Crossag or Monks' Bridge

Abbey bridge

A narrow 13th century bridge over the Silverburn immediately north of Rushen Abbey, adjacent to the mill race. Crossag from crosh-aeg - little cross

Apart from some repairs probably very much in the same state as built by the Cistercian monks.

The bridge is on the ancient Royal Way between Castletown and Ramsey - most of which now forms the basis for the Millennium Long Distance Path

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Its antique form has long interested antiquarians - the figure shows one of the small vignettes alongside the Map of the Island to accompany Chaloner's account bound in King's Vale Royal of 1656

1640's view

Abbey Bridge, 1787

Francis Grose published this view in 1787

Cumming left a short account in his article in Antiquitates Manniae, Manx Soc Vol XV

Monk's Bridge, 1860



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