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Clarke's of the Nappin, Jurby


This family 1 are supposed to have come to the Isle of Man from Ayrshire early in the 13th century. Shortly after this we find that they presented land to build Jurby church upon and also for a glebe, their properties of the East and West Nappin being close to the church. In 1570, Ellin Clarke, the heiress of the East Nappin, married John Cain and this property continued for several generations in the Cain family till the heiress married a Christian. She had two sisters, one of whom married Lace of Ballavoddan, an ancestor of Deemster Lace; the other, Mary, John Clarke 2 of the West Nappin, which property still belongs to the family. Their grandson, the Rev. J.T. Clarke is living (1888) at the age of 87. He is a Manx Scholar and wrote the English-Manx portion of Kelly's dictionary. He has issue the Rev. B.P.Clarke, Vicar of Marown, and the Rev. … …, a master at Repton School . . . and two daughters.

[This following was added afterwards in a later part of the manuscript]

According to the late Rev. J. T. Clarke, a Clarke was proprietor of both the West and East Nappin as far back as 1213, this date begin found cut on a stone in the foundations of the old church, at the time the new church was built in 1813, With a statement that this Clarke had given then land on which the church was erected. Tradition has it that the East Nappin was bestowed upon an only daughter, who married a Cain, and he knew that that name continued in the East Nappin till the 18th century, when the Cain family consisted of three daughters. The eldest married the Rev John Christian, Vicar of Jurby and their son William (16xx-1747), Summer General and Captain of the Parish, married Miss Christian, heiress of Ballamoar in the same parish. In this way, the two properties were united. They had an only daughter who married a Moore of Pulrose, and again there was an only daughter who married Robert Farrant High Bailiff of Peel, and had issue William (see Curghey's or Curphey's of Ballakillingan).

For second daughter, see below.

The third daughter married Lace of Ballavoddan and had issue the … Deemster Lace, and another son, who married the heiress of Sertfield. Their son was the 2nd Deemster Lace.

To return to the Clarke's: The Manorial Rolls give the following particulars about the way the farm of the West Nappin descended from father to son: the first recorded is Thomas, in 1515; Gibbin follows, in 1526; Patrick, in 1559; Patrick, 1583; William, 1616; William, 1640; Dollin 1645. This Dollin was Lieutenant of the Jurby Militia and an MHK from 1661-2 (see p 157). William (born 1641), 1670; Thomas (born 1646); William, 1679; Thomas, 1706. 3 He married Mary Cain of the East Nappin (see above) in 1716, and had issue William, born 1722 and daughters. William married Catherine Kermode of Middle (died 1776) and had issue William. The first William inherited the property in 1762,4 and the second in 1797. He was born in 1757, and in 1780, he married Mary Munn by whom he had 20 children. The eldest son Angus succeeded in 1838; his son James Henry followed in 1859, and the present proprietor, Daniel Radcliffe, in 1880.

Of the other children, we follow John Thomas (born 1798) and Archibald (born 1804) only. John Thomas, a clergy man (curate of St Marks) married Elizabeth, daughter of John Clucas of Mary Voar (see Clucas of Mary Voar) in 1822, and had (1) John Thomas (born 1823, died without progeny); (2) George Petman, 5 MA (born 1827, died 1902); Benjamin Philpot, (The Rev Cannon) born 1831, died 1903; Ann Jane, born 1834 [married … Ward] (born 1828, died 1841). John Thomas married (2) Kate Clucas of KionSlieau, Patrick, and had 4 sons and 1 daughter. George P took the name of Clucas. He is a clergyman and was master at Repton. He married (1) Maria Elizabeth Heaton, in 1859, (a son and daughter died young), and (2) Mary Jane Phillips in 1869 (died 1901) by whom he had issue: (1) George Frederick,6 born 1870, member of Manx bar. Mary Beatrice born 1871. Elizabeth Alice 1872. Archibald, born 1804, had issue Estelle Helen born 1827, William Stevenson born 1829 married Margaret Shortridge, Archibald who had issue with others, William Archibald (2) born 1833, died 1887, he married Elinor Elizabeth Kissack, daughter of …d Hendry K…4 and had issue Henry Shortridge, an advocate (born 1861). William (born 1832 married and had issue John H., a commission agent, and 2 daughters. Dollin (see above, p 153) married Catherine Garrett and had issue 4 sons besides William who died without progeny, and 2 daughters. On his death, his brother Thomas succeeded to the property. He married Elin Crowe, daughter of Sir W. Crowe, Vicar of Jurby, in 1690, and had issue Thomas & 3 sons and 2 daughters (see page 153). Dollin's brother 'Sir' John Cleark was Vicar of Jurby (1603 - 1645). He married Joan Cain of the East Nappin and had issue. (This branch died out.)


1 Name variously spelled Clerke, Clary, Chlery, Clark, and Clarke.

2 JMO: Mary Caine married Thomas Clarke (see also page 155); he made a deed of settlement with his son Patrick Clarke, recorded in Archdeacon Wills 1765 #29, Jurby, of Thomas Clark of West Nappin, Jurby

3 JMO: regarding Thomas’ birthday of 1706: Did Moor mean 1686 or there abouts, which makes more sense, based on his siblings birth dates and his own marriage date?

4 JMO: Jurby Parish Register: Thomas Clarke of ye Nappin buried 1 Dec 1764. Also, see Archdeacon Wills 1765 #29, Jurby, of Thomas Clark of West Nappin, Jurby

5 At present [in 1889] proprietor of Mary Voar and Ballaneggey

6 [FPC] George Frederick Clucas later married A.W.Moore's widow (apparently he was her sweetheat from her youth, she being younger than A.W.Moore), acquired Cronkbourne , the Speakership of the Keys and a knighthood, dying in 1937 (buried in Santon).


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