[pages 172-202 Manx Soc vol XXIV]


Charge delivered to the Convocation, held at Bishop’s Court, on Thursday, June 4th, 1846. By Thomas Vowler Short, Bishop of Sodor and Man. London : printed by J. Davy and Sons, 137 Long Acre. 1846. Octavo. Pp. 28.


Family Prayer : being an Address to the Inhabitants of the Isle of Man. By Thomas V. Short, Bishop of Sodor and Man. 1846. Small Octavo. Pp. 11. Dated " Bishop’s Court, Dec. 31st, 1845." Printed in London.

THOMAS WILSON (Bishop).—1846.

Padjeryn Lught-thie liorish Aspick Wilson. A Form of Family Prayer, from the Works of Thomas Wilson, D.D., late Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man. London : printed for the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. Sold at the Depository, Great Queen Street, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, No. 4 Royal Exchange ; and by all Booksellers. 1846. Small octavo. Pp. 17.

In Manx and English.

REV. J. L. PETIT.—1846.

The Archaeological Journal Published under the direction of the Central Committee of the Archaeological Institute Of Great Britain and Ireland, for the Encouragement and Prosecution of Researches into the Arts and Monuments of the Early and Middle Ages. London : Longman, etc. etc. 1846. Octatvo. Vol. iii., pp. 49 to 58.

" Ecclesiastical Antiquities of the Isle of Man." By J. L. Petit. Contains three etchings of Peel Castle and St. German’s Cathedral, with fifteen wood engravings of the same.

An excellent account of the Cathedral of St. German’s in Peel Castle.


Manx Press. Printed thrice a month at Ramsey. Price 1d. Printed for the proprietor, R. Busteed, at his Office in Dale Street, Ramsey. Small folio. No. 16, Dec. 10th.

REV. J. G. CUMMING, M.A., 1846.

Account of the Geology of the Isle of Man. By the Rev. J. G. Cumming, M.A., F.G.S. Published in the Proceedings of the Geological Society of London. August 1846.


Lioar dy Hymnyn as arraneyn spyrrydoil chyndait gys Gailck veih lioaryn Wesley, Watts, as Scriudeyryn Elley, son Ymmyd Creesteenyn. Doolish : printit liorish M. A. Quiggin. 1846. Small octavo, pp. 191.

Translated by Messrs. Killey, Cretney, and others. Mr. George Killey was the Parish Clerk of Kirk Onchan.

Various editions of Wesley’s Hymns in Manx have been published ; one, translated by Daniel Cowley of Kirk Michael, about 1778, and one printed by J. Whitham, Douglas, 1799.

[FPC: my copy is inscribed by J. Quiggin (jnr) to Rev J T Clarke for his help in correcting the text]


Monasticon Anglicanum ; a History of the Abbeys and other Monasteries, Hospitals, Friaries, Cathedral and Collegiate Churches in England and Wales ; also of all such Scotch, Irish, and French Monasteries as were, in any manner, connected with Religious Houses in England, together with a particular account of their possessions as well Temporal as Spiritual, originally published in Latin. A new Edition, enriched with a large accession of materials, now first printed from Leiger-Books, Chartularies, Rolls, and other documents preserved in the National Archives, Public Libraries, and other Repositories ; the History of each Religious Foundation, in English, being prefixed to its series of Latin Charters, by John Cayley, Esq., F.S.A., etc., Sir Henry Ellis, F.S.A., etc., and by the Rev. Dr. Bandinel. London. 8 vols. folio. 1846. With numerous plates.

The former edition, 1817-30, was published in 50 parts, at £2:12 :6 each.

Vol v., pp. 252 to 257. Notices of Russin Abbey.
Num. I., Historical Notices ; Synodal Statutes and Constitutions of the Diocese of Sodor, made by Simon, Bishop of Sodor in A.D. 1229.
Num. II., Limits of the Land of Russin.
Num. III., Transcript of Roll 33 Hen. VIII., 1541-2, Augmentation Office.
Num. IV., Transcript from Ministers’ Accts. 33 Hen. VIII., 1541-2, Augmentation Office. As to the Demesne Lands.

The Statutes of Bishop Simon, with a translation, are printed in " Oliver’s Monumenta," vol. iii., pp. 176-182, Manx Society, vol ix., 1862. A reprint of the Isle of Man portion is in the Manx Society’s series, vol xviii., 1871, " Old Historians," pp. 46-77.


A Sermon preached at Kirk Braddan Church, on Sunday, December 13, 1846, on occasion of the Death of the Reverend Robert Brown, Vicar of Braddan, by the Reverend Thomas Howard, Rector of Ballaugh. Douglas : printed and published by Robert H. Johnson, 2 Great Nelson Street. 1847. Post octavo. Pp. 22.

Published by request. The profits (if any) will be given for the benefit of the poor.


A Statistical View of the State of Education in the Isle of Man, furnished by the Teachers to the Committee of the Isle of Man Educational Library. 1847. P. Curphey, Printer, Manx Sun Office, 6 North Quay, Douglas. A Broadside.


An Act to render more effectual the Registering and Recording of all Deeds, Conveyances, Wills, and Instruments, which shall be made of any Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, within the Isle of Man. Douglas : printed by P. Curphey, Manx Sun Office, North Quay. 1847. Royal octavo. Pp. 30.


Letters from the Isle of Man in 1846.

" Recollecting the difficulty I had to procure any previous intelligence relative to the Isle of Man, and that the little I did obtain was, in a great measure, erroneous, it occurred to me to arrange such information as by my personal observation I had obtained. It is not my intention to attempt the character of an historian. "—Jeffrey’s Isle of Man.

" Mona—-long hid from those who roam the main." Collins.

"Tis Mona, the lone ! where the silver mist gathers,
Pale shroud whence our wizard Chief watches unseen
O’er the breezy, the bright, the loved home of my fathers,
Oh, Mannin, my graih my Cree ! Mannin veg veen."

Island Minstrelsy.

London : Saunders and Otley, Conduit Street. 1847. 12mo. Pp. 147.

Contains Ten Letters, with Manx Ballads, Legends, etc., and Appendix.

REV. H. MOSELEY, F.R.S.—1847.

Report of the Parochial Schools of the Isle of Man. By the Rev. H. Moseley, F.R.S., one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Schools. 1847. Addressed to the Committee of Council on Education. Douglas : Robert H. Johnson, Printer and Stationer, 2 Great Nelson Street. 1847. Octavo. Pp. 22.

Dated Privy Council Office, Whitehall, 31st Oct. 1847. With a Letter from the Lord Bishop, dated Bishop’s Court, Nov. 30, 1847.

REV. J. G. CUMMING.—1847.

Geology of the Calf of Man. A Memoir published in the Quarterly Journal of the Proceedings of the Geological Society of London, in. May 1847, p. 184. By the Rev. J. G Cumming, Vice-Principal of King William’s College, Castletown.


The Effects of the Manx Fiscal Act of 1844. Douglas : R. Fargher, Printer, Herald Office. 1847. 12mo. Pp. 12.

J. C. BLUETT.—1847.

The Advocates’ Note Book, being Notes and Minutes of Cases heard and determined before the Judicial Tribunals of the Isle of Mann. By J. C. Bluett, Esq., of Gray’s Inn, Barrister-at-Law and Advocate at the Manx Bar. Douglas : printed and published by Robert Heywood Johnson, 2 Great Nelson Street. 1847. Octavo. Intro-duction, etc., pp. xv. Note Book, pp. 564.

Dedicated to the Hon. Charles Hope, Lieutenant-Governor and Chancellor of the Isle of Mann. The Introduction contains a brief sketch of the state of the Common and Statute Law of the Country.


Travellers’ Guide to the Isle of Man. Douglas : James O’Brien, Printer, 40 Duke Street, 1847. 12mo. Pp. 32.


Quiggin’s Illustrated Guide and Visitor’s Companion through the Isle of Man. Third Edition. Douglas : M. A. Quiggin, 52 North Quay. Liverpool : G. Philip. 1847. Small octavo. Pp. 149. 30 woodcut illustrations.

J. B. LAUGHTON, B.A.—1847.

Johnson’s Historical, Topographical, and Parochial Illustrated Guide and Visitors’ Companion through the Isle of Man. By James Brotherston Laughton, BA. Douglas : printed and published by Samuel Johnson, Duke Street. 1847. Small octavo. Pp. 200. Map and plates. Red border round the letterpress.


The Queen’s Visit to Mona ; or, The Little Orator : a Rhyme. Containing several allusions to the defection of certain Functionaries on the above occasion. Douglas : printed by G. J. Cudd, 8 Thomas Street. 1847. Dated Douglas, Oct. 1847.12mo. Pp. 12.


The Isle of Man : Its History, Physical, Ecclesiastical, Civil, and Legendary. By the Rev. Joseph George Cumming, M.A., F.G.S., Vice-Principal of King William’s College, Castletown. London : John Van Voorst, Paternoster Row.

MDCCCXLVIII. Post octavo. Dedication (to Dr. Short),

Preface, etc., pp. xxxvi. History, pp. 376. Numerous Views, Geological Maps and Sections.

This Work is principally devoted to the Geological History of the Island.


Appeal to the House of Lords between Sir John B. Piers and Dame Eliza, his Wife, and Sir Hen. Saml. Piers, who wished to Claim the property of the former, and prove the illegitimacy of his children. Privately printed. Folio. Pp. 30.

Sir John Piers resided at Leece Lodge, Isle of Man, where he alleges he was married to Dame Eliza, by Orpen Stewart, a Priest in Holy Orders, 1815. The case turns on Marriage Customs of the Isle of Man, and much curious matter is given.


Statute Laws of the Isle of Man, promulgated since the Year 1836 : With an Appendix, containing the By-Laws for the Regulation and Government of Towns ; and the Rules of the Court of Chancery, etc. etc. Published under the Patronage of His Excellency the Honourable Charles Hope, Lieutenant-Governor, the Council, Deemsters, and Keys of the Isle of Man. By James Gell, Esq., Advocate. Douglas : printed and published by Peter Curphey, Sun Office, North Quay. Also published by John Mylrea, Duke Street. London : Steven and Norton, Law Book-sellers, Bell Yard, Lincoln’s Inns, and 194 Fleet Street. 1848. Royal octavo. Pp. 230.


A Collection of Letters addressed by Prelates and Individuals of High Rank in Scotland, and by two Bishops of Sodor and Man, to Sancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury, in the Reigns of King Charles II. and James VII. Edited from Originals in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. With Explanatory and Biographical Notices. By Wm. Nelson Clarke, D.C.L., of Christ Church, Oxford. Edinburgh : R. Lendrum and Co., etc. 1848. Octavo. Pp. 184. Mankish Letters to Archbishop Sancroft, pp. 121-170.

REV. J. M. NEALE.—1848.

Ecclesiological Notes on the Isle of Man, Ross, Sutherland, and the Orkneys : or, a Summer Pilgrimage to S. Maughold and S. Magnus. London : Joseph Masters, Aldersgate Street, and 78 New Bond Street. MDCCCXLVIII. Small octavo. Pp. 118.

Preface signed " J. M. N., Sackville College, Aug. 16, 1848." " Isle of Man," pp. 1 to 50. The Author appears to have made a hasty visit to the Island, and his remarks, as might be expected, are made without much consideration. It has most gross and glaring faults.


Manx Jurisprudence, and " Its blessed privileges." The Deed with the altered Date. John Doe and Richard Roe. To which is added, the Affidavit of Adolphus M’William, Esq., and a letter from John Crawford, Esq., to the Editor of the Manx Sun. (A Quotation from the London Times.) Douglas, Isle of Man : printed and published by Carre Cook Tupper, 13 South Quay, and sold by all Book-sellers. MDCCCXLVIII. Royal octavo. Pp. 8.


Deed with the altered Date. The Queen against Dumbell. Observations on the Proceedings in this Case, at the Court of Enquiry, held at Castletown, Isle of Man, on the 23d and 24th of August 1848. By John Crawford. 1848. (A Quotation from the Times.) Printed for and published by C. C. Tupper, and sold by the Booksellers in London, Liverpool, and the Isle of Man. (Price Twopence.) Octavo. Pp. 8.

ALFRED ORMONDE.—No date. [1848.]

The Clown. Douglas, Isle of Man : printed and published for the Proprietor, Mr. Alfred Ormonde, Minerva Cottage, Prospect Hill, by George John Cudd, No. 8 Thomas Street. Price One Penny. Folio. Pp. 4. At the head is a Wood-cut of a Clown cutting open a Pie, out of which comes a Young Clown. There are also Woodcuts of the Arms of Man, Douglas Pier Lighthouse, Glen Maye, and Fossil Elk.


Report of a Committee of the Tynwald Court, appointed to inquire into a Bill for the Preservation of Spawn and Fry of Fish, April 10, 1847. Printed by order of the Lieutenant-Governor for the use of the Members of the Tynwald Court. Douglas : Peter Curphey, Manx Sun Office, North Quay, 1849. Octavo. Pp. 12. The Report signed by John Moore, John Kelly, R. Harrison. With Minutes of Evidence.


Report of a Committee of the Tynwald Court, appointed the 5th July 1849 ; with further Evidence touching the Fisheries, November 1st, 1849. Printed by order of the Lieutenant-Governor for the use of the Members of the Tynwald Court. Douglas : Peter Curphey, Printer, Manx Sun Office, North Quay. 1849. Octavo, pp. 30. The Report, signed by J. J. Heywood, T. A. Corlett, R. Harrison, Wm. Callister. With the Minutes of Evidence.


The History of Wesleyan Methodism in the Isle of Man ; with some Account of the Island, and of the Life and Labours of Bishop Wilson ; in a series of Letters addressed to the Rev. George Marsden. By James Rosser.

" It is the work of God."

Page 198.

"Who the victory gave,
The praise let him have,
For the work he hath done,
All honour and glory to Jesus alone."


Douglas, Isle of Man : printed for the Author by Mary A. Quiggin, North Quay. London : sold by J. Moxon, 66 Paternoster Row. MDCCCXLIX. Small octavo. Plates and Map. Pp. 207.


Plan of the Town and Neighbourhood of Douglas, Isle of Man. Drawn by Richard Sherwood jun., from the Plan lately forwarded to Sir George Grey. Published by R. H. Johnson, Great Nelson Street, Douglas. G. Philip and Son, Lithographers, 51 South Castle Street, LiverpooL August 1849. A large Sheet. Surveyed by J. Paris.


Letters and Memoir of the late Walter Augustus Shirley, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man. Edited by Thomas Hill, B.D., Archdeacon of Derby. London: J. Hatchard and Son, 187 Piccadilly. 1849. Octavo. Pp. 505. Portrait.

A Second Edition was published in 1850, in which some very injudicious reflections (printed in the first edition) on the Manx Clergy were suppressed.


The Isle of Man Poetically Illustrated. Douglas : printed by Thomas Henry, rear of 7 Athol Terrace. 1849. 12mo. Pp. 16.

Dedicated to the Hon. Charles Hope, Lieut.-Governor. It was intended to extend this to eight parts. I have only met with the present one—Part I.


Statute Laws of the Isle of Man, promulgated on the 8th of March 1849. Douglas : printed (by authority) by P. Curphey, Manx Sun Office, North Quay. 1849. Royal octavo. Pp. 70. Contains five Acts.


The Antiquities of the Isle of Man. By Francis Grose, Esq., F.S.A. Extracted from his general Works on the Antiquities of England and Wales. MDCCXCVII. London: John GrayBell, Bedford Street, Covent Garden. MDCCCXLIX.

Quarto. Pp. 197 to 214 of vol. vi. ; pp. 161-162 of vol. viii.

Description of the Island, 2 pp. Map of the Island and Eleven Plates. This is made up of the edition of 1797, with the title added.

Reprinted in the Manx Society’s series, vol. xviii. 1871. "Old Historians," pp. 153-170.

REV. J. G CUMMING.—1850.

Great Industrial Exhibition of 1851. Two Letters, showing some of the Productions of the Isle of Man in connection with the Exhibition. By the Rev. J. G. Cumming, M.A., F.G.S., Vice-Principal of King William’s College. Douglas: printed for the Local Committee, by P. Curphey, Sun Office, North Quay. 1850. Small octavo. Pp. 8.

These Letters enumerate the natural and industrial pro-ducts of the Island, and strongly urge upon the notice of the inhabitants the necessity of sending specimens of the same to the Great Exhibition, for which purpose a local Committee was formed.


Eye-Salve for the Wesleyans of Mona : containing the facts connected with recent expulsions, and strictures thereon, etc. Carefully compiled and arranged by an Old Wesleyan. Douglas : printed and published by Robert Fargher, etc. 1850. Large octavo. Pp. 14.


Plain and Practical Sermons. By the Rev. Thomas Howard, Rector of Ballaugh, Isle of Man. London : James Nisbet and Co., Berners Street. 1850.

Dedicated to the Rev. Hugh Stowell, AM., Honorary Canon of Chester, and Incumbent of Christ Church, Manchester. Sermon XXI.— Preached at Ballaugh Church on Sunday, Oct. 25, 1835, on the Death of the Rev. Hugh Stowell, Rector of Ballaugh, Isle of Man.

" Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his."— Numbers xxiii.

M. A. DENHAM.—1850.

Popular Rhymes, Proverbs, Sayings, Prophecies, etc. etc., peculiar to the Isle of Man and the Manks people. Fools-cap octavo. Pp. 17.

The work is inscribed " To Oberon and Titania, King and Queen of Fairies, and the whole Fairy Court, dwelling in the Greater Mona, I dedicate this little Tract on the Popular Rhymes, Proverbs, Sayings, etc. etc. etc., of their native Ysle."

Dated at the end " P.B. n’r. D. in com. Dunelm. Oct. MDCCCL. M.A.D."

This brochure was edited by Mr. M. Aislabie Denham, of Piercebridge, near Darlington, and 50 copies only struck off for private distribution. The matter was chiefly supplied him by the author, with other remarks on the Popular Rhymes and Customs of the Isle of Man, at the time Mr. Denham was printing similar tracts connected with the northern counties of England. These are all now, from the few copies printed, become very scarce. Mr. Denham died on the 10th September 1859.

These Proverbs, etc., are printed in the Manx Society’s series, vol xvi., " Mona Miscellany," 1869.


A Manks Historical and Geographical Dictionary of the places mentioned in the Bible. Douglas : printed and published for the author by James Brown, King Street. N. D. 12mo. No. 1, published Sept. 1850, price 6d. ABA to BAA.

This is all that was published.


The Lives of James Usher, D.D., Archbishop of Armagh; Henry Hammond, D.D., Rector of Penshurst, Kent ; John Evelyn, Esq., author of " Sylvia," etc. ; and Thomas Wilson, D.D., Bishop of Sodor and Man. By Richard B. Hone, M.A., Archdeacon of Worcester and Vicar of Hales-owen. Seventh Edition, revised. London : John W. Parker, West Strand. 1851. Small octavo.

Life of Bishop Wilson, pp. 249 to 335. With a portrait. The first edition in 1833.


Harbours—Isle of Man. Copies of Memorial of Inhabitants of Castletown to the Lords of the Treasury, Report of Admiralty, and Correspondence of the Authorities of the Isle of Man with Treasury and Admiralty, etc. Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 5th August 1851. Folio. Pp. 36.

Nine plans. Contains correspondence on this subject from the 1st January 1846 to the present date.


Peel Schools, Isle of Man. To the Trustees of " Christian’s Endowed National School," the Trustees of Bishop Wilson’s School, and the Promoters of the proposed Infant School, in aid of which the Ladies’ Bazaar was held in Peel Castle in August 1848 ; Proposed Terms of Amalgamation of " Christian’s Endowed National School," Peel, and Infant School on Bishop Wilson’s Foundation, and Clauses of Management to be inserted in Trust-Deed. Printed by P. Curphey, Manx Sun Office, Quay, Douglas. Folio. Pp. 6.

Dated " Peel, 11th Jany. 1851," and signed " Robert J. Moore."


Isle of Man. Surveyed by Commander George Williams, RN. 1847. The Soundings between Maughold Head and Ayre Point, with the Bahama and King William’s Banks, are from the Surveys of Capt. F. W. Beechey, R.N., F.R.S. 1843. London : published according to Act of Parliament at the Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty. Nov. 1st, 1851. Large Sheet, 25 in. by 37 in.

The only correct outline map of the Island. The drawings of the different ports, bays, and headlands were most beautifully executed, and are deposited with the Board of Admiralty.


The Twelfth Annual Report of the Isle of Mann Diocesan Association. August 1851. Douglas : R. H. Johnson, Printer and Stationer, 2 Great Nelson Street. 1851. 12mo. Pp. 8.

Total amount of subscriptions, etc., £286 : 15 : 5.

COL. JOHNSON. No date. [1851.]

.A Brief Sketch of the Isle of Man ; showing its advantages as a retreat to Visitors and a place of residence to Strangers. By Col Johnson. Douglas : printed by P. Curphey, Manx Sun Office, and by R. Fargher, Mona’s Herald Office. 32rno. Pp. 31.

Some copies have " A Sketch of" etc.

The second edition appeared in the same year. Small Octavo. Pp. 16. To which is appended, " Popular Customs and Superstitions of the Isle of Man." With Woodcuts. Printed by R. Fargher. Douglas.

T. R. H. THOMSON.—1851.

Plain Directions what to do in Cases of Accident or Medical Emergency, intended for the use of the Country Population of the Isle of Man. By T. R. H. Thomson, M.D., Surgeon, R.N. Douglas : printed by P. Curphey, Manx Sun Office. Octavo. Pp. 58.


The Thirteenth Annual Report of the Isle of Mann Diocesan Association. August 1852. Douglas : R. H. Johnson, Printer and Stationer, 2 Great Nelson Street. 1852. Octavo, Pp. 8.

Amount of subscriptions, £263 : 16 : 7.

J. J. A. WORSAAE.—1852.

An Account of the Danes and Norwegians in England, Scotland, and Ireland. By J. J. A. Worsaae, For. F.S.A. London ; a Royal Commissioner for the Preservation of the National Monuments of Denmark ; author of " Primaeval Antiquities of Denmark," etc. etc. With numerous Woodcuts. London : John Murray, Albemarle Street. 1852. 12mo. Pp. 359.

Section X.—The Sudreyjar, or Southern Isles.—Isle of Man, etc., pp. 276-296. With Woodcuts of the Runic Stones at Braddan and Michael. A very interesting account of the Northmen in the Isle of Man, etc.

REV. G. A. PAGE.—1852.

An Appeal to British Christians against the Drinking System of Great Britain. By Gregory Alexander Page, Wesleyan Minister. Douglas. 1852

REV. G. A. PAGE.—1853.

A Memorial of the Kitterland Disaster, containing a full and circumstantial Account of the Wreck and Explosion of the Brig " Lilly," with several interesting particulars not previously published : to which is added a short Poem on the subject. By the Rev. Gregory A. Page, Castletown. Price Threepence. Douglas. 1853. M. A. Quiggin, 52 North Quay ; J. Mylrea, Duke Street ; M. P. Backwell, Strand Street. Castletown : M. J. Backwell. Ramsey; F. Leech. Peel : N. Pickles. Small octavo. Pp. 36.

Mr. Page was the Wesleyan Minister at Castletown. The gunpowder on board the " Lilly " by some means got ignited, and launched into eternity twenty-nine persons who were assisting to save the cargo.

T. J. OUSELEY.—1853.

Mona’s Isle, and other Poems. By T. J. Ouseley

" I see the Deep’s untrampled floor,
With green and purple sea weeds strown;
I see the waves upon the shore,
Like light dissolved in star showers, thrown:
I sit upon the sands alone,
The lightning of the noon-tide ocean
Is flashing round me, and a tone
Arises from its measured motion,
How sweet I did any heart now share in my emotion."


London : Woodfall and Kinder, Angel Court, Skinner Street. Shrewsbury : John Davies, High Street. 1853. Post octavo. Pp. 230. Preface, etc., pp. viii. " Mona’s Isle," pp. 1 to 90.


Statute Laws of the Isle of Man, promulgated since the year 1848. With an Appendix, containing the additional Bye-Laws for the Regulation and Government of the Towns; Rules of the Court of Chancery respecting Insolvent Debtors, etc. By James Burman, Esq., Advocate, Secretary to His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor, Clerk of the Council, etc. Douglas : printed and published by Peter Curphey, Sun Office, North Quay ; London : Stevens and Norton, Law Booksellers, Bell Yard, Lincoln’s Inn. 1853. Royal octavo. Contents, etc, pp. vi. ; Statute Laws, pp. 278.

The Advertisement states this completes the Published Statute Book of the Isle of Man, contained in the series of volumes published respectively by Messrs. Mills, Geneste, Jeffcott, and Gell.


Customs Reform, Isle of Man. Copies of Treasury Minutes, and of correspondence between the Treasury and the Authorities or other Public Bodies of the Isle of Man, in relation to the recent Customs Reform in that Island. Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 19th August 1853. Folio.

List of Papers, pp. ii. to iv. Forty-seven Papers. Correspondence, etc., pp. 65.


Report by the Commissioners for the British Fisheries of their proceedings in the year ended 31st December 1852. Being Fishing 1852. Folio. Pp. 33.

Dated Board of Fisheries, Edinburgh, 1st June 1853. In the Appendix will be found many Statistics relative to the Isle of Man Fisheries.

G. H. WOOD.—1853.

Poems. To which are added Critiques on Metaphysical Subjects. By G. H. Wood.

"But is amusement all ? Studious of song,
And yet ambitious not to sing in vain,
I would not trifle merely, though the world
Were loudest in their praise, who do no more." Cowper’s Task, book ii.

Douglas : printed by M. A. Quiggin, 52 North Quay; published by J. Mylrea, Duke Street. London : Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. Liverpool: G. Philip and Son., MDCCCLIII.

Fcap. octavo. Introduction, etc., pp. xii. Poems, etc., pp. 263. A long list of Subscribers, pp. 267-277.

Stanzas on Peel Castle, with several others relating to the island and friends.

Mr. Wood was a native of the Isle of Man ; was stationed with his regiment, H.M. 20th Foot, at St. Helena, during the latter years of the captivity of Napoleon, and was present at his burial in 1821.


A Brief Statement of the Charities of St. Matthew’s Chapel, Douglas, Isle of Man. By John Cubbon, one of the Wardens. Easter, 1853. R. Fargher, Printer, Wellington Buildings, Duke Street, Douglas. Folio. Pp. 3.


The Fourteenth Annual Report of the Isle of Mann Diocesan Association. August 1853. Douglas : Robert H. Johnson, Printer, etc., 2 Great Nelson Street. 1853. 12mo. Pp. 8.

Total amount of subscriptions, etc., £256 : 4 : 6½. Fifteenth Report in 1854, subscriptions, £368 : 6 : 1.

BISHOP WILSON.—No date. [1855.]

A Form of Prayer to be used at such times as the Fishermen in the Diocese of Mann can be gathered together for Divine Service during the Herring Fishing. Compiled by Bishop Wilson. Douglas : M. P. Backwell, Atholl Street, Small quarto. Pp. 16.

The present Bishop Powys caused this Form to be reprinted, and attempted to revive these gatherings, but met with little success.


Greenhaigh or Greenhugh of Brandlesorne, in the County of Lancaster. 1805. Printed for Thomas Garrett junior, by H. Fargher, Mona’s Herald Office, Douglas. A Broadside, with border round, and facsimile of John Greenhalgh’s Signature. A Pedigree.


The Seventeenth Annual Report of the Isle of Mann Diocesan Association. 1856. Douglas : Robert H. Johnson, Printer, 2 Great Nelson Street. 1856. 12mo. Pp. 8.

Total amount of subscriptions, £321 : 16s.


Isle of Man Harbours. Report of James Walker, LL.D., F.R.S.L. and E., Civil Engineer, London. Dated 26th Jan. 1856. Westminster : Vacher and Sons, 29 Parliament Street. 1856. Octavo. Pp. 42. Map and 7 Plans.

Report addressed to Richard Quirk, Esq., Receiver-General of the Isle of Man.


Abstract of the existing Bye-Laws for the Regulation and Government of the several Towns in the Isle of Man. 1856. Printed by P. Curphey, Sun Office, King Street, Douglas. Octavo. Pp. 4. Dated " Peel, 16th June 1856. Robt. J. Moore, H.B."

This Abstract was prepared by Mr. Moore for distribution in the Town of Peel.


Experimental and Practical Christianity exemplified ; or, A Brief Memoir of Thomas Crennell of Ramsey, Isle of Man.

" Whose faith follow." St. Paul.

By M. Summers. 1857. Douglas : printed by R. Fargher, 9 Mona Terrace. 12mo. Pp. 35.

REV. W. J. KENNEDY, M.A.—1857.

Tabulated Reports on Schools Inspected in Lancashire by the Rev. W. J. Kennedy, M.A., Inspector, and the Rev. W. Birley, M.A., Assistant-Inspector. 1855-6. London Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1857. Octavo. Pp. 76.

At pp. 41 to 45 are the Isle of Man Schools, inspected by the Rev. Mr. Kennedy, Her Majesty’s Inspector of Schools. These Reports are annually made and published.


Charge delivered to the Convocation held at Bishop’s Court, Thursday, June 4th, 1857, by the Bishop of Sodor and Mann. Douglas : M. P. Backwell, Printer, Atholl Street. Octavo. Pp. 31.


Ellan Vannin : A Journal of a Tour in the Isle of Mann in the Olden Time. By a School Boy.

" Buy it. That doth commend a booke, the Stationer saies. Judge your six.penorth, your shilling’s worth, or higher, and welcome. But, whatever you do, Buy. "—Shakspeare, Fol. Ed.

Liverpool : printed for the Douglas Bazaar, by Egerton Smith and Co. 1857. Small octavo. Pp. 12.

This Journal commences Oct. 6, 1805, and ends 28th October. Dated from "Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool, 29th Oct. 1805,"

REV. J. G. CUMMING, M.A.—1857.

The Story of Rushen Castle and Rushen Abbey, in the Isle of Man. By the Rev. J. G. Cumming, MA., F.G.S., Head Master of the Grammar School of King Edward VI., Lich field. London : Bell and Daldy, Fleet Street. 1857. Octavo. Dedication and Introductory Notice, pp. viii. Work, pp. 64 ; Appendix, pp. 24 ; 8 Plates.

REV. J. G. CUMMING, M.A.—1857.

The Runic and other Monumental Remains of the Isle of Man. By the Rev. J. G. Cumming, MA., F.G.S., Head Master of the Grammar School, Lichfield. London : Bell and Daldy, Fleet Street ; Lomax, Lichfield ; Kerruish and Kneale, Douglas. Quarto.

Dedication to Horace Powys, D.D., Bishop of Sodor and Man. Dated " 1st June, 1857." Prefatory Note, pp. v. to viii. Runic Remains, 44 pp. List of Subscribers, 4 pp. Plates 15.

Mr. Daniel Wilson’s Archaeology of Scotland also treats of the Runic Monuments in the Isle of Man.

J. BURKILL.—1857.

Pictorial Beauties of Mona, from drawiings made on the spot. By J. Burkill, Esq., author of " Bolton Abbey Illustrated," " The Abbeys and Monasteries of England," etc. 1857. Imperial folio. 6 views, tinted lithography, by Day and Son, London.

The views consist of Laxey Village and Bay ; Peel Castle from the South ; Peel Castle in a Storm ; Castletown and Neighbourhood ; Ramsey ; and Douglas with its Bay.


Memoir of Joseph Train, F.S.A. Scot., the Antiquarian Corre spondent of Sir Walter Scott. By John Patterson, Author of " Shadows of the Past." Glasgow : Thomas Murray and Son ; Edinburgh : John Menzies. MDCCCLVII. Post octavo. Pp. 194.

Mr. Train wrote the History of the Isle of Man (1845), and in this Memoir there are numerous extracts from that work, with other matters relating thereto. He died 7th December 1852.


The Church Historians of England. Octavo. Seeleys, Lon don. 1858.

In vol v., part i., pp. 385-405, is " The Chronicle of the Isle of Man," translated from the Latin text in Johnstone’s " Celto-Normannicae," corrected in a few places by the original manuscript in the Cottonian Library.

This Chronicle has been printed in part in Camden’s " Bnitannia," at Perth, in 1784 ; by Johnstone, in 1786, at Copenhagen ; in the first volume of Oliver’s "Monumenta," Manx Society, vol. iv., 1860 ; and by Professor Munch at Chnistiania, 1860, with Historical Notes. This latter edition has been reprinted in the Manx Society’s series, vols. xxii. and xxiii. Edited by the Right Rev. Dr. Goss.


An Attempt to explain the Origin and Meaning of the early interlaced ornamentation found on the Ancient Sculptured Stones of Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Man. By Gilbert J. French, of Bolton. Printed for presentation only. Manchester : printed by Charles Simms and Co. 1858. Octavo. Pp. 24. Eight Plates ; three relating to the Isle of Man.

A Paper read at the Salisbury Congress of the British Archaeological Association, 6th August 1858.


Sea Weeds and Heath Flowers, or Memories of Mona. By Eliza Craven Green. Douglas : printed and published by H. Curphey, Manx Sun Office, King Street ; London and Liverpool ; G. Philip and Son. Crown octavo. Pp. 200.

Insular Poems, pp. 1 to 57, with " The Island Harp " at the end.

" A Legend of Mona " was first published by Miss E. S. Craven in 1825. The first 56 lines at the commencement, and the 12 lines at the end of that edition, are omitted in the present one. Mrs. Green was born at Leeds in 1803, and died there in 1866.


The Nineteenth Annual Report of the Isle of Mann Diocesan Association. 1858. Douglas : printed by H. R. Johnson, Weekly Advertising Circular Office, Prospect Hill. 1858. 12mo. Pp. 8.

Total amount of subscriptions, £353 : 8 :2.


The Bentley Ballads, a Selection of the Choice Ballads, Songs, etc., contributed to "Bentley’s Miscellany." Edited by Dr. Doran. Small octavo. London. 1858.

Pp. 333-350, "The Manxman and his Visitor." Descriptive of a Manxman who was of a cruel disposition when a boy, cruel when a young man, and cruel to the last.


Mylecharane : The Popular and most Ancient Manx National Song. Air Plaintive.

O* Vylechrane ! craad hooar oo dthy stoyr,
My lomarcan daag oo mee;
Nagh dooar mee sy churragh eh dowin, dowin dy liooar
As my lomarcan daag oo mee.

*In Manx, the letter M when preceded by O is changed into V.

 The Isle of Mann : printed by M. A. Quiggin, Douglas. 1858. Square. Pp. 12.

Contains also "A Manx Myth," and "Manx Scenery," accompanied with a few notes.

C. CANNELL.—1858.

Minutes of Cases decided in the Manx Courts, from February 1857, to March 1858 ; including the Two Privy Council Cases of Williams, Deacon, and Co., v. Tupper, and Avison and Boardman v. Quayle and Quirk Minuted by C. Cannell, B.A., Student at Law. Douglas, Isle of Man: printed by Robert Fargher, 9 Mona Terrace. March 1858. Octavo. Pp. 158.


Eric, or Little by Little, a Tale of Roslyn School By Frederic W. Farrar, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

"Tis one thing to be tempted, Escalus,
Another thing to fall."
Measure for Measure, Act. II. Scene 1.

Edinburgh : Adam and Charles Black, North Bridge. MDCCCLVIII. Octavo. Pp. 396.

The scene of this novel will be recognised by many as relating to the Isle of Man. The adventure at the Stack is one of the most thrilling description. Mr. Farrar was a pupil at King William’s College, and it is only justice to him to reprint the following letter, which appeared in one of the insular papers soon after the publication of Eric :— HARROW, April 18th, 1859.


SIR—I have heard with surprise and regret that some persons who entertain unkindly feelings towards King William’s College have taken the opportunity to attribute to that institution a state of things described in a recent story called "Eric, or Little by Little." Now, Sir, had I for a moment anticipated such a result, I have no hesitation in saying that I should never have suffered the book to appear in its present shape. To avoid, as I hoped, the possibility of a consequence so much to be deprecated, I placed in the preface an emphatic disclaimer of all intention to identify Roslyn with any existing school ; and I took the same opportunity to express with all humility a grateful appreciation of past kindnesses which I have received from the valued friends who are connected with King William’s College. It is true that the scenery of the tale was taken from my own happy and vivid boyish re miniscences of your Island. It was a pleasure to reproduce the undimmed sensations which your seas and rocks had excited ; but if by this innocent indulgence of happy memories I have done unwitting injury to a school for which I have quite recently testified my strong regard, I shall be deeply and sincerely pained. Will you then allow me, thus publicly, to re-affirm (I hope finally) that Roslyn "was in no way intended to be a picture of King William’s College ; " that the incidents of "Eric, " so far as they are real and not imaginary, are derived from many sources ; and that I asserted the truthfulness of the book as a whole, not because I was painting the scene of my own education, but because I have had subsequent opportunities of seeing many of the most famous English schools, and forming an opinion of their temptations and advantages, my impressions of which I was desirous to state in the form of a story, mainly intended for the benefit of boys. In conclusion, let me add that I always look back to King William’s College with sincere affection, and that I should have the fullest confidence in recommending it as a place of education for any boy in whom I was interested. It has trained many good and able men, and has no need of any defence from me. Indeed, it would be presumption in me to write about it at all, were it not for the circumstances which I have mentioned, and which seemed to call for some notice from me.

Yours, etc.THE AUTHOR OF "ERIC."



A Lecture on Reformation in the Isle of Man now and before Luther. Published at the request of the "Douglas Religious and useful Knowledge" and of the "Temperance" Societies. By the Rev. William Mackenzie, Minister of North Leith Free Church, and Hon. Secretary to the ‘Manx Society for Publication of National Documents of the Isle of Man. Price One Penny. Douglas : W. Kneale, Duke Street. 1859. Octavo. Pp. 16.


An Account of the Isle of Man, its Inhabitants, Language, Soil, Remarkable Curiosities, the Succession of its Kings and Bishops, down to the eighteenth century : by way of Essay. With a Voyage to I-Colomb-Kill By William Sacheverell, Esq., late Governor of Man. To which is added a Dissertation about the Mona of Caesar and Tacitus, and an Account of the Ancient Druids, etc. By Mr. Thomas Brown, addressed in a Letter to his learned friend Mr. A. Sellers. Edited, with Introductory Notice and Copious Notes, by the Rev. J. G. Cumming, M.A., F.G.S., Warden and Professor of Classical Literature in Queen’s College, Birmingham, late Vice-Principal of King William’s College, Isle of Man. Douglas, Isle of Man : printed for the Manx Society. 1859. Octavo. Pp. 204.

This is the First volume of the Publications of the Manx Society, reprinted from the Edition of 1702.


Mylecharane : The Popular and most Ancient Manx National Song, rendered into English verse, adapted to the old Manx Air. By Elizabeth Cookson. With Notes. Second Edition.

O* Vylecharane ! cre dhooar oo dty stoyr,
My lomarcan daag oo mee?
Nagh dooar mee sy churragh eh dowin, dowin dy lioar,
As my lomarcan daag oo mee!

* In Manx, the letter M at the beginning of a word, when preceded by O, is changed into V.

The Isle of Mann : printed by M. A. Quiggin, Douglas. 1859. Small octavo. Pp. 38.

This Edition contains the Music to Mylecharane, also the Manx Legends—" The Phynnodderee," " A Manx Myth," " Manx Scenery," " The Fairy Wren of Manxland," " The Lore-lei," etc. The Notes to Mylecharane are curtailed and altered.

ELIZABETH COOKSON.—No date. [1859.]

Legends of Manx Land. Second Series. By Elizabeth Cookson.

"Manxmen love their native dales, Island song, and island tales."

Contains—Olave Goddardson.
A Chronicle of Peel Castle.
Cutlar Mac Cullock.
Illiam Dhôan.

Douglas : printed by H. Curphey, Manx Sun Office. Small octavo. Pp. 48. A second edition the same year.


A Letter from the Bishop of Sodor and Mann to the Rev. the Vicar of Braddan, in reference to Questions on Church Matters which have recently arisen in the Town of Douglas. Douglas : M. P. Backwell, Bookseller, Atholl Street. No date. Octavo. Pp. 8. Printed for Private Circulation. Dated " Bishop’s Court, May 27, 1859." Addressed to the Rev. Mr. Drury respecting the appointment of Curates to St. George’s Church, etc.


A Practical Grammar of the Antient Gaelic or Language of the Isle of Man, usually called Manx.

—" Si quid novisti rectius istis,
Candidus imperti : si non, his utere mecum."

By the Rev. John Kelly, LL.D., Vicar of Ardleigh, and Rector of Copford, in the County of Essex. Edited, to-gether with an Introduction, Life of Dr. Kelly, and Notes, by the Rev. William Gill, Vicar of Malew. Douglas, Isle of Man : printed for the Manx Society. 1859. Octavo. Introduction, etc., pp. xlviii. Grammar, pp. 92.

This forms the Second volume of the Publications of the Manx Society. Reprinted from the Edition of 1804, which is not noticed in the Title of this Edition.

The Editor, in his Introduction to this Grammar, says— " This reprint is an accurate transcript of the original work, with corrections only of errors of the press, and of some obvious inaccuracies of the pen," and has " given the work in its original integrity."

It is much to be regretted the Editor did not make foot-notes where these errors occurred, for in this edition the alterations and omissions are so numerous as to entirely alter the original work, which cannot, by any reasoning, be considered as " given in its original integrity."

Mr. Gill died on the 17th October 1871.


Parting Counsel. A Farewell Sermon, preached in St. George’s, Douglas, on Sunday, January 30th, 1859. Also a Pastoral Letter from Rome. By the Rev. Edward Forbes, MA. Douglas : John Mylrea. London : Wertheim, Macintosh, and Hunt, 24 Paternoster Row. 1859. Octavo. Pp. 24.


Isle of Man. Copies of Correspondence between the Secretary of State for the Home Department, the Lieutenant-Governor of the Isle of Man, the House of Keys, and the Office of Woods, etc., since the 1st of January 1857, as to the Forests in the Isle of Mann. (Mr. Laing.) Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 13th August, 1859. Folio. Pp. 40.


Report of the Isle of Mann Association of the Church Missionary Society, from December 1858 to December 1859. Printed by R. H. Johnson, Prospect Hill, Douglas. Octavo. Pp. 8. Amount of income for the year, £365 : 12 : 5.

F. LEECH.—1859.

Leech’s New Illustrated Tourist’s Guide to the Isle of Man, its Scenery, History, Popular Customs, etc. Ramsey F. Leech, Printer and Publisher ; Douglas : J. Mylrea, Bookseller, etc. ; George Philip and Son, 32 Fleet Street, London, and 51 South Castle Street, Liverpool ; and all Booksellers. No date. Small octavo. Pp. 160. With 11 Plates and a Map of the Island.

E. L. BLANCHARD.—1859.

Adams’s Descriptive Guide to the Channel Islands, the Isle of Wight, and the Isle of Man ; with Introductory Sketches of Southampton, Weymouth, Gosport, and Portsmouth, the usual Ports of Embarkation. By E. L. Blanchard. With Maps of the Channel Islands, the Isle of Wight, and the Isle of Man. A new and enlarged Edition.

London : W. J. Adams (Bradshaw’s Guide Office), 59 Fleet Street ; and all Booksellers. 1859. Small octavo.

Isle of Man, pp. 95 to 117.


Amended Standing Orders of the Court of Tynwald with regard to Railway Bills. 1859. Douglas : printed by H. Curphey, Manx Sun Office, King Street. 1859. Royal octavo. Pp. 14.


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