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A Historical Sketch and Descriptive View of the Isle of Man: designed as a Companion to those who visit and make the tour of it. By Samuel Haining. Douglas : printed and sold by G. Jefferson, for the Author ; sold also by Lane and Son, Wellington News Room, Pier ; and J. Townsend, Ramsey. 1822. Small Octavo. Pp. 192. Map and two Views, Castle Rushen and Peel Castle.

The Rev. Samuel Haining was the Minister of the Independent Chapel in Atholl Street, Douglas. This was the first Guide Book designed for Tourists in the Isle of Man.

The second edition was published in 1824, "greatly improved."

Mr. Haining made some remarks on the Manx Methodists, which called forth some angry discussions in the public prints. A Wesleyan preacher, Mr. Humphrey Stevenson, discovered seven grammatical errors in one page. Mr. H. called Stevenson a Goliah in grammar ! These remarks were left out in the next edition. Mr. Haining published " A Sermon on Regeneration : shewing that it is essential to Salvation :- explaining its Nature ; exhibiting the advantages arising from it, etc." Douglas. 1822. Price 6d.

C. HULBERT.—No date.—[1822.]

Strangers’ Friend ; or a Guide to the Isle of Man, Halton Runcorn, Hawkstone Park, and Shrewsbury. To which are added Interesting descriptions of various sublimities and curiosities of Nature, in different parts of the Globe. By C. Hulbert, Author of the Select Museum of Nature and Art, Literary Beauties, and Varieties, etc.

"Perhaps I may see these delightful scenes no more ; but oh ! ye objects, do you appear as lovely and delightful to my children and to my friends, as ye now do to me. " Dupaty.

Shrewsbury : printed by the Author : and sold by G. and W. B. Whittaker, London : Clarkes, Thomson, and Roberts, Manchester ; Kaye, Liverpool ; and Jefferson, Douglas. 24mo. Pp. 12-92.

" The Isle of Man," pp. 25 to 42. A Woodcut of Bishop Wilson and a Manx Cottage. The Tour was made in May 1820.


Banglaneyn y Chredjue Creestee, as oardaghyn crauee Agglish Hostyn, er nyn Soiaghey magh liorish ny ardaspickyn as ny aspickyn as ooilley ny saggyrtyn, ayns y chaglym cooidjagh oc, er ny’reayll ayns Lunnin ayns y Vlein 1562, son shaghney streu mychione y chredjue, as son shickyraghey cordail mychione Craueeaght Firrinagh. Lunnin : Prentit liorish Ellerton as Henderson, Johnson’s Court, son yn Prayer-Book as Homily Society, 134 Salisbury Square. 1822. 12mo. Pp. 16.

The thirty-nine Articles in Manx.


Extracts from the Reports given in the Isle of Man Gazette, and the Rising Sum, on the proceedings at the several Tynwald Courts held in the Isle of Man, by his Grace, John, Duke of Atholl, Governor-in-Chief and Captain-General of the Island, and Cornelius Smelt, Esq., Lieutenant-Governor thereof. From the 5th July to the 1st October 1822 inclusive. Douglas : printed by T. Davies at the Phoenix Press. 1822. Octavo. Pp. 130.

Giving an account of the dispute with the Duke of Atholl and the Keys respecting the appointment of Commissioners of Highways. At the Tynwald held at St. John’s, on the 5th July, in this year, the Duke of Atholl entertained 180 ladies and gentlemen to " an excellent repast, with wines of the best quality," in a large tent erected on the Fair field.

In this account is also an extract from the House of Keys Journal, 30th July 1822, of " Statement of Charities for Promotion of Education in the Isle of Man, and abuses thereof," pp. 107-121.


On the Stratification of Alluvial Deposits and the Crystalization of Calcareous Stalactites, in a letter to John Mac-culloch, Esq., M.D., etc. etc. etc. By H. R. Oswald. Douglas : printed by G. Jefferson, Duke Street. 1823. Octavo. Pp. 48.

LIEUT. J. C. BLUETT.—1823.

The Address and Reply delivered by Lieut. J. Courtney Bluett, R.N. (with other proceedings), in an Appeal before the Honourable the House of Keys, assembled at Castletown in the Isle of Man, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 26th and 27th February 1823. Douglas : printed for John Sumner, True Manxman Office. Octavo. Pp. 96.

This was an appeal from a Common Law Jury, on a breach of promise of marriage, in which Miss Ritchie obtained £500 damages. The House of Keys awarded £50. For further matter on this subject see Duggan’s " Touchstone," 1845, pp. 36 to 47. The whole of the Evidence produced on the trial in the Common Law Courts, October 9th, 1822, is here printed.


The Sentimental Gleaner, from Esk Bank Academy to the Isle of Man, retrograding to Penrith, Cumberland, vid Whitehaven. By George Thomson, author of the " Sentimental Tour to London," etc.

" Omne taut punctum, qui miscuit utile dulci Lectorum delectando, pariterque monendo."

Penrith : printed for the Author by J. Brown. 1823. 12mo. Pp. 228.

Address, etc., pp. iii. to vi.

The author was a humorous Cumberland schoolmaster.


The Isle of Man Diary and New Almanack, for the year of our Lord 1823 : Being the third after Bissextile or Leap Year, and fourth of the Reign of His present Majesty, King George the Fourth ; including a correct Tide Table; as also, Equation, Meteorological Bearings, Distances, Interest, and other Tables ; with a variety of additional Articles useful to Gentlemen, Merchants, Seamen, Farmers, and the Public in general Douglas : printed by T. Davies, at the Phoenix Press, Parade, for the Proprietor. Small octavo. Pp. 58. A small Map of the Isle.


The Geographical and Topographical Guide of the Isle of Man, intended for the use of Travellers and Tourists, and of those who, visiting this fine Island as sea bathing quarters, or as a cheap, pleasant, and convenient marine residence, are desirous of a succinct description of it.

" Health in the breeze, retirement in the vale
Where moderation dwells, bath’d in the tide
Of vigorous ocean."

Douglas : printed and sold by G. Jefferson ; sold also by E. Willan, Liverpool ; Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, London,

1823. Small octavo. Pp. 76. Index, pp. 2. View of Douglas.

[for H R Oswald see brief biography]


Transactions of the Society of the Antiquaries of Scotland,

Vol ii., Part ii. Edinburgh : printed by Alex. Smellie, Printer to the Society of Antiquaries, for W. and C. Tait. Princes Street ; and T. Cadell, Strand, London. 1823. Quarto.

Pp. 490-501." Account of a Stone with a Runic Inscription, presented to the Society by the late Sir Alexander Setoun, of Preston, and of some other Inscriptions of the same kind in the Isle of Man. A plate of the Runic Inscriptions at Kirk Michael and Kirk Braddan, with the various readings from Camden’s " Britannia," Gibson’s and Gough’s editions. Mr. Oswald of Douglas communicated to the Society several of these Inscriptions in 1817.


Transactions of the Society of the Antiquaries of Scotland. Vol. ii., Part ii. Edinburgh : 1823. Quarto.

Pp. 502-508.—" Notes of Reference to the Series of Delineations of the Runic and other Ancient Crosses found in the Isle of Man;"

Three Plates, containing 17 figures of Crosses, beautifully engraved by W. H. Lizars. Mr. Oswald of Douglas communicated this paper.


A Return of the Civil Establishment of this Island ; stating the name and office of each person ; whether he does the duty in person, or by deputy ; and by what authority the appointment is made : stating also the amount of salaries and allowances of every kind, received by each ; and the amount of contingent expenses, under separate heads, in the year 1822. Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 20 June 1823. Folio. 1 Sheet.


Returns of the Produce of Customs and Expenses of its Establishment. Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 25 June 1823. Folio. A sheet. Pp. 3.

— MARSDEN.—[1823.]

Historical Notices of Edward and William Christian, two characters in Peveril of the Peak. Printed by B. Bensley, Bolt Court, Fleet Street. Small octavo. Pp. 42. No place or date.

" Peveril of the Peak " was first published in 1822, and the " Historical Notices " have been reprinted in the later editions of that work in " Appendix to Introduction," along with the " Lament for William Dhône," and a copy of the Order of the Privy Council, dated " Whitehall, 5th August 1663," also in "Antiquary’s Portfolio," 1825. This edition was privately printed, and very few copies circulated, being afterwards called in by Mr. Marsden when he left the Island. He resided for some years in the neighbourhood of Castletown. His brother, J. A. Marsden, of Liverpool, planted the grounds at Glen Helen and Rhenass in this Island, now much resorted to by strangers. In the first edition of this List it was, in error, attributed to Col. Wilks, author of the " History of Mysur."


The True Manxman. The first No. published by J. Sumner. Continued one year.


Pigot and Co.’s Directory of the Isle of Man. Octavo. This was the first introduction of the Isle of Man into their Directories.


Petition to the House of Commons of the House of Keys of the Isle of Man. Presented May 1824, with observations. London : printed by A. J. Valpy, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street. 1824. Octavo. Pp. 43. See the Blue Book, 1825, for Answers to the Charges contained in this petition.


Papers relating to the Isle of Mann, ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 20 February 1824. Folio. Pp.2.

Instructions to his Grace the Duke of Atholl, " directing him to exclude the Keys from further attendance at Courts of Tynwald, for the purposes of General Gaol Delivery."


The Isle of Man Guide ; containing an Historical Sketch, and Descriptive Views of the Island. Illustrated with a Map and Plates. Liverpool 1824. Small Octavo. Pp. 201.

The Second Edition, " carefully corrected and greatly improved." Editions published with change of date in 1839-1841.


.—(Rev. M. Russell) An Historical Catalogue of the Scottish Bishops down to the year 1688, by the Right Rev. Robert Keith, etc. Also, an account of all the Religious Houses in Scotland at the Reformation, corrected and continued to the present time, with Life of the Author, by the Rev. M. Russell, LL.D. Edinbro’ :1824. Octavo.

Isle of Man—The See of the Isles, giving an Account of the Bishops of Man, pp. 293-308. An Edition in 4to. was published at Edinburgh, 1755.


The Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia, or the original, Antiquated, and Natural curiosities, of the south of Scotland; containing sketches of eccentric characters and curious places, with explanations of singular words, terms, and phrases ; interspersed with Poems, Tales, Anecdotes, etc., and various other strange matters ; the whole illustrative of the ways of the Peasantry, and Manners of Caledonia; drawn out and alphabetically arranged. By John Mactaggart.

" May ne’er waur be amang us."

 Tinicler’s Toast.

London : printed for the Author ; and sold by Morrison, Fenchurch Street, etc., and Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ayr, etc.

1824. Octavo. Pp. 504. Introduction, dated Torrs, Feby. 12th, 1823, pp. xii.

Many of the Sayings and Customs of Galloway are also to be found in the Isle of Man, and which are very curiously illustrated in this little known and scarce work of Mactaggart’s. The Isle of Man is noticed at pp. 157-308, and 502.

WM. ROPER.—1825.

A Short History of the Transactions, in the Isle of Man, on which the House of Keys founded their late Petition to the House of Commons against his Grace the Duke of Atholl ; together with Answers to the Charges therein contained. Published from authentic documents. Second edition. Douglas : printed by G. Jefferson, Duke Street. Octavo. Pp. 128. Commonly called " The Blue Book."

A curious expose of matters connected with the administration of justice, and the integrity of persons in office.

The first edition appeared the same year.


Jefferson’s Improved Manks Almanack and Tide Table : showing the Rising and Setting of the Sun and Moon ; also times of High Water for the Isle of Man, and at the different Ports and Harbours in the North, and in St. George’s and Bristol Channels, with a variety of other new, accurate, and useful Tables, for the year 1825 ; being the first after Bissextile or Leap Year, and the Sixth of the Reign of his Majesty George III., with an Appendix.

" They continue this day, according to thine ordinances."
Psalm cxix. 91.

Douglas : printed and sold by G. Jefferson, Bookseller, Duke Street. Small octavo. Pp. 60.

Gentleman’s Magazine.—1825.

Account of the Isle of Man. Dated " Rosegill, Westmoreland, Aug. 12." Signed G. H. Gentleman’s Magazine.

1825. Part ii. vol. xcv. pp. 99 to 103.

At page 460, an Account of the disturbances on the Tithe on Green Crop.

E. S. CRAVEN.—1825.

A Legend of Mona. A tale in two Cantos. By E. S. Craven. Douglas : printed by J. Penrice, Manx Rising Sun Office, and published by L. Lane, at his Circulating Library, North Quay, Douglas ; sold also by the principal Shopkeepers throughout the Island. 1825. Small octavo. rp. 44.

The first publication of the Authoress. It is reprinted in Mrs. Craven Green’s " Sea Weeds and Heath Flowers." Douglas. 1858.

- MARSDEN.—1825.

The Antiquary’s Portfolio, or Cabinet Selection of Historical and Literary Curiosities, etc. By J. S. Forsyth. In two volumes. London : MDCCCXXV. 12mo.

In Vol ii. pp. 118 to 151, is " Historical Notices of two characters in Peveril of the Peak," by Mr. Marsden. See a notice under date 1823, page 127, supra.


The Manks Sketch Book, or Beauties of the Isle of Man. By T. Ashe. Douglas. 1825. Oblong Octavo.

Beautiful Prints of the Island Scenery.

Mr. Ashe was the Author of " Belville and Julia," a Manx Novel, which I have not met with.

Olphar Hamst, in " Notes and Queries," fourth series, vol. ii. p. 340, 1868, says that Captain Thomas Ashe was a sort of literary Jack-of-all-Trades, and author of some twenty works on various subjects, and during his residence in the Isle of Man wrote and published there, " The Manks Monastery; or Memoirs of Belville and Julia." He was of an Irish family, and died in poverty about 1831. He was the author of " The Hermit in York." Hull 1823. Square 12mo. Pp. 123. Only a few copies printed.


Meteorological Observations made in the Isle of Man. 1822-25. By Robert Stewart, Esq., in Brewster’s Edinburgh Journal of Science, vol. v. PP 231.


Map of the Isle of Man.

To the Right Hon. George Canning, M.P., His Majesty’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, this Map of the Isle of Man is, by Permission, respectfully dedicated by his faithful and obedient servant, John Drinkwater. From a Trigonometrical Survey by Mr. Benjamin Smythe. Published as the Act directs by John Drinkwater, Esq., Sept. 1st, 1826. Sheet, 24 inches by 36 inches. Engraved by J. and A. Walker, Pool Lane, Liverpool.


Poems : principally on Sacred Subjects. By the Rev. Robert Brown, Minister of St. Matthew’s, Douglas, Isle of Man.

" If I one soul improve, I have not lived in vain."
Beattie’s Minstrel.

Published by James Nisbet, 21 Berners Street, London. MDcccxxvl. 12mo. Pp. 155.

The Poems connected with the Island are :—Page 52, Elegy on the Right Rev. Thomas Wilson, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man ; page 60, My Native Land ; page 62, Lines on Viewing Peel Castle by Moonlight ; page 93, Lines on Viewing the Nunnery, near Douglas, in the Isle of Man. The author was Vicar of Kirk Braddan, and died in 1846.

SIR WM. HILLARY, Bart.—1826.

The National Importance of a Great Central Harbour for the Irish Sea, accessible at all times to the largest vessels, proposed to be constructed at Douglas, in the Isle of Man.

By Sir William Hillary, Baronet, author of "An Appeal to the British Nation on the Humanity and Policy of forming a National Institution for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck," etc. Douglas : printed for G. Jefferson, Duke Street : Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, London : E.Willan jun., Liverpool 1826. Octavo. Pp. 21.

A Plan of Douglas Bay and Harbour.

DR. HIBBERT.—1826.

A Memoir of the Discovery of the Megaceros Hibernicus, or Fossil Elk, in the Isle of Man. Published in the fifth number of the Edinburgh Journal of Science, 1826, vol iii., pp. 15, 31, and 129.

" Generally known under the term Irish Elk ; it ought to have been called Manx Elk, or Megaceros Monensis, as the first described specimen was found in the Isle of Man, and the remains are abundant for the size of the Island."— Cumming’s "Isle of Man," p. 10, note.

Other remains are known to exist in the Island, and only require a favourable time for exhumation.

H. R. OSWALD.—1826.

Observations relative to the Fossil Elk of the Isle of Man. By H. R. Oswald, Esq., F.S.A., Surgeon. Published in the 3d vol. of the Edinburgh Journal of Science, 1826, p. 28.


Memoirs of Mr. William Leece, a native of the Isle of Man; with copious extracts from his Journal. By the Rev. Hugh Stowell, Rector of Ballaugh, Isle of Man.

"No species of writing seems more worthy of cultivation than Biography ; none can more certainly enchain the heart by irresistible interest, or more widely diffuse instruction to every diversity of condition. "—Johnson.

H. R. OSWALD, F.A.S.—1828.

Some Observations recommendatory of a General Infirmary for the Isle of Man (Luke x. 35). By H. R. Oswald, F.A.S., Surgeon to the Household. Douglas : printed by G. Jefferson. 1828. Foolscap Octavo. Pp. 12.

Gentleman’s Magazine.—1829.

On the Round Tower in Peel Castle. A letter dated " Dublin, Dec. 22," signed J. S. Gentleman’s Magazine, 1829, part ii., vol. xcix., p. 14.

The writer considers that such Towers were built at various periods between the sixth and twelfth centuries, for belfries attached to religious buildings.


Liorish sheshaght ec Bristol, jeh Agglish Hostyn, son skeaylley lioaryn beggey crauee. Cooney dy Gheddyn Aarloo son Baase : ny yn Chreestee er Lhiabbee dy Hingys. Sold at the Depository, 6 Clare Street, Bristol, etc. Printed by J. Chilcott, 30 Wine Street, Bristol 1829. 12mo. Pp. 20.

Many other tracts of this description were printed at Bristol in the Manx language, as, Coontey jeh saggyrt. 12mo. By the Rev. W. Tyndall.


Copies of the Contracts and Agreement between the Lords Commissioners of his Majesty’s Treasury and his Grace John Duke of Atholl respecting the Sale and Conveyance of the Isle of Man.

Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 18th May 1829. Folio. Pp. 15.


Plain and Practical Sermons. By the Rev. Thomas Howard, Vicar of Braddan, Isle of Man.

" I will endeavour that you may be able, after my decease, to have these things always in remembrance. "—2 Peter i. 15.

Third edition, revised. London. James Nisbet, Berners Street. 1829. Pp. 272.

Dedicated to the Inhabitants of Braddan, Isle of Man. Sermon xviii. The blessedness who die in the Lord. Preached on the death of Mrs. Stowell, wife of the Rev. Hugh Stowell, Rector of Ballaugh, Isle of Man. Rev. xiv. 13.

WM. BENNET.—1829.

Sketches of the Isle of Man. By Wm. Bennet, of Wester Duddingston, County of Edinburgh. London : 1829.


The Rules of the Isle of Man Society for the Promotion and Encouragement of Rural Economy and Industry generally.

Douglas : printed by J. Quiggin, at North Quay. 1830. 12mo. Pp. 8.

SIR WM. HILLARY, Bart.—1830.

A Letter to the Trustees of the Academic Fund, on the Expediency and Importance of establishing a School of Navigation, as a branch of the Projected College, in the Isle of Man. By Sir William Hillary, Baronet. Douglas printed and published by G. Jefferson, Duke Street. 1830. Octavo. Pp. 15.


Howard’s " Vade Mecum" or Tourist’s Companion from Manchester (by the Railway) to Liverpool, and thence through to the Isle of Man. Together with a Map of the Island. Dedicated by permission to Sir George Drinkwater, Knt. Price 2s. 6d. Sold by Worrall and Taylor, Clarendon Buildings, and Mr. Clement, artist, Bold Street, Liverpool. On a sheet in a case. Date on the Map 1830. Published by Quiggin, Douglas.

Mr. Howard issued proposals for publishing a work on the Island, and obtained upwards of 500 subscribers to it, but the MS. was by some means lost and the work never appeared. Connected with it the following advertisement was issued :— " 15th September 1828. By Particular Desire, and with high and extensive Patronage, will be published in the shape of a small octavo, a Work, by T. Howard, Esquire, to be entitled An 18 Years’ Residence on the Isle of Man. The work is intended to convey, in a manner and style as pleasing and agreeable as possible, correct information on those subjects connected with the Island which must be equally useful to Strangers and Native Residents, whether men of business or pleasure. The work will comprise also the most active and eventful period of the Author’s Life ; noticing in a particular manner the many advantages and disadvantages resulting from a married life ; also, every vicissitude likely to amuse or instruct will be carefully narrated, without the slightest intention to outrage the feelings of the scrupulous or wound the keen sensibility of the delicate. The author, solicitous only to please, will, without regard to rank or station, insert every biographical incident that may appear worthy of notice. A very few highly finished sketches of the most interesting views and scenery will be included in the work."

The original subscription book, in the autograph of almost every respectable inhabitant of the Island, is in my possession. Mr. Howard was well known under the cognomen of " The Duke of Norfolk." His portrait was published in 1834.


The Isle of Man Charities. Liverpool : printed by D. Marples, Lord Street. 1831. Octavo. Pp. 139.

" The profits of this publication, should there be any, will be applied towards the building of a Vicarage House in the parish of Malew."—.note on a Slip.

This account was drawn up by J. M’Hutchin, Esq., Clerk of the Rolls, and George Quirk, Esq., and is brought down to the year 1827. A Committee of the Tynwald Court has been appointed, and are now investigating the charities up to the present time, 1861.

A large additional mass of information connected with the Charities of the Island has been obtained by this Committee, but they have not, up to this time (1876), given in a report of the same.


Returns of the Expense of the whole Establishments now maintained in the Isle of Man, and paid from public monies ; also, of the Duties of Customs and Excise in the Isle of Man, where the rates are less than in England or Scotland.

Ordered by the House of Commons to be printed, 9th February 1831. Folio. Pp. 6.

H. R. OSWALD.—NO date.—[183l.]

The Isle of Man Guide ; being a Historical, Geographical, and Topographical Account of its past and present state ; intended for the use of Travellers and Tourists, and of those who, visiting this fine Island as sea bathing quarters, or as a cheap, pleasant, and convenient Marine Residence, are desirous of a succinct description of it. By H. R. Oswald, FR S.

"Health in the breeze, retirement in the vale,
Where moderation dwells, bath’d in the tide
Of vigorous ocean."

Third Edition. Embellished with a Frontispiece Map, four Lithographic Views, and numerous Wood Engravings. Douglas : printed and published by G. Jefferson, Duke Street. (No date.) Small Octavo.

Introduction, etc., pp. xv. ; Guide, pp. 125.


Statute Laws of the Isle of Man, passed since the year 1821. With an Appendix containing the Regulations of the Insolvent Debtors’ Court ; the Act of Parliament for Regulating the Trade of the Isle of Man ; and an abridgment of such British Statutes as relate to the Isle of Man. Published by the Authority, and under the patronage of the Honourable Cornelius Smelt, Lieutenant-Governor, the Council, Deemsters, and Keys of the Isle of Man. By George Geneste, Esq., Advocate. Liverpool : printed by David Marples, Lord Street. MDCCCXXXII. Royal Octavo, pp. 146.

" Contains, with the exception of one or two temporary Acts which have expired, all the Insular Statutes which have been passed since the publication of Mr. Mills’s folio edition of The Statute Laws of the Isle of Man.’ "—Preface.

The last Act in this work was promulgated on the 5th July 1832.


A Poetical Guide to the Isle of Mann, by a Manksman. Liverpool : printed by S. H. Sankey, Vine Place, Lord Street. May be had of all the Booksellers. 1832. Price eighteenpence. 12mo. Pp. 53.

A Plate of " A View of Peel Bridge." The Author was Vicar of Kirk Patrick, and died in 1841.


A Catalogue of the Books, Pamphlets, etc. etc., comprising the Isle of Man Library, on the first day of January 1832.

To which are prefixed the Laws for regulating the same. Douglas : printed for the Proprietors by G. Jefferson. 1832. 12mo. Pp. 40.

The books are contained in Cases (14) marked A to O. The total number of volumes in this catalogue is 1228. This Library was dispersed by auction. This Catalogue was reprinted in May 1842, with additions made since the former publication.

J. CURRAN.—1832.

Observations on the Rev. Mr. Aitken’s Sermon, preached in the Methodist Chapel, Douglas, from John ix. 4, on Friday evening, Nov. 9, 1832. By J. Curran. Douglas: printed and published by G. Jefferson. 1832. 12mo. Pp. 16.


A Memoir of the late Captain Peter Heywood, R.N., with Extracts from his Diaries and Correspondence. By Edward Tagart. London : published by Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchange. 1832. Octavo.

Preface and Contents, pp. viii. ; Memoir, pp. 332.

This is the Memoir of a Native of the Isle of Man, who was born at the Nunnery on the 6th June 1773, his father being a Deemster of the Island. He was an officer on board the Bounty, when a portion of the crew mutinied, on the 28th of April 1789, and for which he was afterwards tried. The letters of this truly honourable young officer are well worthy of perusal ; and those of his warmly attached sister, Nessy Heywood, dated from the Isle of Man, breathe the most heroic devotion and affection for her brother, seldom if ever to be met with. He died on the 10th of February 1831.


Memoirs of his extraordinary Military Career. Written by himself. 1832. London. Octavo. 3 vols., with his Portrait.

Lieut. Shipp was a native of the Isle of Man. This has passed through four editions, 1834-1840 in one vol., and 1842.


Proceedings in Chancery, 7th March 1833, Isle of Man, on the Petition of James Tertius Thomson, Esq., of Knockan House, Ballaugh Glen, praying to set aside the writ of arrest " Kelly v, Thomson," for Rent not due : Also the Trial at Common Law, " Thomson v. Kelly," before His Honour Deemster Heywood and a Special Jury, for £500 damages for said arrest, for which the Jury returned a verdict £150 damages, and costs, in favour of the Plaintiff. Tried at Castletown, 9th October 1833, but appealed against by the defendant to the House of Keys. With an Appendix, containing Copies of the Documents, Letters, etc., read, referred to, and exhibited in Court, illustrative of the whole litigation. Liverpool : printed for the Compiler, by Evans, Chegwin, and Hall, Castle Street. 1833. Octavo. Pp. 23. Appendix, pp. ix.

JOHN WOOD.—1833.

Plan of Douglas, Isle of Man, from Actual Survey. By John Wood, 1833, Surveyor, Cannan Grove, Edinbro. Sheet 26 in. by 35 in. This Plan also contains a Plan of Douglas Bay and Harbour, with Sir William Hillary’s Breakwater. 1826. Also a Plan of Castletown.

Mona’s Herald.—1833.

The first number published August 3, 1833. Douglas: printed by William Walls, New Bond Street, and Robert Farghar, Atholl Street, and published at the Herald Office and General Printing Establishment, New Bond Street Lane.


Octavia Elphinstone, a Manx Story ; and Lois, a Drama, founded on a Legend in the Noble Family of —By Miss Ann Tallant. In 2 vols. London : J. Hatchard and Son, 187 Piccadilly. 1834. 12mo.

A note at the end of vol. ii. says—This tale is founded on an unfortunate accident which occurred to Miss Ann Fell, of Douglas, a young lady of 17 or 18 years of age, whilst walking on Douglas Head on the evening of Tuesday the 20th 18(19), who fell down the steep rocks at " The Pidgeon’s Cove," about three miles to the south of Douglas Head, upon a shelving part of the rock, a considerable distance below, and which was nearly surrounded by the sea. She remained on this rock until Friday the 23d, when she was seen by some boatmen, who conveyed her to Douglas in their boat, and restored her to her parents. The only subsistence she had during her stay on the rock was by a small spring of water trickling down, but so small she could scarcely avail herself of it, scooped up with the aid of a flitter shell, which she had found. Miss Fell died in Douglas in 1875.


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