John Eden, later Lord Auckland - Bishop 1847-54


AT first Eden was given to man,
A garden to work and to feed in;
But now we've an opposite plan,
For Man is given to Eden.
[see Mona Miscellany Manx Soc
xvi p231]

Youngest son of William, 1st Lord Auckland, born 10th July 1799, educated Eton and Magdelene College Cambridge. Priested 1824 and appointed curate of Eyam, Derbyshire (1824-5), Rector of Hertingfordbury, Herts (1825-35), Vicar of Battersea (1835-47). Became Chaplain to King William IV (1831-1837) and then to Queen Victoria (1837-47).

Appointed to the See following the sudden death of Bishop Shirley, who had held the post for less than three months before dying from pneumonia. Resigned on appointment to Bath and Wells where he remained until his death in September 1869. It was the unexpected death of his elder, unmarried, brother that gave him the peerage by which he bacame the first Manx Bishop to be able to vote in the House of Lords; ex officio he was a member of the Insular Executive Council.

Interested in education and appointed Diocesan Inspectors to visit parish schools. Seemed to gain respect of Manx though always looked on as a 'bird of passage' using the Island as a stepping stone to richer pastures. His departure saw some agitation to have Dr Carpenter (ex St Barnabas and well known evangelical) appointed as next Bishop.


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