Eight Views of the New Churches and Chapels in the Isle of Man, 1841

Eight Views of the New Churches and Chapels in the Isle of Man, on Zinc, by Edward De la Motte, from Sketches by Captain Wallace. Douglas : published by W. Dillon; sold also by Pitt and Bogue, 86 Fleet Street, London. Price Seven Shillings. India Proofs, Ten Shillings. Oblong Folio.

" Published at the Request of the Bishop of Lichfield, lately of Sodor and Man, as a Memorial of the great exertions of the late Bishop Ward, his predecessor in the latter See."

Edward DelaMotte was art master at King William's College from c.1836 until c.1848 - later Professor of Landscape Drawing Royal Military College Sandhust - they bear the imprint of Day & Haghe Lithographers.

The contents page is:

1 Kirk Lonnon Church with the tomb of the Revd Hugh Stowell who preached the delapidated state
of the Manx Churches through England, & collected £4000 there, towards the building of the New Churches

2 Baldwin Chapel which during the week serves, by means of screens, as separate School House
for boys and girls

3 Kirk Onchan Church

4 Dawby Chapel, also used as School House

5 Ballaugh Church

6 Sulby Chapel, also used as School House

7 Lezayre Church

8 Kirk Michael Church with the tomb of the celebrated Bishop Wilson

The lithographs are untitled and are printed on thin paper which is glued within a border on the pages of the album (and possibly sold loose leaf ?) - the title and imprint is on the album page - all lithographs are 180mm x 350mm

It would appear that copies were made of the pages of the album and sold as souvenirs at Bishopscourt until the 1970's - these copies are generally missing the right hand 20mm of the image (the full imprint should be Day & Haghe lithographers to the Queen)

Kirk Lonan
Lonnon Church

Kirk Lonan

New Kirk Lonan - designed by John Taggart

Baldwin Chapel
Baldwin Chapel

St Luke's Baldwin

St Luke's built on an old Keeil site - apparently the favourite of Bishop Ward

Kirk Onchan
Kirk Onchan Church

Kirk Onchan


Dalby Chapel
Dawby Chapel

Dalby Chapel

Dalby Chapel was a combined school and chapel-of-ease designed by John Welch for Bishop Ward.

New Ballaugh
Ballaugh Church

New St Mary's Ballaugh


Sulby Chapel
Sulby Chapel

St Stephen's Sulby

The chapel shown here serves as a hall, at right angles, to a new church that replaced the pinnacled chancel.


Lezayre New Church


The New Church designed by John Welch

Kirk Michael
Kirk Michael

Kirk Michael

Kirk Michael - another Ward church designed by John Welch.

The flat railed tomb with the distinctive plaque is presumably that of Bishop Wilson

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