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List of Publications of Manx Society:

Although some volumes are still of historical importance they are now mostly collectors' items - the later numbers of the series being issued in small numbers are thus comparatively rare.

Vol. I. An Account of the Isle of Man. By W. Sacheverell. Edited by J. G. Cumming.1859.
Vol. II. A Practical Grammar of ... Manks. By J. Kelly. Edited by W. Gill. 1859.
Vol. III. Legislation by Three of the Thirteen Stanleys, Kings of Man. Edited by W. Mackenzie. 1860.
Vol. IV., VII., IX. Monumenta de Insula Manniae. Translated and edited by H. R. Oliver.3 vol. 1860-62.
Vol. V. Vestigia Insulae Manniae Antiquiora. By H. R. Oswald.1860.
Vol. VI. Feltham's Tour through the Isle of Man, in 1797 and 1798. Edited by R. Airey.1861.
Vol. VIII. Bibliotheca Monensis :a bibliographical account of works relating to the Isle of Man. By W. Harrison. 1861. (updated as volume XXIV)
Vol. X. A Short-Treatise of the Isle of Man. By J. Chaloner.1656. Edited by J. G. Cumming. 1864.
Vol. XI. A Description of the Isle of Man. By G. Waldron.1731. Edited by W. Harrison.1865.
Vol XII. An Abstract of the Laws, Customs, and Ordinances of the Isle of Man. Compiled by J. Parr. Edited by J. Gell. Vol. I. 1867,etc
Vol. XIII. An English and Manx Dictionary. Prepared from Dr. Kelly's, by W. Gill and :J. T. Clarke. 1866.
Vol. XIV. Memorials of "God's Acre." 1787. By J. Feltham and E. Wright. Edited by W. Harrison. 1868.
Vol. XV. Antiquitates Maniae Edited by J. G. Cumming.
Vol. XVI Mona Miscellany Edited by W. Harrison. 1869
Vol. XVII. Currency of the Isle of Man. Edited by C. Clay.1869
Vol. XVIII. The Old Historians of the Isle of Man. Edited by W. Harrison. 1871.
Vol. XIX. Records of the Tynwald and Saint John's Chapels in the Isle of Man. By W. Harrison. 1871.
Vol. XX Manx Miscellany. Edited by W. Harrison.1871, .
Vol. XXI Mona Miscellany 2nd series, Edited by W. Harrison. 1873
Vol. XXII, XXIII. Chronica Rogum Mannia, et Insularum. With notes by P. A. Munch. Revised by Dr. Goss. 2 vol.1874.
Vol. XXIV. Bibliotheca Monensis. New edition. By W. Harrison.1876.
Vol. XXV, XXVII. A History of the Isle of Man. Written by W. Blundell. 1648 - 1656.Edited by W. Harrison. 2 vol.1876, 77. .
Vol. XXVI. Illiam Dhone and the Manx Rebellion. 1651.With introductory notice, by W Harrison. 1877.
Vol. XXVIII Records of Saint Mark's Chapel, Isle of Man. Compiled from Papers of J. T. Clarke. By W. Harrison1878.
Vol. XXIX. An Account of the Diocese of Sodor and Man. By W. Harrison. 1879.
Vol. XXX. Manx Miscellanies (2nd series). Edited by W. Harrison.1880,
Vol. XXXI. The Constitution of the Isle of Man. 1792. Edited by R. Sherwood. 1882.
Vol. XXXII, XXXIII Book of Common Prayer in Manx Gaelic. Ed by A.W.Moore 1893

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