[From Manx Soc, vol. 26]

No. III.

DEPOSITIONS. Insul. Monae.

Att Castle Rushen the third of Octobr 1662.

Examinacons touchinge the insurrection in the yeare 1651, or before or after taken in pursuance of the Order given in that behalfe by the right honoe the Lord of the Island;

JOHN CESAR of ye pish of KK Malew & lieutenant of ye Company of the said pish in the abovesaid yeare 1651.

Sworne & examined deposeth and sayth yt shortly after ye depture of the right hono James Late Earle of Derby out of this Isle for England in the foresaid yeare 1651, be understood by a inurmeringe in the Island, that ye countrey I were about to rise in Armes, And afterwards meetinge or being in the Company of Mr Wm Xtian of Raynoldsway within the said Isle, the said Wm Xtian tooke this Examt sworne (but whether it was uppon a booke or by protestacion he this Examt cannott now pfectly remember) yt what he would declare or tell unto him, hee this Examt should not reveale the same, whereupon this examt havinge taken his Oath or protestacon the said Wm Xtian tould him that the Countrey were to rise, And this examt being asked what their risinge should bee for, hee answers, that as farr as hee remembers it was to make their condicons with ye Parliamt. And further declareth, that it was intended, that if the head Court day of Gaole delivery had been holden that winter 1651, the Castle of Rushen would have beene surprized by ye countrey, and that the said William Christian tould him this examt before of ye intention of surprizinge ye Castle. This examt further sayth that ye chiefe psons that appeared in the risinge at Raynoldsway the night before ye head Court day afforesaid at night and that came there in their owne psons and wth their Companyes were John Moore of Glentriagh then lieutenant of K Santon, James Banckes of ye How then lieutenant of K Conchan Phill Moore & Hugh Moore of Douglas, Henry Moore then Capt. of K Marrowne Wm Gawne then Capt. of KK Christ Rushen, & M’ William Qualtrough of Kentraugh in yt pish, & that likewise 5r Robt Norres now of Douglas was there alsoe and administred an Oath to all the Company there assembled w were at least eight hundred Psons as hee this examt conjectureth, And sayh that ye said Wm Xtian was lookt uppon & taken to bee or held as their head and Chiefe Comander. This Examt further sayth that ye said s’ Robt. Norris tooke him this examt sworne shortly after that hee had soc protested to ye said W Xtian for to conceale what he ye d r Robt Norris should tell him and havinge taken his Oath upon a small booke hee tooke out of his i pockett, ye said r Robt tould him, yt it was yt ye countrey were to rise, This examt further sayth that after ye condicons made betwixt ye Countesse Doweger of Derby, & the said William Christian with others, by certayne Comissioners, that is to say Sr Phill Musgrave the Governor of the Isle,’ Archdeacon Rutter, & W Stevenson ye now deputy on her Lapp’s behalfe, And ye said Wm Xtian then Receiver, Ewan Curghey of Ballakillingan & this Deponent himself~ on the pte of ye contrey, and artickles of aggreemt concluded upon, that uppon ye appearance of certayne shipps passinge by ye Island, all the Company marched wth Sr Phill Musgrave towards Ramsey, and yt when ye said Shippinge went by Douglas roade, there was a boate went out unto them, wherein Hugh Morre afforesaid then was, and as it seems gave intelligence of ye condition of ye countrey at that prsent, And soc this examt cominge to Ramsey with divers others when the Shippinge had ankored,~M’ John Xtian Deemster M’~ Ewan Curghie afforesaid, Wm Standish with this examt & others as hee understood were chosen to goe, then a shipboard, Colonell Duckenfield asked the said psons what condisons was that they demanded, & yt ye sd Deenister & some of the rest answered, that they might enjoy their lawes & liberties as formerly they had, & that it was demanded, whether they asked any more, but nothing els was demanded, that this examt heard of.


JOHN KNEALE of Ballasalla runner of pish of Malew in the foresaid yeare 1651 sworrie & examined touching ye sendinge forth of the Crosses for to raise the said pish, sayth that hee cannot certaynly declare ye same, for yt hee was taken a prissoner to Raynoldsway where ye Countrey had mett, and yt in his absence the said Crosses (which then remayned in his hands) were sent abroad, & yt as hee under stood ye directions for it came from Raynoldsway.

Jo. KNEALE, his mrk X.


WM GAWNE Capt. of K Christ Rushen in ye year 1651, sworn & examined deposed & sayth that pceyvinge murmeringe amongst his Company for a risinge, hee consented with them, And yt it was Mr Wm Qualtrough of Kentraugh that was ye chiefest actor, & yt hee had gott y said company together at ye hill of Kentraugh before hee this examt came from Castletowne on ye head court day, & this examt soe findinge them marched wth them along tc Raynoldsway, where the said Wm Qualtrough advised hin to bringe them, & sayth yt Comptroller Sharples was privy to ye said risinge, & a great incendiary therein, And yt hee this examt never tooke an Oath about ye said risinge either at Raynoldsway or els where, nor did not see any of the company there assembled take any Oath, And further sayth yt hee heard yt said Wm Qualtrough speake two years before ye said risinge, that it would doe noe good to withstand ye three nations, And yt about six weekes before ye risinge Deemster Qualtrough was speakinge in like maner, And acknowledged that hee this examt gave his concent to ye said Wm Qualtrough to raise his pish as afforesaid.



JOHN MORRE of Glantraugh lieutenant of K Santon in ye yeare 1651, sworn & examined sayth That hee was at Raynoldsway when ye countrey were there in Armes, & yt hee heard say amongst ye company, that the meetinge was to bee against the Lady viz. ye Countesse dowager Derby & yt hee stayed there amongst them whilst they so continued.

JOHN MORRE, his marke, X.


1 Was sworn Governor the day Governor Greenhaigh was interred at Malew, Sept. 19th, 1651.

This family is now represented by Capt. Joseph Bacon of Seafield.


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