House of Industry

Ellan Vannin Home

Established in 1834, for the reception of a certain number of the aged and infirm poor of the town, and for the distribution of outdoor relief. However in IoM Charities there is mention under Debh Doxon's will of 1822 of an existing House of Industry in Douglas (probably Lasnon's Charity).

Strongly associated with Dr W. Carpenter, curate of St Barnabas and a strong evangelical.

Somewhat modified from its original design by John Welch, the central tower and pinacles have been removed and extensions added. Now the Ellan Vannin retirement home.

Lithograph of House of Industry

Its strong links with the Establish Church led many non-conformists (i.e. Methodists) to refuse to support it unless its management was widened - this debate boiled over in 1868 (see report by J Brown). One example of the strong anti-catholic feeling of the evangelical wing who ran the House is recounted by A.N. Laughton.

The List of inmates for 1869 show that at this time it contained many children


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