

Since then a small booklet Castles and Old Churches of The Isle of Man by M. Salter Folly Publications 1997 (ISBN 1-871731-28-3) has appeared based on a short visit by Mr Salter to the Island.

An earlier description of a week's tour to view the Island churches was given in 1848 by J. Mason Neale. (Ecclesiological Notes on the Isle of Man, Orkneys &c - the chapter on Manx churches is available). Cannon Quine in 1898 discussed both the sites and the early form of the Parish church (the introduction of Parishes he dates to c.1275 when the Island was under Scots control)

For convenience I have given the OS 6-figure Grid reference so churches can be located to within 50m.

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Guidebook indicates a recent guidebook. Generally these cost between 50p and £1 and are available within the church. Those not preceded by the icon are older guides and may be found in, for example, the Manx Museum Library or in second hand bookshops.
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[JB]: refers to Collins guide to English parish churches, including the Isle of Man vol2 North Sir John Betjeman, (ed.) London:Collins 1958 which contains a short section on some Manx churches.

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