St Patrick

c.390-461? (Hanson suggests borm c.390, kidnapped c.406, escaped 412, went to Ireland as Bishop (where he remained for rest of life) between 425 and 435 probably after some experience as monk in Britain, support for Mission (financial etc was from Britain with no indication of Papal or even Gallic influence); Feast 17 March. Hampton suggests that he might have been deacon in Ireland from time of Palladius, only becoming Bishop in the final decade of his life - his fame being brought about by the later schemes of Armagh to become dominant in Ireland.

Much has been written about St Patrick as the only apostle of Ireland.
Whether St Patrick ever visited the Island is uncertain - however his name was highly honoured with two Parish churches dedications as well as several Keeills (Keeill-pherick). His disciples are credited with establishing Christianity on the Island in 447.

Patron saint of Patrick and of Jurby.


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