[From Manx Soc, vol. 26]



Car. II, Vol. lxxv. No. 107.

Earl of Derby to Secretary Bennet.

Sr - Since I gave you the trouble of my last by Major Henry Nowell I have this further account to give that the bearer hereof (whose name is Roper) has been at the three anchors in Milke Streete where pretending to come from George Christian he spoake to the prentice of the shopp (the Master of the shopp his name is Walton) & told him hee came with a special message from the said Geo. Christian whereupon the prentice smiled upon his naming Sr Geoffere St Jones but denied he knew any such person but said George Christian's brother would be at that house this night

This I thought fitt to acquaint you with-all this night, am, Sr yr humble Servant, DERBY. Derby House 22 June 1663.


For the right hon Sr Henry Bennett Principall Secretary of State. These.

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