[From Manx Soc, vol. 26]

No. IV.


Att Castle Peele the fourth of Octobr 1662.

SR ROBERT NORRIS, Clerke (now of Douglas towne) svorne & examined deposeth & sayth, That hee never knew of the risinge of ye countrey in their insurrecion or rebellion in the yeare 1651 before the head court day at night that was to he houlden in that winter 1651, and that hee received that knowledge from the before named Wm. Xtian of Raynoldsway the same night, but sayth that Wm. Qualtrough of Kentraugh late Deemster in this Isle tould him about a month before or shortly after the late Earle of Derby went out of ye Isle in the said yeare for England, that hee thought ye countrey would rise, for that they found themselves aggreeved because of the troope that then was in the Isle & their free quarteringe or words to that effect, This Examt further sayth that beinge inquissitive from ye said Wm. Xtian, Receivr to know uppon what grounds they did soe rise hee the said Wm. Xtian answered him hee need not feare for hee had a Comission for its from ye States delivered by ye hands of Major ffox and there uppon produced a writinge wch ye said Receiver tould him was ye sd Comission & read ye same unto this exams and ye sd Wm. Qualtrough, Hugh Moore, John Cesar, & others & that ye sd Wm. Xtin also tould him yt ye Comission was from ye Parliamt to ye said Major ffox as before & that as hee remembers the contents of ye sd Comission was that the said Receiver should raise the countrey in Armes against the Counteese Derby then in ye Castle Rushen, And further declareth that ye said Wm. Xtin y delivered him this exams an oath to bee administered to ye people, weh in substance is as followeth, viz., That the people should wthstand ye Lady of Derby in her designos untill shee had yealded or condissended to their aggreavances both for ye saftie of herself & ye countrey ; And bee further sayth that ye sd Wm. Xtin engadged him this examt by protestacon to be true unto him & yt hee heard ye said Wm. Xtin say (besides many others) that her Lapp should sell ye people for 2d or 3d a peece, And yt ye sd Wm. Xtin said that her Lapp promissed that shee would make known unto them when shee sent to make condicons with ye Parliamt & ye shee sent w'hout their knowledge contrary to her promise & would sell them for 2d or 3d a peece as before to destroy them, hee also sayth that ye said Wm. Xtin of Raynoldsway administered ye aforesaid oath to many of ye people himself as to Sr Tho. Parr & others, And further sayth that hee never knew nor heard of any other to bee the cheife actor in the said risinge, but him ye said Wm. Xtin of Raynoldsway only, bee also sayth that ye other actors in the said risinge was Hugh Moore of Douglas who brought in ye company of K Lonan, & James Bankes of ye How who brought in ye company of KK Conchan & Henry Moore ye company of K Marrowne Wm. Gawne ye company of Trinit. Rushen, John Cesar ye company of K Malew and yt it was ye sd John Cesar ye first yt came in to his best remembrance.


HUGH MOORE of Douglas, sworn & examined acknowledgeth & sayth that about a month before ye risinge of ye countrey, the sd Wm. Xtin of Ronaldsway gave him an Oath, that hee this exams should not reveale if hee heard of a risinge, but did not know of ye risinge before the night ye risinge was, And yt after ye risinge ye sd W` Xtin showed this Examt a Comision w" was delivered him ye sd Wm. Xtin by Major ffox weh puported yt by ye same pouer that Lee ye s' Major ffox had from ye States he comissionaled him ye sd Wm. Xtin to raise ye countrey for ye parliamt against all opposers ; And yt ye sd Wm. Xtin Raynoldsway gave direcions s or order to James Banckes of ye How to raise the parish of K s. Conchan & to give notice to ye Lieutenant of K Lonan to raise tht Parish, hee further sayth that James Banckes afforesaid came to him with verball orders from ye sa Em.Xtin Receiver to chadge a boate for to meete ye Shippinge or Navy & to make condicons for ye Lady and Countrey and thereuppon this examt went a shippboard & tould Colonell Duckenfield then generall that ye Lady and ye countrey had made condicions & yt it was promiss'd it should bee pformed, And yt after cominge to Ramsey bay Major ffox came a shore with this examt & tould Deemster John Xtin, John Cesar, W°'- Standish & as hee thinks old John Curghie yt Collonell ' Duckenfield had promised yt ye condicons made betwixt ye Lady & ye countrey should be pformed, And thereupon the said psons last before named went aboard to conclude ye same, hee further sayth that ye said Wm Xtin Receiver sent him this s exams to ye north pt' of ye Isle for to give orders to arreast all ye boates for goinge out of ye Isle.


JAMES BANCKES 2 of ye Howl in ye pish of K Conchan sworne & examined declareth and sayth, That he never heard of ye risinge of ye countrey before yt Munday ye Head Court day was to bee houlden, & yt Eveninge ye foresaid W"'- Xtin y Raynoldsway, Wm Xtin Knockrushen, Wm Qualtrough Kentraugh & others beinge in company together in Castletowne, & that they tould him that ye countrey was to rise, & yt ye sa Willm Xtin Raynoldsway wisht him this exams (being then Lieutenant of ye foresaid pish) to repaire home, & send forth ye crosses and raise the pish for yt ye fleete was coming e and accordingly he pformed ye same, & brought his company to Raynoldsway beinge (as he acknowledgeth) without ye consent of his Captayne, Hee also sayth that ye sd Wm. Xtin Raynoldsway wish'd him to ride to Douglas & bidd Hugh Moore of Douglas to take a boate and meete ye f fleete before they should come to Ramsey & tell them (meaninge ye Comanders of ye fleete) that the countrey was all for them least when the fleete came to Ramsey & meete the countrey in armes, ye countrey would be undone by itt, & ; yt bee ye sd Wm. Xtin of Raynoldsway would come himself to Ramsey forthwith to meete them, And sayth yt hee had noe direcons from ye sd Wm. Xtin, Raynoldsway, to bid Hugh Moore make any condicons for ye Lady and countrey, but as before.


PHILLIPP MOORE of Douglas sworne & examined declareth and sayth, That hee was tould by ye foresaid Wm Xtin Raynoldsway before the risinge of ye countrey, that ye countrey was to rise and that ye sd Wm Xtin tooke him sworne upon the bible not to reveale the same, for yt an army was to come & that ye countrey should be in readines against their cominge, & yt ye risinge was to bee for ye good of ye countrey, he further sayth yt hee was by when James Banckes came from ye Receiver Xtin to this Deponent's brother Hugh Moore to take the boate and goe out to meete ye fleete & to tell them all was right, or all was their owne or words to that effect.


SAM. RADCLIFFE of Gourden, in the pish of K Patricke & Captayne of the Company thereof in ye yeare 1651, sworne & examined declarith & sayth That lice never knew of ye risinge of ye countrey untill ye head or great court day that was to be holden in ye winter 1651, and then was told ye same by John Cesar & Hugh Moore of Douglas, in Castletown, who as hee remembers was then together & brought him to ye house of Robt. Barrey in Castletown, & after severall circumstances, brought him to ye Receiver Xtin of Raynoldsway who then did incourage him this examt to joyne with him in raisinge ye people in Armes, & to give out that Shippinge was aboute ye countrey, that bee might bringe soe many of his company together into Castle Poole as thereby to surprize ye said Castle, whereuppon this examt sent out ye crosse to raise some of his company uppon that enterprise, but was disuaded by Deemster Cannell who then was at the house Knockaloe, viz., Thos. Racliffes, And this exam' further acknoledgeth that hoe, wth ye North's Companyes lay siege against Castle Poole by Receiver Xtin's orders, & that hee this exam' himselfe was ye chiefe Comander there upon y' designe, Hee further sayth yt the reasons wch ye above John Cesar & Hugh Moore moved him wth all touching the said risinge was that the countrey was a sould for ijd or iijd apeece by lady Derby. This examt alsoe sayth that there was severall Noates in writinge yt past betwixt him & ye sd Receiver Xtin after ye rising for his care in maniginge ye same designe, & yt Sr Robt. Norris his hand was to some Noates : And this examt also saith yt ye Receiver Xtin tould him on ye sd head Court day that they were designed to surprize Castle Rushen and yt John Cesar & Capt. Gawne tould him the same & were uppon ye same ye designe.


PHILIPP CANNELL of K Michaell Liewtent of ye sd n pish in the yeare 1651, sworn & examined declareth & t sayth, That hee never heard of ye risinge of ye countrey untill ye head Court day 1651, & that then bee did rise with ye rest of ye countrey but had noe orders for itt, but t sayth yt Wm. M'Ylearran & Tho. Xtin of Jurby tould him that the countrey was sould for ijd apeece and yt ye y Comptroller Sharples & Receiver Xtin tould ye same to them, whereuppon this exam' raised ye Company, & yt they tooke Thomas Midleston prisoner at Bopps Court, & also sayth y' ye said M'Ylearran & Tho. Xtinn wisht him to raise ye company.


DOLLIN CLARKE 3 of Jurby Lieutenant there in ye yeare 1651, sovorne & examined declareth & sayth, that hee never heard of ye risinge of ye countrey untill that Munday w eh should be head Court day in ye said yeare or ye night before beinge then in Armes by forever orders from ye comanders under ye Lady Derby, where they understood of a fleete cominge against ye Island, whereupon they resolved yt there was noe hetter way for the prservation & saftie of the country then to rise against my Lady, meaning ye Countesse Dowager, And sayth y' W'n' M'Ylearran & Thos. Xtin. Jurby declared amongst them yt the countrey were sould for ijd or iijd apeece & that Receiver Xtin & Comptroller Sharples tould ye sd M'Ylearran & Xtin of ye same, w eh incensed this Deponent & ye Company to make ye resolution afforesaid, and sayth yt ye said M'Ylearran & Tho. Xtin brought direccons from ye sd Receiver & Comptroller to surprise Major Duckenfield & ye troope for yt was ye night or never, & likewise gave order to march to Ramsey & secure Capt. Engram & ye Ordnance, & sayth yt they called at Ewan Curghie Ballakillinghan's who went wth them, & yt hee & his company apeared ye next day at ye Loyall fourt where they were ordered to bee by ye direccons afforesaid t take ye ffourt, where also Capt. Teare, Capt. Thompson of Ballaugh, ye Company of KK Bride, & John Lace, Lieutenant of K Andreas, were all present with their companies, & likewise ye Company of K Maughall & soe upon yt attempt ye surpriz of Castle Rushen toeld by Recr Xtin. Caesar & Gawne on ye designe M'Ylearra and Xtin Jurby firs tould him of ye risinge. This exam had noe orders for itt. ye ffourt was taken and ceised upon by ye said companyes, And sayth yt, this Deponent & Company would not have thought of any such enterprises & attempts but yt ye said M'Ylearran & Tno. Xtin brought them the foresaid message & soe incensed them upon ye said designes.


MR. EWAN CURGHIE 4 of Ballakillingan sworne & examined declareth and sayth, that bee knew nothing of ye Rising of the countrey before yt the Countrey did rise, And yt yt night W` M'Ylearran or Ewan Curghie Ballacarghee came to his house, & tould him yt there were shippinge at Ramsey, and yt Receiver Xtin wisht that crosses should bee sent out to raise ye pish, & that thereupon bee went and tould his father thereof being Captain of ye pish & ye Crosses 5 were sent, & yt afterwards John Teare, Wm Teare, Dollin Clarke of Jurby, and others, knockt at his doore & raised him wth them to (Toe towards Ramsey & yt goinge or thither they mett many people, wth Major Duckenfield, & Rich. ffletcher, who were taken prisoners, & there heard a mutteringe amongst yo company that the countrey was a sould for ijd or iijd a peece, & soe went to Ramsey, and seized upon Capt. Ingram then Comander there wth ye Ordance, and yt next morninge they went from Ramsey to ye loyall ffourt & demanded ye fourt from Major Stanley the Comander there, who refusing e to deliver it ye same was resigned after most of his soldiers had deserted him. And then went to Bopps. Court where some message came, yt Receiver Xtin should send for a matter of six of the company to come over to Raynoldswar, & that this exams went for one, And further sayth that bee did not know who were ye fomentors or contryvers in ye said risinge, & yt after hee came to Raynoldsway ye Receiver Xtin was looked upoon to bee ye head Comander of ye Company there.


WILLM M'YLEARRAN of Trint Ayre Sworn & ex-amined, declareth and sayth That hee nothinge heard of ye risinge of the countrey before ye day yt ye head Court was to bee houlden in Winter 1651, And that cominge to Castletowne being in company wth Receiver Xtin, Wm Xtin Knockrushen, Sam. Radcliffe, Hugh Moore, & others, & their being a private coussultacon amongst them about a risinge of ye countrey, and that the cause or grounds of ye risinge was to bee against ye Countesse of Derby, because that there were messengers that went out of ye Island & came in contrary to her Lapps promises, And sayth that some of ye said psons would have ye risinge to bee ye head Court day at night, & some yo next night after, but in ye end it was aggreed upon that it should bee yt night, and yt it was con-cluded upon yt Sam Radclife was arringed and did under-take to take Castle Peele with his complices, & Hugh Moore did undertake y, ffourt at Douglas, and yt John Teare of Jurby & M' Ewan Curghey of Ballakillingan, Phillip Cannell of KK Michaell, & (as this exams thinks John Cayne Bullegawne) & Dollin Clarke of Jurby & others had comendacons sent unto them (by this examt) from ye sd Receiver Xtin, Sam. Radcliffe, Hugh Moore, & the rest above, and yt they should bee carefull & doe their endeavo' (being then to rise uppon this consultacon). & yt Phillip Cannell & ye said John Cayne should seize uppon and take ye Bopps Court, And y' John Teare & Dollin Clarke & their Company should surprize & take ye Troope whereof Major Duckenfield was Comander, And y' ye sa John Teare, Mr. Ewan Curghie & this exam' and as many as they could get to their company, should take ye loyall ffourt, And yt Castle Rushen was to bee taken y' same night also, but cannott remember by whome, he sayth yt Comptroller Sharples was very instrumentall in the said consultacon, And yt Sam. Radcliffe & Xtin Knockrushen tould him this examt that ye countrey was sould for ijd or iijd apeece, & yt this examt should tell ye same to the above Phill. Cannell (who this exams sayth was much confided in & espetiall by Xtin Knockrushen) John Teare, Ewan Curghey, Jo. Cayne, Dollin Clarke, & their Companies, & yt bee accordingly tould ye message unto them, who answered yt they would doe their endeavr all which tooke effect by their acting afterward, ffor the said John Cayne & Phill. Cannell wth ye Company of K Michaell (who they raised) took Bopps Court, wherein one Jo. Quayle Coolshellagg was very active, & strooke at Tho. Midleton, & yt there wth others bound him, as this examt afterwards heard of, And yt Jo. Teare, Wm. Teare Sertfield, Dollin Clarke & Jurby men, wth some of Ballaugh pish, & this exams himself tooke ye troope & yt Major Duckenfield ye Comander & Mr. Rich. Fletcher were taken prisoners; And yt then this examt with Jo. Teare & ye rest of ye Company last named went to Ballakillingan to call on Mr Ewan Curghie to goe wth them to Ramsey according to ye foresaid message, & when they came there (and Capt. Ingram being Comander) he tould them (after understanding their intencous) that hee longed for itt, & we resigned, & went wth them ye said company towards ye loyall ffourt incourddginge them, that they should make noe doubt of takinge it, and soe came thither wee was resigned by Major Stanley ye Comander upon condicons unto ye sd Mr. Ewan Curghey & John Teare as chiefe of ye sd company with other pties. And then this exam' cominge wth ye sd Major Duckenfieeld to Bopps Court as prisoner, but ye sd Major desired to goe to Parson Parr's & went thither to repose themselves, at wh tyme yo said Parson Parr asked of this examt why some of their company would have sett a guard on him, & said wt' all that they need not, for hee ye sd Parson knew more of ye rising yt than they did, And further sayth yt Mr. Rich. Heape being then at Bopps Court when Major Duckenfield & this examt came thither, said in like maner that hee knew of ye risinge before more than they did, And further sayth yt there came a letter from Raynoldsway for John Teare, Dollin Clarke, Mr. Ewan Curghey with this examt & others, and as hee remembers John Garrett for to come over to Raynoldsway, & yt accordingly they went, And there being a report of a company to come from my Lady Derby out of ye Castle to Raynoldsway, John Garrett & Dollin Clarke went over to Peele side (but by whose comand of direccons this examt knows not) & fetched about fourty musquetiers from thence to Raynoldsway to oppose the said pties yt was to come out of ye Castle, And sayth yt this is all yt hee cann materially speake touchinge ye said risinge.

WILLM. M'YLEARRAN, his X marke.

THO. CRAIN of Ballaugh, Lieutent of KK German pish in ye year 1651, sworn & examined sayth that ye said examt (cominge from Castletown on Monday woh should hav been the head Cot day in winter in ye said yeare) overtook Capt. Sam. Radcliffe by the way, who told him that ther was a fleete of shippinge cominge to ye Island and bid ye said examt (in his Cap. absence) to send for his company to Knocklanech in ye said pish, and accordingly ye said examt did and prsently after received orders from ye said Capt. Radcliff to dismiss them again, And afterwards the companies of ye Northside coming to Peeletown to lay seige agt ye Castle, he ye said examt was amongst them and Capt. Sam. Radcliffe was Chiefe Comander their as he ye examt pceived, & further sayth not.


1 Robert Norris was Vicar of Arbory 1623-1650.

2 The How estate is in the possession of his heir at the present time.

3 The descendants of this family are still resident at the Nappin, one of whom the Rev. John Thomas Clarke, so long the Chaplain of St. Mark's it the parish of Malew by whose exertions so much was done to raise the value of the living to its present state.

4 His representatives still reside at Ballakillingan.


This custom is no doubt derived from the Scandinavian rulers of the Island, who were accustomed to send round the "War Arrow" to warn or alarm the natives. The Captain of each parish had the custody of the cross, which consisted of two pieces of wood about the length of a maws arm. When it was required to summon the parish in case of any emergency, he gave it to his next neighbour, with instructions that the cross was to muster the people at such a place, and then the neighbour took it from the Captain and proceeded to his neighbour, who carried it forward to another, and so on, until the whole circuit of the parish had been informed. By this mode of summons persons were bound to attend at the place appointed. Sir Walter Scott, in his notes to the Lady of the Lake, canto third, gives an account of the manner of sending round the Fiery Cross to summon the clansmen.


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