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Document No. 114.


To ye Coron’ of ye Ayre Sheding.

You are hereby required to impannell Six sufficient and understanding men that have in-sight in buildings as well for ye walls as the ruffe, glass, windows or other materialls or ornaments belongeinge or ought to belonge to ye delapidations of ye houses of ye Archdeaconrye in Kk. Andreas & yt ye sam be pformed and brought in to remaine upon Record by the 29th day of ye month & this as you and they will ansswere the contrarye at yr prll, given under my hand at Castle Rushin ye 2d day of Mar : 1662.



You are to take notice yt ye Jury to be impanelled is for the Inquiry of ye delapidations of the Archdeacons houses, & nothing at all of the buildings at the Loyall fort wch otherwise shall be taken care of & not by the Jury aforesaide.


The two documents Nos. 114 and 123, of dates not far asunder, mention the ‘Loyall Fort.’ The first definitely refers to Kirk Andreas and adjacent to the Rectory there. The second (No. 123) must surely refer to Ramsey or its neighbourhood.

There are very many references to the ‘ Loyal Fort ‘ in Manx Soc. xxvi (Illiam Dhone and the Manx Rebellion, pp. 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 75. On p. 13

Dollin Clarke of jurby, Ewan Curghie, Ballakillingan, who went with them, and that hee and his Company appeared ye next day at ye Loyall ffourt where they were ordered to bee by ye direccons afforesaid to take ye ffourt, &c.

In an inventory taken about 1694 of the stores, etc., in the castles, etc., a full list is given of the guns and other weapons, stores, etc., belonging to the country in Ramsey, the ‘ New ffort, Port Leaugue, and at the Dane’s ffort ‘ in that town. The ‘Loyall Fort ‘ is not mentioned in the list.

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