[From Manx Soc, vol. 26]

No. XXI.


Charles II., Vol. lxxv. No. 106, I.

Intercepted Letter from George Christian.

Honored Sir-I shall bee breife and tell you that as I did informe your businesse would fall out in the Isle soe it doth, if I had any confidence in the bearer I would discover more but I hope what was promised will be performed, the rest, is that I am yor devoted & obedient frend,


Date Castletowne the 9th of June 1663.

Postscript.-There is One Major Thomas Stanley that was sent over by Mr, Jones & that sent him a ship board & by my Lord of Darby's order.

The Superseciption.-For his highly esteemed frend Sir Jephara St. Johnes, leave this at the 3 Anchors in Milke Street & deliver it with yor owne hands from Geo. Christian. Indorsed.

Intercepted Lre. Ea, Derby.

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