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St German Patronal fair 13th July (OS) (July 24th NS)

Confused with St Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre (died 448), who was better known within Roman church e.g. Bull of Gregory IX was written on July 30th which was the eve of the feast day of this saint - hence alternative spelling of Germain. This Germanus became associated with Britain when sent, at the request of the British, to refute the Pelagian heretics. On a second visit, again to refute Pelagianism, this time successfully, he directed British forces in battle against Picts and Saxons. Feast widely celebrated in England.
As the various references to German are chronologically impossible to reconcile with the better known Germanus there has been several, highly conjectural, lives of which one was that he was born in Brittany c.410, went to Ireland to stay with St Patrick, came to Wales c.440, returned to Ireland and became Bishop of Man c.466.
D.H.Farmer The Oxford Dictionary of Saints 1978

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