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Kirk Maughold - St Maughold

Kirk Maughold - St Maughold

Built on the site of a celtic monastery of the seventh century - the crosshouse in the church yard contains almost a third of the pre-norse cross slabs found on the Island. Within the churchyard are also the ruins of three keeills . The present church dates from around the 11th to 12th century though considerably extended in later centuries. It may have been the seat of a 11th century bishopric. Small 13th century windows and the stonework of a 14th century east window can be seen. Extensive reconstruction took place in 1900 (with some later modernisation) which as the parish guide says 'have in no way impaired the atmosphere of peace and permanence to be experienced within its walls'.

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The fourteenth century Parish Cross as seen in the edwardian postcard originally stood in fron the gate and was moved into the church in 1989 to help its preservation. St Maughold's Well is not in the churchyard but on the brow of the hill.

Some excerpts from the Parish Register have been published; see also notes on the antiquarian features of the churchyard..

Canon Quine put forward the suggestion that the dedication was actually to St Magnus - Maughold being a misattribution.

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The Ancient and Historic Monuments of the Isle of Man Manx Museum gives a brief description of the site


Christchurch - Dhoon

Christchurch - Dhoon

Foundation stone laid June 1854 and consecrated Dec 1855. Built by Callow and Looney to a design of Ewan Christian of London. Cost was some £730, funds were largely provided by Mrs Saltmarshe and daughters (Mr Saltmarshe had been the largest contributor to St.Thomas's Church Douglas).

The original Dhoon Church and schoolroom was built around 1836 at the Dhoon Bridge about a mile to the south - the name was transferred to the new church at Glen Mona (which has caused confusion ever since) - the old church/schoolroom still survives as part of a garage.

Original Dhoon church/schoolroom
Original Dhoon church/schoolroom

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St Mary - Ballure

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St Paul - Ramsey

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