MARRIAGES 1682 - Jo: Parre of Kk Arborie & Jane Tunman of Mallew were married at Kk Arborie May 15th.
William Taggart (goefree) cum Cathrin Quincy Novem7:th

cf, Eliz: Postle (goefind .)' See 'The Manx Note Book,Vol. ii, P. 76.


1682-Ginnett Bridson buried June 20th poore had not jd
August 12°82° Matthew Cesar Martine Moore Robt Shimin John Quiddie and Henrie Sampsburie perished in a new boat of Edward Moores of Douglas within the point of the said towne the day above said in the forenoone beinge Sathurday beinge overloaden wth lime stones.

Robt: Quirke drum buried Decembr 19th he was found dead ten of the clock the night before beinge faln down the staires that goes to the Walles below the Chapple in the Castle at the house of Office.

Issable Shimin the distracted wooman and criple Jan: 3d.


1683-Richard Norris son to Mr Tho: Norris Atturney and Dorothie his wife baptized August 21th 83.
Thomas Tayler son to Tho: (Mananagh) bapt: Aug 24th
William Woods son to Tho: (all traid1) bapt 7ber 4th.
Cathrin Watterson daughter to Jo: (roy2) 9ber 25th.


1683-Tho: Quackin (downs) and Issable Bell married jan: 29°. And before they were married he tooke his oath upon the holy Evangilists that he heard not of his former wife who went out of the Isle for theft for eight yeeres that he went some yeeres agoe into Ireland to looke after her & was in her fathers house in Ireland lookinge & enquireing for her and that her father tould him (and soe did his son whom he had by her) that his son went for Dublin to beg her pdon beinge condemn by law for stealinge & could not p'vaile for her and that she suffered ; Jo: Harrison, hill.3 & his father Jo: Bell became bound for him to discharge the office.


1683-Major Rich: Stevenson was buried in the Chancle of Kk Arbory Aprill 20.

Cathrin Haywood daughter to Governor Haywood Esquire buried September the first.

John Hudson owner, Gowen Singleton, and Robt: Adderson perished; themselves and Ship were castaway Octo: 7 th aft the point of Langnos found and buried in the Church yard of Kk Mallew Octo: 15th by Jo: Kelly Ro: Moore etc. they were found where the ship was wrackd. Lancellott Dolton who perished in the said vessell was found Octtob: 21th and buried the same day with Singleton and Adderson. The name of the vessell was the Zebulon. Thomas Pickerin and Henry Crostid who perished with the above men were found on the 22th October and buried the said Day by [i.e. beside] the three last men.

Mrs Ellin Calcott als Woodwort buried Novr 4th.
William Kaukin neere Belfast buried in the Church yard of Kk Mallew neere the other Strangers aft the west stile Novr Vth.
Receiver Stevenson buried Aprill 20th 1683.
John Huddleston son to Wm of Ballacott buried with his forefathers in the Chancle of Kk Mallew Novem: xjth ano predicto.
Robt: Crosstead honnor Died at Tho: Ottiwells house and was buried in the Church yard betwixt the nooke of the Chancle and ye place where Jo: Hudson was buried close by the Chancle wall November 26th 1683.
James Rensha servant to Governor Haywood Esquire beinge in a high feaver, gott out in the darke night & was found perished upon the rockes under the towne and was buried with the men that perished aft Langnos December 9th.


1684-Baster:-Jo: Quiney fathered on Jo: Quiney of the miln in Kk St Ann deceased fathered upon him by Jane Tunman and bapt: Easter day March 30th.

Christo: Bridson son to Christ: (baruain4) Aprill 13 th.

James the 2th was proclamed Kinge of Great Brittaine ffrance and Ireland Defender of the faith on the 12th day of March 1684. In Castletowne att the Cross by the Right Worpll Ro: Heywood Esqr Governor of the Isle and all the officers Spiall and tempall Clergie, and 24 keyes Captaines & officers of Every pish in the Isle with great congratulacons and repeated acclamacons. Crowned at London April 3th 1685.


1684-John Christian cum Issable Parre 7ber 10th.


1684-May 22th 84.
This day the clarke and myselfe have recconed for buriall moneys that is past corn tythes and offerrings and all cleere betweene us.
Jonie Kellie carnlea buried June first.
Ann Lesquire wife of Hen: Lesquire, buried June the 20th in Kk Arborie.
Thos: Shaw, physitian, buried 7ber the last.
Humph: Cowley a begger buried October 25 th.
Sr Charles Parre5 buried in Ballaugh 9ber 23 th.
Robt: Cultree died att Castletowne December the 17th att night, and carried to Douglas the 18th to be lodged at home.
Margrett Halsall buried Jan: 22th.
Antho: Halsall buried ffebruarie first.


1685-Ellin Bridson daughter to Xpto. Veasie.
i.e., Christopher, the son of Bessie. Any Castletown man who can look back same forty years will be reminded of a well-known character, poor Dick Quayle, Vessie.


105 burials are registered this year, which must have been at least 8 per cent. for the population! The small-pox seems to have visited the parish in the first month of the year, March; and during the next six months 71 deaths are marked as having been caused by this disease, whereas during the same period there are only 13 other entries, three of the latter being prefaced by the words 'spotted fever,' and one by 'kings evil.' The list of burials breaks off in the middle of one page and is resumed in the middle of the next; and in the spaces thus left are the two following notes

This papire beinge soe bad soakinge Ink and not very legible have turned over as followeth.

The Right Reverend Baptist Leavens Lord Bp of Mann was instald by proxie in his Cathedrall in Peele the 6th of April, 1685.
His second was June 4th 1686.

Does this mean that he was installed in Person at the latter date ?

Tho: Ratclife son to Will: celpman.
i.e. the Kelp-burner. (See burials, 1687.)

Margtt Heywood daughter to the Right Worpll Robt: Esquire Governor of the Isle buried by [beside] her uncle Capt: Peter6 in the Chancle of Kk Mallew June 19th.
Jaine Haywood, infant, daughter to Governor Haywood Esquire buried Novemb: 5th.
This 12th of July1685.

Tho: Parre and John ffargher clarke have this day com to a recconinge for buriall moneyes & for corn tyth and offerings and all is cleere betweene us to this day as witness our names ye day and yeere abovesaid.


1686-Marie Ottiwell daughter to Tho: and Marie (wch was christened the same houre ye mother was buried) May 21th.
William Earle of Derby Lo: of Mann and Thisles [sic] landed att Duglas by ten of the clocke in the morninge on mid summer day as the Governor and officers with the people were at the ffaire Anno Domj 1686.

"The Fair"-so the Tynwald Court on S. John Baptist's Day is still commonly called.

Eliz: Quirke daughter to Tho : padice July 17th.

Most probably Tho: Quirk, of Paradise, the old name of the property, now known as " Ellerslie," at the north-end of Malew Street, Castletown. A family named "Saint" formerly lived there, and so the house got its name "Paradise," the abode of the Saints The adjacent land is still called Saint's Croft. Throughout the Register we find appellations which at first sight appear to be nicknames, but which are really meant to denote occupations or places of abode : e.g., breeke, for brickmaker; drum, for drummer; salley, for Ballasalla ; vaize, for Ballavarvane ; trollag, nank, and croke, for Ballatrollag, Ballanank, and Ballacroak; &c.

William Lowney sonn to Wm att the walk miln.
i.e., At the rope-walk.
Margret Cesar Daug: to Ro: and Lettice his wife. The first that was baptized by Sr John Parre.
Bapt: Heywood son to Ro: Heywood Esquire Governor of the Isle bapt: 7ber 21th.


1686-John Kneel Barreys man cum Issab: Caveen July 12th.
Mr Rich: Stevenson of Balley doole and Mrs Alice Haywood Daughtr to Robt Haywood Esqr Governr married Novemr ye 7th.


1686-Margrett Quackin who was murthered by Iny Curlett of Kk Marrown a mad woman with her granchild and most part burnt of them by her were buried June 17th 1686.
Note yt Comptrowler Norris was buried about the 27th. Oct: 86.
Wm Dawson son to Tho: Dawson Esquire (a presbyterian) out of Ireland buried in Skibricks seat in the body of the Church 7ber 20th.
Wm Cubon poor blind man buried Jan: ye 27th.


1687-Tho: Parr his lott for the tythes for Castletown School is in Sorby at the rate of 4£ 0s 08 beinge wth mutuall consent don by the undertakers of the free School and order from the Governor the 5th of febr. 1688.


1687-Sr John Parr and Margrett Patton weare married by Mr Richard Thompson ffebruarie 9th.


1687- . . . Caine buried May 29th got but 4d (!)
William Ratclife Kelpman buried June ye 23th.
Ed: Scarfe (who died a sudden Death) buried Octobr 13th.
Arthur Dawson son to Tho: Dawson Esquire and Aluma his wife was buried in the midest of the Church in ffargher. seat where his brother was buried and this was December the first 1687.
. . . Ruth daughter to Rich: Ruth Esquire and the Countess Jaine of Donagall his Ladie was buried under the Altar of St Maries Chapple in Castletown Januarie 13th 1687.


1688-This day the 19th of June 1688 was celebratted solemnized and obserued in honnour of the Birth of the prince of Wailes, with bonfires, ffiringe of Ornans & Drinkirige of the Kings queens and Prince of Wailes health and my Lord of Derbys.

June the 10th being Trinity Sunday He was born.

Joseph White son to Arnell White a frenchman bapt Aug: 27th.

Mr J: Parr went to Ramsey 7ber 28th 1688.

The prince of Oringe landed at Lime in the west of England with three thousand horse and foote the 5th of November (the gunpouder treason day) 1688. King Will: and Queen Mary wear Crowned king and Queen of England Scotland &c on St Geo. day Aprill 23 after 1689.

Daniell (the mother fathers the child on Doctor Morrison but he denieth) bapt: ffebr 24.


1688-Richard Stevenson (ye naturall) buried July 9 th.
Jaine Cesar of Ballhick buried July 29th.

This is the unfortunate lady who in 1659 was condemned to "acknowledge before the congregation" the Witchcraft, &c., of which she had been declared by a jury to be not guilty.

Mary Stevenson (ye natural) buried August ye 19th.
Ann Stevenson the Naturall buried Novembr 6th.

Strange that three idiots of the same name died in four months

Note that John Quaile Proctor Died suddenly att Knock Rushin the 13th of October and was carried to Peele Church & ther buried the munday after.

John ffarrant Senir buried March 20th. Note that this jo: was at Pecletown, came home, eat his Supper well, went to bed well, a caugh came upon him and suddenly dyed.

Qu: the "caugh" or the man ?


1689-Issable Bridson filia Christopher barvane.
Will: Gellin son to Gellin beg Bap: July 4th.
Cath: Halsall daughter to Mr Hen: and Margrett his wife baptized July 28th.
Ellin Parr daughter to Sr John Parr & Margrett his wife was was born August the 11th about 5 of ye Clock in the morninge, halfe floud, wind at south west, & Christened August 18th.
Ellin Kneele daughter to Jo.. (hector) bapt September the 22th.
William Watterson son to Jo : roy 7 November 15th.


1689-Caesar Brew was maried to Cath: Richardson about the 18th of ffebruarie by Mr. John Woods without licence.
See 28th March, 1691.



71 burials are registered this year.

Jaine Speare a Scott buried Aprill the 9th. June 27th Chapter day.

Note yt the Executors of Alice Scotson Jaine Quaile Jane Taylor Ellin Quay Marg: Hick Issable Quaile Carter ffaile Jo: Kermott and Dan: Caveen appeared not at this Court ergo to appear at next.

Amelia Huddleston wife to Capt : Tho: Huddleston als Amelia Christian cut her own throat in her own bed August the 28th and was buried in the night time unknown in the Chancle ye next night without the Knowledge of the Minister.

The Vicar does not seem to have been on very good terms with Captain Huddleston. There is something in the tone of the above entry which indicates, to say the least of it, a want of nice feeling and proper sympathy, and which augurs badly for the future relations between the clergyman and his parishioner. And so, when the Captain takes unto himself another wife in 1693, we are scarcely surprised to find the ceremony recorded in the Marriage Register in this way :-

Cap: Tho: Huddleston was married to Eliz: Calcott by Sr John Cosnahan clandestinly in my Church of Kk Mallew a little before sunsett on Septembr 10th 93 wthout licence and banns beinge forbidden before not to marrie any wthout my licence on the South side (I having the power of giveinge the licences on the South side and Mr Jo: Woods the power of giveinge the Licences of the North side of this Isle) and he gave under his hand that he had the said warning as appeareth.

In the midst of the Burial Entries for 1689 occurs this curious note :-

Sept 19th 1689. Tho: Parr Minister and John ffargher Clerk have recconed this day for all buriall moneys . . . 9 buriall of them at age since July 24th 1686: for malt and barley that Tho: Parr had Wth Som cheese ann plowings and the Corn tytlh of the said John wth the offerings of the said yeeres: all is paid and discharged to this present day to witt September 19th 1689 as witness both our subscriptions but 6s 3d that Thomas Parr oweth to John ffargher wch is the overplus in ye accounts wch is to be stopped in his corn tyth and offeringe at Easter next if it be not paid before.
Tho: Parr
John ffargher.

Octo: 27. Jo. ffargher past his word 30d.b for his seryts licence to witt
Plinlo Canell & Alice Lowey.

Ocl:ob. 14.90. Jo. ffargher past his word for Wm Quine and Issable Callows9 licence 3s 4d10

The papire being nought I have turned to the other side11.


1689-Coonie Stockan als Quirke buried Novem: 15th.
John Corrin moss buried 9ber 20th.
Mr Rich: Thompson Vicar of Kk Christ Rushin died December 31th and was buried in his owne Church January 2th in the Chancle.
John Tubman greene buried Jan: 7th.
Ann Tubman buried ffebruarie 4th 89.
Ellin Curlett that perished on the mountain ffeb 7th.
Robt. Shimine gildow buried March vth.


1 "Jack of all trades?"
2 See Baptisms, March 1691
3 " The hill," i.e. Ballachrink, still the property of the Harrison family.
4 Ballavarvane.
5 Manx Note Book,
Vol. i., p. 6o.
6 Burials. 1680.
8 Illegible
9 Note the difference in fees charged for these two marriage licences; perhaps on account of the circumstances of the applicants.
10 See Marriages 1690.
11 i.e., bad, worthless. Cf. 2 Kings, ii., 19, and Prov. xx., 14.


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