1788 Deed of Sale of Slieu Roie

The deed was located and transcribed by George Callow, (thanks also to who Lois Ralph retyped it - I have kept as far as I can the original form)


Maughold & Lonan

Robt Lewney &    
John Quayle    
  to Sale of the
Edwd Callow   Slieu Roie
Thos Quine &    
Several persons    

Whereas certain parcels of Intack lands situate, Lying
and being in both Parishes of KK Lonnan and KK Maughold
(formerly the Property of Gabriel Griffith) called Slue Rooie
bearing nine shillings & a penny halfpenny chief Rent were
Exposed to sale by Publick auction on the 17th of March 1781
by George Oates the then coronr of Garff Sheading at wch
auction amongest other Robt Lewney of the Parish of KK
Lonnan did in behalf of himself and John Quayle of sd Parish
offer and Publickly bid the sum of thirty Pounds manx currency
and no other person or persons offered more The same therefore
was struck off and Declared to be the Purchase of the sd Bidders
whereupon he the said coronr in order to secure them in their
said Purchase did in virtue of his office Execute unto them
the said Robt Lewney & John Quayle a Bill of sale of the
aforesd Premises bearing Date the 5th of may following Legally
attested may more fully appear. And as the situation of the
said Premisses is convenient to sundry persons for Turf Heat[h]
furz and pasturage and being contiguous to the Estates of
others & conducive for the same purposes have found incumbent
to execut with them the said Robt Lewney & John Quayle
(according to their several circumstances) about the Purch[ase]
of the same, which was an argument of very easy access wi[th]
them the said Robt Lewney & John Quayle to Engage their
Promise, and accordingly agreed to sell unto them part or
Eight shillings and a penny Rent of their said Purchase at the
Rate of six shillings & six pence consideration for every penny
Rent of the same. And whereas the said Robt Lewney & John
Quayle by & with the consent of their wives did by Deed Execut[ed]
Dated the 23d of the said Month of May sell unto Thomas Looney,
Thomas Cowin & William Calley of the aforesd Parish of KK Lon[an]
a parcel of their said Purchase consisting of six pence chief r[ent]
the Boundary of which being fully set forth in the Expre[ss]
words of the same. And he the said Robt Lewney did in his
own behalf with the consent of Isabel his wife sell (by De[ed]
bearing Equal Date with the former) unto William Kerruish
of the said Parish of KK Maughold a farthing Rent of the said
Purchased Premisses adjoining the Intack land of Bal-allin
the Boundary of that parcel being already Laid out & marke[d]
as by said Deed may appear. To which Intack land of
Bal-allin he the said John Quayle is proprietor to one half
and so for his own conveniency Reserves a farthing Rent
of the said premisses adjoining the same (within the Bounds
which the said William Kerruishs Purchased premisses
Borders upon) in Lieu of the said farthing Rent that his
Partner Robt Lewney Dispossed of unto the sd Wm Kerruish
wch Reserved farthing Rent he the said John Quayle may at any
Time enclose and take the Benefit thereof wholly
himself without dett or molestation. By which adequate
Disposition of the said Grantors Robt Lewney & John
Quayle it appears that six pence Rent of their said
Purchase Remains Yet undisposed of wch they Reserve
for their own proper use as occasion may require
and for as much as the said premisses is inconvenient to the said
Robt Lewney on account of the Distance he lives therefrom
and for that Reason he is allowed to Dispose & sell one penny
Rent of the same, the remaining five pence being unalienable
and he hath but a Right to only Two pence thereof. And as
the persons who have treated with the said Robt Lewney &
John Quayle about the Purchase of the said premisses are
urgent in having the sd Intack lands of Eight shillings &
one penny Rent secured unto them by Deed Executed
whereto the said Robt Lewney & John Quayle have
agreed to Enter into with the conditions hereafter
mentioned and Provided ------ Therefore Know
all men by these Presents that I the said Robt Lewney
with the joint consent of Isabel Lewney my wife and
I the said John Quayle by & with the consent of Isabel
Quayle my wife Divers Good causes and Reasons us
hereunto moving but chiefly and more Especially
for and in consideration of the sum of Thirty one Pounds
Ten shillings & six pence of Good and Lawful money
according to the common currency of this Isle already paid
unto us before the signing and Delivery hereof the Receipt
of Payment we do hereby acknowledge by & from the Hands
of sundry persons in the several Parishes of KK Lonnan,
KK Maughold, KK Christ lezayre, KK Braddan & the Town
of Douglas in proportion to what Each Purchases is to
possess of the aforesd Premisses as hereafter mentioned, Tha[t]
is to say Edward Callow Ballachrink six shillings and
six pence, Thos Quine six shillings & six pence, John Hendrick
Junr. six shillings & six pence, Capt John Oates KK Conchan Thirteen
shillings. John Clague six shillings & six pence: William
Lewney six shillings & six pence, Philip Stowell six shilling[s]
& six pence, John Skillicorn cayrn six shillings & six pence,
Philip Costean six shillings & six pence, Thos Cally six
shillings & six pence, John Killip Thirteen shillings, William
Quark Thirteen shillings, William Mylroie six shillings
& six pence, John Kermod six shillings & six pence, Robt
Clague six shillings & six pence, John Callow beg sixteen
shillings & three pence, Philip Kinley six shillings & six pence
William Kewley Egneish six shillings & six pence, Thomas
Cowin Fallo-ne-Honnin thirteen shillings; Philip Kelly
six shillings & six pence, Mary Kewley widow six shilling
& six pence, John Kinley six shillings & six pence, Jame[s]
Hogg six shillings & six pence James Quayle six shilling
six pence Jane Kermod widow six shillings & six pence
Isabel Kewley widow six shillings & six pence, Philip Cowin
Junr Knock-a-chule sixteen shillings & Three pence, John
Skillicorn bane Junr sixteen shillings & Three pence, Capt
William Moore six shillings & six pence, Philip Cowin
Junr Knock-achule Thirteen shillings, James Moore Te[n]
shillings & six pence, John Kelly noa six shillings &
six pence, William Cowin Taylor Thirteen shillings, Thoma[s]
Looney Balla-moar Thirteen shillings, Thomas Skillicorn Skinsco[e]
sixteen shillings & Three pence, John Fargher Booilly moar
nine shillings & nine pence, Henry Skillicorn Balarragh nine
shillings & nine pence, Isabel Knacle spinster six shillings
& six pence, Thomas Skillicorn Clagherum six shillings
& six pence, James Kelly carpenter six shillings & six pence
Robt Davis KK Maughold six shillings & six pence, James Kelly weaver
Laxey six shillings six pence, Thomas Skillicorn occupant
of Ballaquark, six shillings & six pence, Philip Fargher
Junr nine shillings & nine pence, Philip Hogg Thirteen
shillings, Edward Callow occupant of said Ballaquark six
shillings & six pence, William Kelly weaver six shillings
& six pence, Simon Fargher six shillings & six pence
William Callow weaver six shillings & six pence; Thomas
Fargher miller six shillings & six pence, Philip
Skillicorn Junr six shillings & six pence, Philip
Cowin Foly six shillings & six pence, John Callow, occupant
of Balla-chrink six shillings & six pence, James Kewley
Gretch veg Thirteen shillings, John Myllecarraine nine
shillings & nine pence & Patrick Kewley Junr nine
shillings & nine pence, all of the Parish of KK Lonnan
John Cashin Folemitehal six shillings & six pence, Edmd Kerruish nine
shillings & nine pence; John Corteen Thirteen shillings
William Cashin six shillings & six pence, Wm Kermeen
Thirteen shillings, Philip Quilleash Thirteen shillings
James Hogg nineteen shillings & six pence & William
Kerruish nineteen shillings & six pence all of the Parish
of KK Maughold. Jane Kneale widow of Lezayre six
shillings & six pence & John Christian of the Town of Douglas
nineteen shillings & six pence, Have Given Granted bar-
gained passed over and sold And by these Presents
Do Give, Grant, alien, pass over and for ever absolutely
sell unto them & all and every of them the aforesd Purchasers
& their Respective Heirs Execrs admrs & assigns all our Right
Title Interest & property in and unto such part of our late
said Purchased Intack lands called Slue Rooie as will bear
Eight shillings & one penny chief Rent The premisses situate in
the aforesaid Parishes of KK Lonnan & KK Maughold and
bounded by the commons on the north & north west & by the
Intack lands of sundry Proprietors on all other sides. To
have & to hold unto them and all and every of them the aforesd
several alienees & their Respective Heirs Execrs admrs & assigns
the aforesd premisses & Intack lands of Eight shillings & one
penny Rent from and after the Day of the Date hereof foreve[r]
according and in proportion to what each & all & every of them
the sd allienees severally paid of the aforesaid consideration
money as before Recited, with all profits and advantages there-
of accruing & all ways and waters and other the appurtenances
thereunto the same belonging or in any wise appertaining
They the said allienees & their Heirs & assigns yielding & paying
annually the aforesaid Rent of Eight shillings & one penny
and the same to be optional in the setting Quest whom it
may concern to ascertain and Doing and performing all other
Dues & Duties annually Incumbent thereon at the Times &
seasons usually accustomed, and whereas we the sd Robt
Lewney & John Quayle have Reserved the aforesd unalienable
five pence Rent to our use and for our own conveniency
and having it not in contemplation to make a Division of
the aforesd Premisses in order to have our allotment thereof
by itself but that the same and the said alienees Purchased
Premisses of Eight shillings & one penny Rent be, Remain
and continue the one and the same Tract, walk & Easement
whereupon we have agreed to and with the sd several alienees
that no party or parties of us or them or our or their Heirs
or any of them shall at any future Time Divide the aforesd
Premisses of Eight shillings & six pence Rent in the whole
on or part, but that the same be, Remain & continue --a
common Easement to us and them and to our Heirs & their
Heirs upon all occasions & to all Intents & purposes for ever
and that the same be not alienable but to Inhere & belong
to our & their several Estates, Lands & premisses, of whatsoever
nature or Tenure as Lands of Inheritance Descendible
from ancestor to Heir. And for as much as there are a few
Individuals who have become Purchasers by this Deed and
are not Entitled to any Land or property, their Residence being
uncertain and may at some future Time Remove to some
Remote place and be thereby Disabled from Taking any
Benefit of the Premisses, that then and in such case, such
party or parties so Removing for the Time being be not
admitted to let or Demise in the whole or in part his or their
Right of the aforesd premisses but if inclinable to Dispose
of the same by Bargain & sale, that then the parties remaining
in possession are to have the preference and the consideration
money he or they so paid for the same to be refunded, so that there
be no advantage Taken on Either side. That also no party or
parties of us or them shall at any time through favour or
affection Give leave or Liberty to any person or persons to take
any Benefit of the aforesd Premisses other than Patrick Killip
and Thomas Fargher who are allowed by all the parties
concerned to take Benefit thereof During their Lifetime
and that no person or party whatsoever shall set fire and burn
any of the Heath growing thereon, such as may occasion annoyance
& Damage to the proprietors and that all parties who shall cut
Turf therein shall Lay the sods in the pits with the Greenside
upwards, and as the aforesd Premisses is Intended for a sheep
walk by the several proprietors so they are not to chase, worry
or abuse each others Goods thereon nor see the same to be Done
by others without Giving Notice thereof to the owner or owners
of such Goods nor to committ any other unbecoming action
whereby the Proprietors or Either of them may sustain
any Damage, and that also the aforesd Parties are not to
make any Encroachment upon the aforesd Purchased premisses
of the sd Thomas Looney, Thomas Cowin, Thomas Cally and
William Kerruish nor upon the said Reserved penny Rent
of Robt Lewney & farthing Rent of John Quayle so that they
be not Disquieted in the Possession of the same for ever by them
or any other person or persons under them by their means
procurement or consent, and as the parties are many & Reside in several
Parishes so they cannot conveniently consult and for that
Reason we the said Robt Lewney & John Quayle with all the
other parties have further agreed upon in order to prosecute
any person or persons who shall be Guilty of Trespassing on
the aforesd Premisses & committing Damage thereon that
one of the Proprietors (who shall be nominated by any Twelve
of them) shall in his own behalf & theirs undertake & carry
on such suit through the course of Law who upon the event
of the cause to be paid for his fees, Trouble & Expenses as will
appear necessary in the prosecution thereof; Provided tha[t]
the party so authorized shall not be Restrained from agree[ing]
with such person or persons when Discovered, upon Receiving
proper satisfaction. And for the True and faithful perform-
ance of all and singular the Beforegoing Bill of sale and Every
clause, condition & agreement therein contained, we
the sd Robt Lewney & John Quayle by & with the consent
of our said wives with all & every of the sd several
Purchasers do hereby firmly bind ourselves our Heirs
Execrs, admrs, & assigns Each to other in and under
the penalty of Two Hundred Pounds sterling to be
Levied and paid according to Law, as witness our
subscription & others with their marks to their
names this 19th November 1781.

Signed & Delivered Robt Lewney my X  
in presence of Isabel Lewney my X  
Pat: Killip my X John Quayle my X  
Wm Kermod my X Isabel Quayle my X  
  John Kinley his X  
  Henry Skillicorn his X  
  Thos Looney his X  
  Philip Quilleash his X  
  John Corteen his X  
  Edmd Kerruish his X  
  Wm Kerruish his X  
  Robt Davis his X  
  John Cashin his X  
  Jas Hogg his X  
  Wm Cowin his X  
  Thos Cally his X  
  Willm Moore his X  
  John Callow his X Thos Skillicorn Junr X
  Wm Cowin his X Philip Skillicorn
  Philip Cowin his X John Oates
  Wm Kewley his X Wm Kermeen his X
  Philip Fargher his X Thos Quine his X
  Wm Quark his X Simon Fargher his X
  John Callow his X James Hogg his X
  Philip Hogg his X Isabel Kewley her X
  John Killip X James Quayle his X
  John Hendrick his X Thomas Cowin his X
  John Kelly William Kinley his X
  Philip Cowin his X William Callow his X
  Edward Callow his X Pat: Kelly my X
  Jas Moore Jane Kneal my X
  John Clague  
  Wm Lewney his X  
  Philip Cowin his X  
  Wm Kelly his X  
  John Kewley his X  
  John Fargher his X  
  John Mylecarraine his X  
  James Kelly his X  
  John Skillicorn his X  
  John Skillicorn  
  Philip Kinley his X  
  John Kermod his X  
  Robt Clague his X  
  Wm Mylroie his X  
  James Kelly  
  Edwd Callow his X  
  Jane Kermod her X  
  Philip Kelly his X  
  Thos Fargher his X  
  Mary Kewley her X  
  Tho: Skillicorn  
  Jas Kewley 10th July 1787
  Pat: Kewley his X Robt Lewney, John
  Philip Costean his X Quayle and Issabel
  Thos Skillicorn his X Quayle his wife,
  acknowledged the before written  
  Deed of Sale to be their proper  
  act & Deed and Robt Lewney  
  and John Quayle acknowledged  
  the Consideration money  
  therein mentioned to be  
  fully paid.  
  Before me  
  Tho. Moore  
  21st May 1788  
  Thomas Skillicorn acknowledged the  
  before written Deed of Sale to be his proper  
  act & Deed  
  Before me  
  Tho. Moore  
  At a Court Baron holden at Douglas for  
  Garff Sheading the 21st day of May 1788  
  The before written Deed of Sale having been acknowledgd  
  before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and  
  no objection offered against it The same is therefore allowed  
  of and confirmed.  
  Tho. Moore  
  Richd Clague  



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