[From Manx Soc, vol. 26]

No. XX.


Charles II., Vol. lxxv. No. 106.

Earl of Derby to Secretary Bennet respecting Sir Jefferey St. Johns, etc.

Sr - In obedience to your commands I was at Whitehall to give you an account of the person named in the letter I left with you, upon diligent inquiry by two of my servants severally (& one of them was at the three anchors) they can heare of noe Sr Jefferey St Johns, but of one Sr Water St Johns they doe who lives at Battersea, having given you this account (wch I endeavoured to doe personally) I have noe more to say but that I am Sr yr humble Servant,


Derby House, 22 Jun. 1663.

1 shall humbly desire his Majesty's commauds concerning Geo. Christian as also the dismission of these persons here in towne (if his Majesty thinke good) whose presence in the Island will very much secure the peace thereof & allegiance to the King.


To the right hoble Sr Henry Bennett Principall Secretary of State These -

Endorsed. 22nd June 1663 R 22 Ea. Derby.

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