[from Manx Soc vol 16]


IF to paint folly till her friends despise,
And virtue till her foes would fain be wise;
If angel-sweetness-if a God-like mind,
That melts with Jesus over all mankind.-
If this can form a bishop--and it can,
Though lawn was wanting-Hildesley's the man

When Bishop Hildesley was at Scarborough in 1764, the above verses were stuck up in the Spa room, and were taken down by him, and after his death found among his papers, with these words written underneath 'by the bishop, "From vain glory in human applause, Deus me liberat et conservat."
Bishop Hildesley succeeded Bishop Wilson in the See of Man in 1756, and was instrumental in the translation of the Scriptures into the Manx language, and originated Sunday schools in the Island. He died 7th December 1772.

ON BISHOP EDEN (afterwards Lord Auckland).

AT first Eden was given to man,
A garden to work and to feed in;
But now we've an opposite plan,
For Man is given to Eden.

The circumstance of the Honourable and Reverend Robert J. Eden, Vicar of Stockton-on-Tees, having been promoted to the Bishopric of Sodor and Man, has given origin to the above impromptu, by a contributor to the Edinburgh Evening Post, 1847. He is now Bishop of Bath and Wells.


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