St Adamnan

St Adamnan (Eunan) - Born Ireland c628, died Iona 704
Dedication day September 23rd.
Ninth abbot of Iona and important figure within Celtic church during transitional period to Roman rule when he strongly supported the Roman cause. Biographer of St Columba. At one time expelled for having the scripture translated into Gaelic and for saying Mass in Gaelic.
Kneen suggests that there is little evidence of this dedication - there being no festival or fair corresponding to the patronal date and also that the Parish dedication is almost certainly to St Lonan Machaisre (of Donegal) whose dedication day of August 2nd would fit with the nearby Laxey fair generally held on the 5th (i.e. within the octave). An alternative is that Lonan refers to a nephew of St. Patrick who became third Bishop of Sodor and Mann

Patron saint of Lonan Parish

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The stained glass is taken from one of the windows in St Johns.

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