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1690-Cesar Brew was married to Cathrin Richardson the 18th of ffebruary 16901 And his son was born the 28'of September (90) and bapt: Octob : the 5th the said day.

When we remember the circumstances under which the parents were married (see Marriages 1689) we suspect the vicar had no very kindly feeling towards them when he thus recorded the birth of their seven-months' child.

Tho: Quackin son to Tho: (lince) bapt : 10ber 21.

A child of John Woods tinker baptized in Kk Saint Ann because Woods would not christen it on Sunday because of Inocents day therefore to take ym of theire superstition I denied to baptize it on munday beinge March 23th 90.

The Right Honble William Earle of Derbee landed in this Isle the 2nd time July 4th 1691 yt is in Derby haven attended wth the garrisons.

Roger Kenion Governor of the Isle also landed in Derby haven June 17th, 1691.


1690-Will Quine of Kk Mallew cum Issable Callow2 of Kk St Ann Octo: 14th. Security for him Jo: ffargher & for her Tho: Moore of Kk St Ann in penalty of 40£ to discharge the office.


1690-Kneele Caman,3 buried March 29th.

Margrett Crobin servant to uxor4 N ich Brew died in Castle town & buried in K: Christ Aprill 2th.

Sr Hugh Cosnahan was buried in his own Church yard under the great Stone 7ber 26th.

Mr Tho: Hodges perished in a vessell out of Whitehaven within Longness point on Sathurday at night October 25 and was found wth litle bruses or Crushes on munday morninge wthin the point neere where they were lost October 27th and buried the 28 day Simon & Jude day betwixt the font and the west gable neere the place where the Halsalls burie wthin the Church.

Robert Heywood Esquire Governor of the Isle after a very sore sicknes wth very great paine died about two of the Clock in the morninge upon Wednesday the seventh of Januarie and buried in the Chaple of Castletowne5 on friday after Jan : 9th.

Margrett Stanley wife of jo: Stanley of Ballacagin in Kk Arborie buried March first.

Mrs Margt Quackin alias Bridson died in Ireland about the year 1690. Her decree is in the Episcopl Registry, Lib. :2, P. 1706.

At the end of the Burials 1690 is the following note:-

Legacies bequeathed to Tho : Parr
from Wm Mcylleria his wife a good lam:6 in Ano 87.
from Robt: Wanricks wife a good lam: 6 Ano 89.
Jo: Harrison a la: 6 son to Tho: and ... Harrison hill
Exor. The same at Ballacroke & not paid yet.



Jaine Waterson daughter to Jo: red7 bapt : March 28.
Bradsho son to Tho : Popleton liveinge neer Liverpoole at Derby bapt : Aprill 18th.
James Wilson son to Ro : (Scotus) bapt : May joth.
The: Bridson and John Bridson twins sons to John Bridson of town bastards and to ffrances Comish bapt: July 24 th.
Robt and David Heywood twins and posthumes sons to Governor Heywood & Ellin his wife bapt: Aug: 28th.
A child of younge llarrant and a child of Will: Kewn were baptized 7ber 29th by Mr Quaile.
John Parr sonn to Mr John Parr and Jain his wife baptized March 21th.
Ann Illeriah daughter to Jo (owner) March 16.
John Quiggin son to Tho : (great quarter)8 March 16.


1691-It is deposed by Mr Robt. Quaile Curatt that Mr David Genkins and Mrs Mary Haywood were married by him August last 24th day 1691 Major Rich: Stevenson & wife prsent & not more.

The above entry is made in January 1691-2. It would appear, therefore, that the Master of the Grammar School9 had been clandestinely married by the Curate of the Parish, and the Vicar kept in ignorance of the fact until some five months afterwards, when the Curate coolly "deposes" to it ! This is certainly one of the most flagrant of the many grievances recorded in the Register, and, for once, we are inclined to wonder at the moderation of the Vicar's style.


1691- John Quaile vidus10 buried August 19th.
Christian Kelly a poure woeman out of Ballakilpat 11 buried Jan 23th.
John Righ who perished with a vessell at the Stack of Scarlett, found and buried in Kk Mallew Church yard Jan: 26th.
Jaine Bridson wife to John Bridson (called Jo: Laurance) buried Jan : 28th.


1692- William Genkins son to Mr David Schoolmaster of the free School and Mrs Mary Heywood his wife baptized June 2th.
Tho : Vaughan son to Peter Vaughan a stranger and in the King's armie and Janie Woods bapt August 5th.
Cathrin Harrison daughter to John deaf March 14th.
Robt : Watterson son to Robt: (Irish) March 5th.
Margrett ffargher daughter to jo: Crok12 ye same day.
Mr John Parr sworn in Castle Rushin Deemster (for the northside) July 6th 1693.


1692-Baptist Haywood son to Robt Heywood Esquire lait Governor buried in his uncles grave in the Chancle of Kk Mallew Aprill 12th.

Ellin Hiland daughter to Mary Whetson & husband buried in the Chancle of Kk Malew Aprill 30th the last day.

It is perhaps a fair inference from the above that the wife was the stronger character. The suffix "Whetsone," however does not indicate that she was a sharpener, but merely that she lived at Ballawhetstone, near the Church.

Alice Quaile (griney) buried May 14th.
Jaine Daile als Mountro a stranger who lay sick a longe tim, took noe food but water, and was buried in Kk Malew Church yard May 24th.
William Genkins child to Mr David Genkins Master of the free school buried June 5th.

Here the entries are again broken off in the middle of a page on account of the badness of the paper, (spelt paper and papire in the same sentence)

Turn to the other side because the paper is bad and will not hould longer or beare Ink on both sides because of the weakness of the papire.
Mr fferdinando Stanley Gentleman was buried under the great alleblaster stone13 on the north side of the Altar in Kk Mallew Church June 27th 1692.
David Heywood son to Governor Heywood deceased buried with the rest of the children in the Chancle of Kk Mallew on 9ber 23, 1692.


1693-Robt Bridson son to Christo: ballavervaine Baptized March 26.


1693-Capt. Tho: Huddleston
See Note on Burials 1689.

Silvester Huddleston cum Eliza Tubman jan: 9th pleaded licence from ye Governor.


1693-Capt: Aurthur Calcott buried August 20th.
John Harrison heire of Ballaglaney 10ber 24.
Elizabeth Calcott als Cesar buried 10ber 26. . . . child of ffinloe Gell buried Jan: 9th.


1694-John Quackin son to Tho: (lince) bapt: May 2th.
John Tubman son to Tho: of the green & Elizabeth Norris bapt: 7ber 17th.
Rich: Corrin son to Rich; (ginks) Decembr vth.
John Quaile son to Quaile Controller 10ber vjth.
Phrances Parr Daughter to Mr John Parr Deemster and Jain his wife baptized December 22th.
Richard Scaufield son to John Scaufield Quaker was baptised ffebr 7th 1694. Sr Cleve Moore Major Peter Heywood were godfathers and mrs Leonora Heywood the godmother.


1694-Nicho: Quaile cum jony Savage July 17th 94. Phill: Carrett bound in five pound half to the Lo: and thother half to Mrs Huddleston that Jony Savag shall doe her service out to Mrs Huddleston by herself or by another in her stead.


1694-Jo: Brice schoolmaster his mother buried June 12th 1694.
Mary wife of Capt: Calcott of Ballalaugh Died about vj of the clock July 8th and buried July ixth 1694.
Susana Morrey Daughter to David Morrey buried in Chancle of Kk Malew 27th of July.
October 2th ye Rackies child.

The parents lived at the place called The Racky."

. . . Norris dumb gerle at Mcilliriahs burch March 28th.
SR. THO: PARR, Rector14 of Kk Malew was buried April the 15th 1695.

Here we part company with the worthy Vicar, and the Register at once loses most of its interest. It is to be hoped that his body was laid to rest "under the Altar" as he had requested.15 He must have lived to a good old age, for he had been 54 years Vicar of Malew. For the last few years of his life he seems to have been assisted by a Curate, the Rev. Robert Quayle; but up to the time of his death the Vicar himself made all the entries in the Register, and the handwriting shews no sign of infirmity.

The absence from the early Registers of such an important matter as the age of deceased persons is surprising. Not a single entry of age occurs until 1714, after which we begin to find such entries in very rare cases of great longevity. It was only in 1828 that the practice of inserting the age of all persons buried first commenced in this Parish.

Sir Thomas Parr's successor, the Rev. John Woods, held the Vicarage for 44 years. He is best known as Bishop's Wilson's Episcopal Registrar, and, as such, he suffered his full share of the persecution to which the Bishop was subjected by the civil power. "Mr.Woods of Kk Malew" (says Keble16) ,as he was one of the most dutiful of the Clergy, so was he most particularly exposed, both by his office and his place of residence, to the interference of Lord Derby's agents." He was imprisoned in Castle Rushen at least three times for the conscientious discharge of his duties.


1696-Nicholas son of Major Peter Heywood was baptized June 16th.


1697-Jo : Shimmin junr being thrown off, & dragg'd after an horse, died immediately, & was buried June 27th .
Mr John Brindle of Leverpoole was buried on the north side of the ffont April 8th 1698.


1698-Jane, daughtr of Jo : Harrison (ffetly) bapt. Jan. 19th.


1698-9th Augt 98. This day Mr Jo: ffargher & I counted, & all is clear. Witness our hands

J. Woods
John ffargher.


1699-Major Peter Heywood was buried in ye Chancel, July 27th. His ffather the late Governr Heywoods17 coffin being removed from ye old Chappel in Town, & interr'd in the same grave with him.

Memd. Jony Corrin (a maid servt. at Ballaglanny) died there, & was buried in Kk Braddan, in July last.

Capt. Connor O Bryen, of the Earl of Thomond's ffamily, who perished betwixt a ffisher boat & the ship near the Calf, ffebr. ye 15th, was buried ye 17 th under the Alablaster stone18 near the Altar in Kk Malew.


1700- Captn John Wood & Mrs Leonora Heywood were married at the Nunnery the 19th of August 1700, the Right Honble Wm Earl of Derby being present.


1700-Elizabeth Quaile (an ideot) Decr 9th.


1701-John, son of Mr Turner Calcott Jan. 22th.


1701-Mr James Gibbons & Mrs Isabel Stevenson were married ffebr 12th.


1701-Capt. The: Huddleston (of Ballachot) was buried in ye, Chancel July ye 20th.


1702-Capt. Tho. Stevenson & Mrs Eliz: Huddleston were married together Octr 26th 1702.


1702-Thomas Harrison, who dyed in prison, was buried July 2o.
Mr Richard Quaile of Knockrushin was buried in Peeltown Church 14th Of July 1702.
Ellin Woods alias Lucas (my dear and loving Mother) was buried by the South Window in ye Chancel, August the 23 th 1702.


1703-John & Thomas, sons of Tho: Tubman & Margt Norris his wife bapt: March 13th.


1703- Mr Hen : Norris & Mrs Isabel Parr ffeb. 24th.


1704-Mr fferdinando Calcott Novr.

Memd. there dyed of the small-pox in this Town & Parish betwixt Augt. and Xtmas about 40 children.

The Vicar contents himself with this one summary entry of the whole forty. There are only five burials recorded between August 1st and December 31st, and only twenty-five in the year. Vicar Woods is evidently much more careless as a Registrar than his predecessor.


1705-Elizabeth, daughterof Mr William Ross, Academical Professor, May 2.


1705-The Reverend Mr James Makon & Mrs Rhoda Mercer were married December 31th 1705.

The educational institution at Castletown founded by Bishop Barrow, was at this time superintended by two clergymen, William Ross and James Makon, the former as Academic Master, the latter as Schoolmaster." (Keble's Life of Wilson, P. 377.)


1705-George Woods (my dear ffather) was buried by my mother near the South window in the Chancel, Septr 16th 1705.

Ellinour Briscoe (a Passenger) buried Decr 23th.


Malew Vicarage. HUGH S. GILL.  


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2 See the Note as to their Licence,
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3 Qu: caman f
4 the wife of.
5 Removed to the Chancel of Malew Church in July 1699.
6 Qu: lamb
7 See Baptisms Nov. 1683.
8 i.e., of the Kerroo-moar, a quarterland of Malew.**
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