[ILN 2 August 1856]


Blessing on herring fishery

A VERY interesting ceremony was revived at Peel Castle, in this island on the 23rd of June last. Good Bishop Wilson, as he is affectionately; and deservedly called by the natives of the island, established an annual service for the Manx fishermen at the commencement of the season for the herring fishing, which, kept up for very many years, was at length suffered to fall into disuse. Last summer it was for the first time revived by the present Bishop of Sodor and Man; and on the above. mentioned day the service was again e formed among the picturesque and interesting ruins of Peel Castle; the zealous prelate. According to his wish, all classes, from the Lieut.-Governor of the island to the fishermen themselves, attended and joined in this solemn service. Though it is to be regretted that but few of the fishermen found it convenient to attend, there were more than on the same occasion last year; and it is to be hoped that they will gradually be induced to attend in greater numbers, and join the rest of the islanders in offering their praises for past mercies and prayers for future success and protection - for the spirit of piety, for which this interesting and hardy class of men wore formerly remarkable, has not entirely forsaken them, as still, when out at sea, they uncover their heads and bend in silent worship before commencing the night's fishing, .

In the accompanying Sketch, the group on the mound is intended to represent the Bishop pronouncing his blessing, surrounded by a few of his clergy, with two very old fishermen reclining behind them.

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