[pp52-78 of Manx Soc vol XXIV]


Chronicon Manniae, or a Chronicle of the Kings of Man. Supposed to be written by the Monks of the Abbey of Russin, with the Norwegian Account of Olave the Black, King of Man, and of Haco’s Expedition against Scotland. Together with the Civil and Ecclesiastical History of the Island, from the earliest accounts to the present time.

Perth : printed for John Gillies, MDCCLXXXIV. Small 12mo, pp. 123. Address " To the Public," pp. iii. and iv.

The Chronicle is from Camden, and Olave and Haco’s Account from Johnstone, 1780. This Chronicle is published in Oliver’s " Monumenta," vol. i. pp. 125-215, from a MS. in the British Museum, numbered Julius A., VII., of the Cottonian Collection. Manx Society series, vol. iv. 1860. Also in Munch’s edition, 1860.


The Universal Magazine of Knowledge and Pleasure. London. Octavo. 1785. Vol. lxxvi. pp. 22-25.

An Account of a Tour through the Isle of Man, made in May 1st to 7th, 1784. Signed " Albert." Notices the cheap living there, and the installation of the Bishop in Peel Cathedral, on Wednesday, May 5th, when the Bishop, etc., dined at the Liverpool Coffee-House in Peel This was Bishop Cregan.


The Antiquities of England and Wales. By Francis Grose, Esq. 8 vols. Octavo and Quarto. London : Hooper, 1785. Vol. vi p. 205.

Gentleman’s Magazine.—1785.

Remarks on Bog Timber in the Isle of Man. Gentleman’s Magazine, pp. 502.


The Poems of Robert Callister. Liverpool. 1785. Small Octavo, pp. 104.

Chiefly relating to the Isle of Man. Inscribed to John Frissell and John Lace, Esqs. Liverpool, June 4, 1785.

HENRY BOSWELL, F.A.R.S.—[No date.]—1786.

Historical Descriptions of New and Elegant Picturesque Views of the Antiquities of England and Wales, etc. By Henry Boswell, Esq., F.A.R.S. London : printed for Alexander Hogg. No date. 2 vols. Folio.

Views of Castle Rushen, St. Patrick’s Church and Armory, Peel Castle, St. German’s Cathedral, and Ground-plan of the same. These are accompanied with short letterpress descriptions, which are copied from Grose.


Antiquitates Celto-Normannica, containing the Chronicle of Man and the Isles, abridged by Camden, and now first published, complete, from the original MS. in the British Musamm ; with an English translation, and notes. To which are added Extracts from the Annals of Ulster, and Sir J. Ware’s Antiquities of Ireland ; British Topography by Ptolemy, Richard of Cirencester, the Geographer of Ravenna, and Andrew, Bishop of Cathness : together with accurate Catalogues of the Pictish and Scottish Kings. By the Rev. James Johnstone, A.M., Rector of Maghera Cross ; and Member of the Royal Societies of Edinburgh and Copenhagen. Printed by Aug. Frid. Stein, at Copenhagen. MDCCLXXXVI. Quarto, pp. 152.

Dedicated " To the Right Reverend John Hotham, D.D., Lord Bishop of Clogher."

Mr. Johnstone has given the portion omitted by Camden: this gives a list of the Bishops down to 1375. This chronicle has been printed by the Manx Society, in their 4th volume, 1860, from the copy in the British Museum in the Cottonian collection, under the careful editorship of Dr. Oliver, one of the Honorary Secretaries. " Monumenta," vol. 1. pp. 125-215. Printed also in Professor Munch’s edition, 1860.


Notitia Monastica ; or an Account of all the Abbies, Priories, and Houses of Friers, formerly in England and Wales. And also of all the Colleges and Hospitals founded before A.D. 1540, with many additions, by James Nasmith, M.A.

Cambridge : 1787. Folio.

Article, " Bishop of Man." The best edition. The greater part was destroyed by the fire at Mr. Nichol’s printing-office, 8th March 1808. The first edition, folio. London : 1744.


The Duke of Athol’s Claim, under a Parliamentary entail, of the Isle of Man. Quarto.

Some few copies were printed and circulated by order of the Duke of Atholl


A Political Index to the Histories of Great Britain and Ireland, or a Complete Register of the Hereditary Honours, Public Offices, and Persons in Office, from the earliest periods to the present time. By Robert Beatson, Esq. The second edition, corrected and much enlarged. In two volumes.

London : printed by G. G. and J. Robinson, Pater Noster Row. 1788. Octavo.

Vol. 1. pp. 181-183. The Bishops of the Isle of Man, giving a list of 58, commencing A.D. 447 with Germanus, and ending in 1782 with Claudius Crigan.

Vol ii. at pp. 47-49, entitled, " The See of the Isles," the list of Bishops begins with Amphibalus, A.D. 360, then Germanus, 447, and the 36th AD. 1388, " John 3rd. The Isle of Man was now separated from this See, which contained all Buteshire, and most of the Western Islands."

A third edition was published in three volumes. Octavo. London : 1806.

WM. CAMDEN.—1789.

Britannia ; A new translation by Richard Gough, Esq., in 3 vols. folio, from the Edition published by the Author in MDCVII.

This was reprinted, in 4 vols. folio, in 1806 ; a highly valuable work. The Chronicle of the Kings of Man, etc., begins A.D. 1065 and ends A.D. 1266, but has been continued in a later hand to 1316. Vol. iii. p. 705.

Mr. Gough, in his edition of Camden, prefers this copy of the Chronicles of the Kings of Man to that published in 1787 by Mr. Johnstone, from a fine old MS. in vellum in the Cottonian Library, marked Julius A., VII. 3, because in the former the dates are all right in the original, whereas in the latter they are made so by the Editor in his margin. Mr. Camden’s MS. begins with the death of the Confessor, rightly putting it AD. 1065. Mr. Johnstone’s begins 47 years sooner, or, as he has corrected it in his margin, 51 years. Mr. Camden’s begins at A.D. 1065; and ends AD. 1266 ; but has been continued in a later hand to 1316. Mr. Johnstone’s copy begins at AD. 1000 or 1015, and ends 1376, and contains some additional matter foreign to the History of the Island. Vide Feltham’s " Tour," 1798, p. 71.


A correct Plan of the Isle of Man, by Peter Fannin, Master in His Majesty’s Royal Navy.

Published January 1, 1789, by the Author and by H. Ashley, Engraver, King Street, Cheapside, London.

Inscribed to " The most noble Prince John, Duke and Marquis of Atholl," etc.

A large sheet, 20 inches by 28 inches. Was generally esteemed for its nautical correctness. On it is a Plan of Douglas Harbour ; and a View of the south side of Douglas Harbour, from his Grace the Duke of Atholl’s house.


A History of the People called Quakers. From their Rise to the present time, compiled from Authentic Records and from Writings of that People. By John Gough. Dublin: printed for Robert Jackson, Meath Street, MDCCLXXXIX. Octavo. 4 vols.

The 4th vol was published in 1790. John Gough was a Bookseller and Quaker [fpc - in my copy there is merely an advertisement dated 4th month 28th 1790 that a 4th volume is contemplated and that the author seeks support and solicits any information - thus not clear if 4th volume ever appeared].

Vol. ii. chap. xxi. Isle of Man. Pp. 274 to 292. On the persecutions of this sect in the Isle of Man in 1662 to 1666, Wm. Callow and Evan Christian suffered severe imprisonment in Peel Castle, "the former for refusing to pay 16d. and the latter 2d., demanded by a priest for bread and wine for the sacrament."

Vol. i. pp. 298 to 301. In 1656 to 1659 similar acts are recorded. James Chaloner, the Governor, was heard to say, ‘" he would quickly rid the Island of Quakers." P. 300.


A Sallad for the Young Ladies and Gentlemen of Douglas.

Raised by Tom the Gardener. (Price four pence a bunch.) Liverpool : printed in the year 1790. Quarto. Pp, 20.

A Satire : Some copies have the following title :—"Sallad for the young Ladies ~ind Gentlemen of Douglas, in the Isle of Mann. Raised by Tom the Gardener. Price sixpence a bunch. By John Sharp junior. Printed for the Author. 1790."

JOHN STOWELL.—[No date.]—1790.

A Switch for Tom the Gardener ; or, the Sallad dressed, and the Lamb roasted. Price three pence, British. No place or printer. Small Quarto. Pp. 8.

Inscribed " To the young Ladies of Douglas, the following pages are respectfully inscribed by their most humble, most obedient, and devoted servant, Candidus."


The Retrospect ; or, a Review of the Memorable Events of Mona in the year 1790. By Philanthus.

" Eye Nature’s walks, shoot folly as it flies,
And catch the manners living as they rise. "—Pope.

Price one shilling.

No name, place, or printer. 8vo, pp. 55. A Poetical Satire:

At page 19 is a woodcut of the House of Keys, and a representation of the twenty-four addressed by "Squire Saugrogh" (Major T—.—), in the act of killing a louse, which he had just taken from his head, and on a label from his mouth is inscribed—

" Thus ev’ry tyrant Should be serv’d,
Who dares to trample on a Manxman’s head."

Mr. John Stowell was a native of Peel, and master of the School there ; also a Notary Public, to which he was appointed 22d January 1799. He died 21st July 1799.


To the Anonymous Author of a Publication distributed amongst the people of Douglas, and the Inhabitants of the Isle of Man at large, on Saturday, the 12th current; and who signed himself "A Manxman and Friend to his country."

Dated " Douglas, June 25th, 1790." Signed Charles Small No place or printer. Quarto, pp. 16. In favour of the Duke of Atholl It was also translated into Manx.


Ansoor gys y Screenyn currit magh inastey. Sleih Ghoolish, as Cummaltee Vannin, fón ennym, Mannanagh, as Carrey da ey Heer.

Doolish : prentit Liorish Christopher Briscoe. Sm. quarto, pp. 20, dated at end 1790, and signed Charles Small. This translation was made by the Rev. John Cannel, father of the late chaplain of St. Matthews, Douglas.


Account of the Petition of the Duke of Athol on the Clandestine Trade to the Isle of Man. 1790. Octavo.

Right Hon. WILLIAM PITT.—1790.

Mr. Pitt’s Speech, on Tuesday, the 4th of May, 1790. On the additional Compensation to the Duke of Atholl.

Mr. P. moved " That the further consideration of this Bill be deferred to this day three months." Christopher Briscoe, Douglas. A broadside.


A Journal kept in the Isle of Man, giving an Account of the Wind, Weather, Daily Occurrences for upwards of eleven months : with observations on the soil, clime, and natural productions of that Island ; also, Antiquities of various kinds, now extant there : a trait of the Manners and Customs, both general and peculiar, of the inhabitants an Account of their Harbours, great usefulness of Douglas Harbour ; neglect, and want of repairs. Description of their noble herring fishery, etc. Together with a large Appendix : containing an Account of the ancient forms of Government, and mild administration of justice, under the noble House of Stanley ; with Transcripts and Extracts from the Ancient Statute Books of the Isle : together with explanatory notes and observations. In two volumes. By Richard Townley, Esq. Whitehaven: printed by J. Ware and Son. Sold by T. Cadell, W. Richardson, and R. Baldwin, London ; D. Prince, Oxford; J. and J. Merrill, Cambridge ; and the Booksellers in Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Kendal, Lancaster, etc. etc. etc. 1791. Two vols. Octavo.

Vol. i. pp. 320 ; vol. ii. pp. 322, dedicated " To the Right Hon. Edward, Earl of Derby," dated " Douglas (Isle of Man), April 18, 1790." The preface, dated " Isle of Man, April 19, 1790," and " An Apology to the candid Reader," that his journal appears on so coarse a paper, dated Ambleside, January 1st, 1791. The journal comniences on the 30th April 1789, and ends 21st April 1790. Appendix, containing the Ancient History, etc.,—a gossiping and amusing work, in which many trifles are recorded and extracts from curious unpublished MSS. It was severely satirised by John Stowell of Peel, in his "Literary Quixote." The author was Colonel Richard Townley, of Belfield Hall, near Rochdale, Lancashire.

He was the patron of John Collier, alias "Tim Bobbin," the author of "Lancashire Dialect." Colonel Townley died in 1802.


The Literary Quixote ; or, the Beauties of Townley versified. Printed at the Printing Office, in Douglas ; and sold by the Booksellers in Liverpool, Manchester, Whitehaven, Oxford, Cambridge, etc. etc. No date. Small Quarto, pp. 16.

A Portrait of Richard Townley, Esq., faces the title, in the act of writing his journal, and underneath, " This day might pass for yesterday’s own brother

Two peas were never seen more like each other."

An amusing Satire on "Townley’s Journal," without the author’s name, but written by John Stowell, the author of "The Retrospect," etc. Only one number appeared.

Mr. Stowell published several Elegies and occasional Poems, chiefly anonymously, now become exceedingly rare.

Also "An Epistle to the Earl of Lonsdale," signed Petrus Pendarus Secundus, Gent. Douglas. Isle of Man. 1794.

Pp. 33.


The Statutes and Ordinances of the Isle of Man, now in force, alphabetically arranged. By T. Stowell, Advocate.

Most humbly inscribed to the Honourable Alexander Shaw, Esq., Lieutenant-Governor and Chancellor of the Isle of Man. Douglas : printed by C. Briscoe. 1792. Octavo, pp. 166 ; preface 2 pp., appendix 4 pp., and 1 p. of errata.

"It may be deemed a matter of no small surprise that the Statute Laws, or Acts of Tynwald of the Isle of Man (except a few lately passed) have never heretofore been printed and published."—Preface. Some Acts of Tynwald were printed by Joseph Briscoe in 1783.


Manks Mercury and Briscoe’s Douglas Advertiser. The first Manx Newspaper, No. 1, published 27th Nov., 1792.

Price Two Pence, British. Published by C. Briscoe.

Continued fifteen years.


On the death of the much-esteemed Mrs. Callow, late wife of Mr. William Callow, of Douglas, merchant. Dated "Douglas, July 26, 1792." No printer. A Broadside.

On the death of Miss M. Bacon, February 11th, 1792. No place or printer. A Broadside.


Poems, chiefly by Gentlemen of Devonshire and Cornwall. In two volumes. Bath : printed by R. Cruttwell, etc. MDCCXCII. Octavo.

In vol ii. pp. 6 to 11, is an "Ode on the Isle of Mann, to the Memory of Bishop Wilson, written at the request of the late Dr. Wilson, of Bath. 1781." And pp. 21, 22, "Mona, an Ode," both by the Rev. R. Polwhele.


The History of the House of Stanley, from the Conquest to the Death of the Right Honourable Edward, late Earl of Derby, in 1776, containing a Genealogical and Historical Account of that illustrious House ; to which is added a Description of the Isle of Man. Preston : printed by E. Sergent, in the Market Place. MDCCXCIII. Octavo, pp. 616.

The Title to the latter portion is "A complete History of the Isle of Man, containing the Situation and Geographical Description thereof ; also the Ecclesiastical and Civil His--tories, with the whole order of Government, from the earliest accounts : the Lord’s Prerogative and Regalities ; the several Officers necessarily employed under him : Nature of the Soil : Names of the Chief Towns and Harbours : Number of Parishes : Value of the Livings ; with the Produce of the Country and Neighbouring Sea, and a Description of their usual Trade. To which is added an account of its purchase from the Duke of Atholl by Government, under the reign of his present Majesty King George the Third. Preston : printed by E. Sergent, in the Market Place. MDCCXCIII. Pp. 485-616. A portrait of James, Earl of Derby.


Nenia Britannica ; or a Sepulchral History of Great Britain from the earliest period to its general conversion to Christianity, including a complete series of the British, Roman, and Saxon Sepulchral Rites and Ceremonies, with the contents of several hundred Burial places opened under a careful inspection of the author. By the Rev. James Douglas, F.A.S. London : 1793. Folio.

Pp. 172-5, Description of the Mound, with Plate of Tynwald Hill, and a Plan of the Chapel and Ground at St. John’s, Isle of Man. Supplied by Captain Grose. It was published in numbers. 1786-93.


An Elegiac Invocation of the Muses, occasioned by the Death of the amiable Miss Nessy Heywood. October 8, 1793. A Broadside. Signed JUVENIS.


General View of the Agriculture of the Isle of Man, with observations on the means of its Improvement. By Mr. Basil Quayle, Farmer, at the Creggans, near Castletown, in the Isle of Man. Drawn up for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and Internal Improvements. London : printed by C. Macrae. MDCCXCIV. Quarto, pp. 40.

With a Map of the Isle, not printed for sale, but circulated for the purpose of procuring farther information respecting the Husbandry of this District, and any observations to be written on the margin and returned to the Board of Agriculture, London. The letterpress is in an octavo size for this purpose ; the work is necessarily rare to meet with. Computes the total population at about 26,000.


A Tour through the Isle of Man : To which is subjoined A Review of the Manx History. By David Robertson, Esq.

The second edition. London : printed for the Author by E. Hodson, Bell Yard, Temple Bar, and sold by Mr. Payne, Mews Gate ; Mr. Egerton, Whitehall ; Whites, Fleet Street ; and Deighton, Holborn. 1794. Royal Octavo, pp. 233,

Dedicated to J. C. Curwen, Esq., M.P. The Preface, 3 pp., is dated " London, Oct. 14th, 1793." Contents, 4 pp. Map of the Island, and 8 Plates. A few copies are printed on large paper. The Tour was made during the summer of 1791. The first edition appeared the same year as the second, but had a violent democratical passage at the end of two pages, for which the author was prosecuted. It was suppressed in this edition.


Paradise Lost. A Poem. By John Milton. Translated into the Manks Language, by the Rev. Thomas Christian of Ballakilley, Kirk Marown. Douglas : printed by and for C. Briscoe. 12mo, pp120.

Only selections from Paradise Lost. Mr. Christian was Vicar of Marown. This has been reprinted in the Manx Society’s series, vol. xx., Manx Miscellanies, vol. i.


Most humbly addressed to Her Grace the Duchess of Athol. Peel, 27th April 1796. A Broadside.


The Statute Laws of the Isle of Mann. Printed in the year MDCCXCVII. Octavo, in 4s. pp. 140.

Dated "Douglas, August 24th, 1797," and signed C. Briscoe. Vide Lex Scripta. Preface, pp. xiii. Last Act, 8th July 1796, "An Act for the better regulation of the Court of Common Law."

REV. C. CRUTTWELL (Bp. Wilson).—1797.

The Life of the Right Reverend Thomas Wilson, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man. Compiled by the Rev. C. Cruttwell. To which is added, his History of the Isle of Man. The fourth edition. Bath : printed by and for R. Cruttwell ; and sold by C. Dilly, Poultry, London. MDCCXCVTI. Octavo, 4 volumes.

The Bishop’s History of the Isle of Man is in vol i. pp. 297 to 342. In an Appendix is a continuation from Mr. Rolt’s History, pp. 343 to 378.

Vols. ii., iii., iv., containing the works, are dated 1796.

The History of the Isle is reprinted in the Manx Society’s series, vol xviii, 1871, "Old Historians," pp. 90-125.

MRS. LEE.—1797.

Clara Lennox ; or the Distressed Widow. A novel, founded on facts. Interspersed with an Historical description of the Isle of Man. By Mrs. Lee. Two vols. 12mo. Par-sons, 1797.

Dedicated to the Duchess of York.


Juridical Arguments and Collections. 2 vols. Quarto. The sixth article relates to the Duke of Atholl’s claim under a Parliamentary Entail of the Isle of Man.—See 1788, p. 54.


The fourth part of the Institutes of the Laws of England. Concerning the Jurisdiction of Courts. Authore Edwardo Coke, Milite, J. C. London : printed for E. and R. Brooke, Bell Yard, near Temple Bar, MDCCXCVII. Octavo, pp. 282- 284, cap. lxix. Of the Isle of Man, Insula Euboniae Modo Mannae, and of the Law and Jurisdiction of the same. Printed in Gells’ " Abstract of the Laws," etc., vol. i. p. 153. Manx Society, vol xii. 1867.


A Tour through the Island of Mann in 1797 and 1798 ; comprising Sketches of its Ancient and Modern History, Constitution, Laws, Commerce, Agriculture, Fishery, etc. Including whatever is remarkable in each parish, its population, inscriptions, registers, etc. By John Feltham. Embellished with a Map of the Island and other Plates. Bath : printed by R. Cruttwell, and sold by C. Dilly, Poultry, London ; Jones, Liverpool ; Brown, Bristol; Ware, Whitehaven ; Woolmer, Exeter, etc. 1798. (Price seven shillings.) Octavo, pp. 294. Dedicated to " The Duke of Athol."

The author took considerable pains in procuring information in the various parishes, and left some further Manuscripts relating thereto, which the Manx Society have published in " Memorials of God’s Acre." Manx Society series, vol xiv. 1868.

The " Tour" is also reprinted by the Manx Society, vol vi. 1861.


The Herring Fishery. A Poem. Extracted from Mr. Feltham’s "Tour through the Isle of Man." 1798. Bath: printed by B. Cruttwell, Octavo, pp. 8.

The authoress’ father was vicar of Kirk Michael, the Rev. John Crellin, and sister to Deemster Crellin.

Gentleman’s Magazine.—1798.

Sketch of the Runic Monument at Kirk Michael.—Gentleman’s Magazine. 1798. Part 2, vol. lxviii. p. 749. It is said to have been removed from a field near Bishop’s Court.


The British Tourist ; or, Traveller’s Pocket Companion, through England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. By William Mayor, LL.D. London : 1798. Small Octavo.

In vol v. is "Tour through the Isle of Man. By David Robertson, Esq. Performed in 1791," pp. 87-136. This is condensed from the edition of 1794. An edition also in 1807.


Methodist Hymn Book. Translated into Manx. Douglas printed by Thomas Whittam, 1799.

There were two Manx Hymn Books prior to this edition, but were badly printed, and abounded in errors. This edition is beautifully translated.


Memoirs of Mark Hildesley, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann, and Master of Sherburn Hospital ; under whose auspices the Hoiy Scriptures were translated into the Maui language. By the Rev. Weeden Butler, morning preacher of Charlotte Street Chapel London : printed by J. Nichols ; and sold by Messrs. Robson, Dilly, Rivingtons, Payne, Cadell and Davies, Egerton and White. 1799. Octavo, pp. 691.

Advertisement and Contents, pp. 12. Arms of the See and Bishop are on the Title. A valuable Memoir, giving also a full account of the Translating and Printing the Holy Scriptures into the Manx language.

T. GARNETT, M.D.—1800.

Observations on a Tour through the Highlands and part of the Western Isles of Scotland, etc. By T. Garnett, M.D. London : 1800. Two vols, Quarto, with Fifty-two Aquatint Plates, from drawings by W. H. Watts.

Vol i. pp. 258-9. Regarding the See of Man.


The History of the House of Stanley, from the Conquest, to the Death of the Right Hon. Edward, late Earl of Derby, containing a Genealogical and Historical Account of that illustrious House. To which is added, a Description of the Isle of Man ; and a brief account of the Travels of the celebrated Sir Wm. Stanley. Liverpool : printed by J.Nuttall, No. 38 Denison Street. No date. Octavo. The Description of the Isle of Man has the same title as the edition of 1793, Liverpool : printed by J. Nuttall, Denison Street. 1801." Pp. 485-614.


Isle of Man. In the Privy Council. Case of the Most Noble John, Duke of AtholL To be heard, with Petition for his Grace, before the Right Honourable the Lords Committee of His Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council, at the Cockpit, Whitehall, on Saturday the 27th day of June 1801. Fraser, Lincoln’s Inn. Folio, pp. 18.

Isle of Man. In the Privy Council. Appendix to Case for the Duke of Atholl Fraser, Lincoln’s Inn. Printed by A. Strahan, Law Printer to His Majesty, Printers’ Street, London. Folio, pp. 13.

This case gives the early History of the Island, and states " That the Isle of Man was an ancient kingdom of itself, and no part of the Kingdom of England." P. 2.


A Tour through the whole Island of Great Britain ; divided into Journeys. Interspersed with useful observations particularly calculated for the use of those who are desirous of travelling over England and Scotland. By the Rev. C. Cruttwell, author of the " Universal Gazetteer." In 6 volumes. London : printed for G. and J. Rosinson, Paternoster Row, etc. 1801. Octavo, maps, vol. v. Isle of Man, pp. 290-309.


The Manx Advertiser. Commenced August 8th. Published by G. Jefferson. Douglas. 1801. Continued 44 years.


The Manks Almanack, for the year of our Lord 1802, being sixth after Leap Year, and the 42d year of the reign of King George III. till 25th October, containing the Sun’s rising and setting, Moon’s age and changes, with her rising, setting, and southing ; Weather ; Time of High Water ; Custom-house Holidays, List of Fairs, Common Law Court Days, etc. etc. Douglas : printed by and for T. Whittam. Price sixpence, British. 32imo. Not paged. 31 pp.

In the List of the Keys is the date of their Elections and place of Residence. The Hon. John Taubman, of the Nunnery, 17th February, 1785 ; elected Speaker, 28th November, 1799. The oldest members : J. Stevenson, Larghey Dhoo, 12th July, 1774 ; and P. Moore, Pole Roish, same date.


The Beauties of England and Wales ; or, Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive. London : published by Vernor and Hood, Poultry. 1802. Octavo. Vol. iii. Isle of Man. Pp. 248-290. Compiled by J. Britton and E. W. Brayley. A View of Douglas, from a drawing, by W. H. Watts.


Ardglass, or the Ruined Castles ; also the Transformation, with some other Poems. By the Rev. Samuel Burdy, Author of Skelton’s Life, Vindication, etc. Dublin printed for the Author, by Graisberry and Campbell, 10 Back Lane. 1802. Octavo. Pp. 128.

"Ardglass" consists of 37 pp., 1-37, and the notes from pp. 39 to 61. Both chiefly relate to the Isle of Man, to which the author appears to have made a short visit in July 1794, and describes places and persons pretty freely. He says :—

"Herring’s the food of Mona’s greedy sons,
Who eat them up as fast as butter’d buns."

W. H. WATTS.—1802.

Sketch of the State of Manners and present Condition of the Isle of Man. Monthly Magazine, September. With a Notice of the late Rev. Joseph Stowell of Peel.

Mr. Watts was an artist and portrait painter, who lived in the Island some years. His name is to the View of Douglas, in the third volume of " The Beauties of England and Wales." See also " Memoir of the Rev. Joseph Stowell," 1821, and in "Garnett’s Tour," 1800.


A Practical Grammar of the Antient Gaelic ; or Language of the Isle of Mann, usually called Manks.

— Si quid novisti rectius istis
Candidus imperti ; Si non, his utere mecum.

By the Rev. John Kelly, LL.D., Vicar of Ardleigh and Rector of Copford, in the county of Essex. London printed by John Nichols and Son, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street, and sold by R. Bickerstaffe, the Corner of Essex Street, Strand. 1804. Quarto. Pp. 75.

Dedicated to the Most Noble George, Marquis of Huntly, etc.

Dated " Ardleigh, 22nd Nov. 1803." This edition is rare. The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge gave to Mr. Kelly 10 guineas for composing the Manx Grammar and Vocabulary, but declined to print it.

Reprinted by the Manx Society in their second volume, 1859. Edited by the Rev. Wm. Gill, Vicar of Malew.


Report from the Committee on the Isle of Man Port Petition. Ordered.to be printed 5th May 1804. Folio. Pp. 7. Evidence respecting Ramsey Harbour.

No date.—[1804].

The Twenty-four Keys of the Isle of Man ; their mode of Election : character given of them by the Inhabitants: with the opinion of the Commissioners of Inquiry : and a Description of the present Twenty-four Keys. Printed by B. M’Mfflan, Bow Street, Covent Garden. No date. Folio. Pp. 3.


Return to an Order of Account of Application of Surplus Revenues of the Isle of Man. 1798. Folio.


Observations on the Atholl Revenue in the Isle of Man. Octavo.


Cobbett’s Parliamentary Debates. Octavo, vol. v. Duke of Atholl’s Claim for Compensation.


Case on behalf of the Keys of Man. Dated 25th March.


Report of the Lords of the Committee of his Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council ; dated the 21st July 1804; upon the Petition of the Duke of Atholl to his Majesty. Ordered to be printed 29th March 1805. Folio, pp. 5.

The Duke and Duchess of Atholl offered by letter, 27th February 1765, to accept £70,000 for their Rights in the Isle of Man, and stated he had only recently succeeded to the possession of the Island. John Duke of Atholl was then an infant. See the remark on the " Mischief Act," 1765.


Observations on the Case now depending in Parliament, respecting the Isle of Man, in reference to the Statement and Appendix circulated in support of the Duke of Atholl’s Petition. London : printed by B. M’Millan, Bow Street, Covent Garden, printer to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. 1805. Quarto, pp. 16.

A Statement of the Duke’s case as entitling him to further Compensation.


To the Gentlemen of the Keys, the Landholders, the Merchants, and Inhabitants of the Isle of Man. (Signed) Atholl. Portman Square, April 10th, 1805. London: printed by B. M’Milan, Bow Street, Covent Garden. A Broadside.

The Address of the Duke of Atholl on his appointment as Governor of the Isle of Man.


Address of his Grace the Duke of Atholl to the Gentlemen of the Keys the Landholders, the Merchants, and Inhabitants in general of the Isle of Man. London : printed by B. M’Millan, Bow Street, Covent Garden, Printer to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. 1805. Quarto, pp. 10.

Dated " Portman Square, April 10th, 1805," and signed " Atholl" This passed through two editions.

This Address gives an account of the sale of the Revenues of Customs to the Crown, and the Duke’s Petition for further Compensation, and says, p. 8, " Should the Report be that further Compensation ought to be given or granted, the spirit of the clauses which I shall have to offer will be for a definite proportion of the Revenue, leaving a considerable surplus after payment of the Civil and Revenue establishment and Herring bounties, and for enabling his Majesty to apply either the whole or a part of the remaining surplus, in such a manner~ and to such public purposes of the Island, as may be deemed needful or expedient."

No date.—[1805.]

Memorial of the Landholders, Merchants, and Inhabitants of the Isle of Man, to the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the House of Keys of the Island of Man. G. Jefferson, Printer. A Broadside.

Praying that their " agents be instructed not to oppose any fair compensation his Grace may seek." This accompanied the Duke’s Address of 10th April


Papers presented to the House of Commons respecting the Isle of Man. Ordered to be printed 10th April 1805. Folio, pp. 113.

Contains Copies of Proceedings before the Privy Council, on a Petition of his Grace, John Duke of Atholl, for a further Compensation for the Sale of the Feudal Rights of the Isle of Man in 1765.

Sixteen Papers.- Important documents connected with the Stanley and Atholl families in the Isle of Man.


Further Observations on the Measure of Creating, by Authority of Parliament, an Hereditary Rent Charge, payable out of the Revenue of the Isle of Man, in favour of the Duke of Atholl. On behalf of the House of Keys of the Isle of Man. Printed by R. Willis, 89 Chancery Lane. Octavo, pp. 16.

Signed by "John Christian, Thomas Quayle, Agents for the House of Keys of the Isle of Man. 10th May 1805."

A reply to the Duke of Atholl’s Address of 10th April, and Statement of his Case.


Isle of Man.—Analysis of the Petition of the 24 Keys of the 16th April 1805. London : printed by B. M’Millan, Bow Street, Covent Garden, Printer to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. 1805. Quarto, pp. 21. Dated May.


Isle of Man.—Letter to their Colleagues, from Messrs. Bridson and Stowell, members of the Committee appointed by the Merchants and other respectable Inhabitants of the Isle of Man, to attend to their Interests before Parliament. - London : printed by B. M’Millan, etc. . 1805. Octavo, pp. 20.

Dated " London, 21st May 1805." Addressed to Messrs. Edward Moore, Edward Forbes, and Wm. Oates, Douglas.

This is against the proceedings of the Keys. Signed, Paul Bridson, Will. Stowell.


Report from the Committee on the Petition of the Duke of Atholl ; and other Matters relating to the Isle of Man. Ordered to be printed 23d May 1805. Folio, pp. 9.

Recommended that Parliament should grant a further Compensation to the Duke of Atholl and the other Heirs general of the 7th Earl of Derby, and that such Compensation should be charged on the Revenue of the Island.


Minutes of the Evidence relating to the House of Keys; taken before the Committee to whom the Petition of the Duke of Atholl is referred. Ordered to be printed 27th May 1805. folio, pp. 60.

Contains Extracts from the printed report of the Commissioners of Inquiry for the Isle of Man, 1792, and from the Appendix to the said report.


Isle of Man.—Amount of Revenues and Payments of the Isle of Man, received and paid by George Watts, Esq., Receiver-General : betweeen the years 1786 and 1799, etc. Ordered to be printed 7th June 1805. Folio, pp. 2.


Amount of the Revenues and Payments of the Isle of Man, received and paid by William Scott, Esq., Receiver-General, between the years 1799 and 1804, etc. Ordered to be printed 7th June 1805. Folio, pp. 2.

J. C. CURWEN, M.P.—1805.

Substance of the Speech of J. C. Curwen, Esq., in the House of Commons, on the 7th June 1805, on the consideration of the Report of the Committee to whom was referred the Petition of John, Duke of Atholl, praying farther Corn-pensation, chargeable on the Revenue of the Isle of Man, for the Interests in that Island ceded by his Family to the Crown in 1765. To which is prefixed a short state-ment of the proceedings in the House of Commons and the Petition of the Inhabitants and Proprietors of Estates in the Island. London : printed for J. Bell, 148 Oxford Street, by R. Wilks, Chancery Lane. 1805. Octavo, pp. 73.


Papers presented to the House of Lords respecting the Isle of Man. Ordered to be printed 6th July 1805.

Same to the House of Commons.


Statement of the Case of the Duke of Atholl, claiming a Compensation out of the Surplus Revenues of the Isle of Man.

London : printed by B. M’Millan, Bow Street, Covent Garden, Printer to His Royal Highness the Prince of

Wales. 1805. Quarto, pp. 21 ; Appendix, pp. 33.

No date.—[1805.]

Isle of Man.—Views of the Revenues of Duties and Customs on Imports, as they stood in 1765, showing the Inadequacy of the Compensation. Printed by B. M’Millan, Bow Street, Covent Garden. A Broadside.

There are six Views of the Revenue. Put forth on account of the Duke of Atholl.


Bishop of Man v. Corn. Derby ; and Corn. Derby v. Duke of Atholl In Case, 1751, July. House of Commons

Paper, No. 79, Session 1805, p. 42. Also in Vesey’s Reports, vol. ii. p. 337.

On the Alienation of the Isle.—The Lord Chancellor’s Judgment. Printed in Gell’s " Abstract," vol. i. pp. 67-74. Manx Society series, vol xii. 1867.

See on the same Case, 1748.

No date.—[1805.]

Isle of Man.—Statement of the Amount of Customs on Imports into the Isle of Man, for different periods ; compared with the estimated Amount of Duties which would have been payable on the same commodities to the Lord Proprietor, according to the Ancient Book of Rates ; and calculation of the total produce of the Revenue, and total amount of the Expenditure, from 6th July 1765 to 5th January 1805. R. Wilks, Printer, 89 Chancery Lane. Folio, pp. 2.

This was put forth on account of the Keys. Average of Duties on Imported Goods for seven years, from January 1798 to January 1805, £8971 : 19s : 6d.


Copy of a Letter from John Woodhouse, in answer to one published in the " Manks Advertiser," by Paul Bridson and William Stowell, Esqs. Dated 31st August 1805. W. Jones, Printer, 56 Castle Street, Liverpool. Octavo, pp. 8. Dated " Liverpool, September 6th, 1805."


Isle of Man—Memorandum. No. 1. Quarto, pp. 2. Printed by B. M’Millan, Bow Street, Covent Garden.

It is stated, "In the year 1711, the British Commissioners of Customs sent some Revenue Officers to the Isle of Man, and the Government of the Island sent Agents to England, in order to concert arrangements that would be mutually advantageous and fair."

This accounts for George Waldron’s appointment. Vide Insular Act of 1711. Suspended, 25th September 1713.


Isle of Man.—Memorandum. No. 2. Quarto, pp. 2. Printed by B. M’Millan, Bow Street, Covent Garden.

Relates, as Memorandum No. 1, to the intended purchase of the Customs Revenue, etc., of the Isle of Man.


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