[pages 97-121 Manx Soc vol XXIV]


A Compilation of the different Statements of a late Duel, in the Isle of Man, between Sir John Piers, Bart., and. John Meredith, Esq. Douglas: printed by George Jefferson. Octavo. Pp. 20. Dated Douglas, 24th March 1807.

The Duel originated in a difference of opinion between Sir J. Piers and Mr. Meredith, relative to a bet at a Dinner, on the 24th of December 1806. Mr. Meredith was afterwards killed in a duel by Mr. Boys, in a field near Mount Murray, and the body left in the field: Boys fled.


The Antiquarian Repertory, a Miscellaneous Assemblage of Topography, History, etc.

Vol iv. p. 460.—Lid of a Stone Coffin found in the Calf of Man. This is now in the possession of the Clerk of the Rolls, H. M. Quayle, Esq., Castletown.

London: 1807-9. 4 vols. quarto.

S. TURNER.—1807.

To the Public—Statement respecting the Duel between Sir John Piers and Mr. Meredith. Signed "S. Turner. Douglas, January 9th, 1807." G. Jefferson, Printer.

A broadside.

Published and edited by Jeffery the bookseller.


The itinerant, or Memoirs of an Actor, By S. W. Ryley. London: printed for Taylor and Hessey, 93 Fleet Street. 1808. 3 vols. 12mo. In the third volume will be found an account of this eccentric individual’s residence in the Town of Peel, in the Isle of Man, in 1795, with his remarks on the Country, Inhabitants, and their Customs, etc. Pp. 217 to 289.

A very entertaining work, printed in three series, 9 vols.

A second edition of the first series appeared in 1817, and the three in 1816-27, 9 vols. London. 12mo. There is also a ludicrous account of Lord Henry Murray and Mr. Backhouse’s " spree " to the Isle of Man.


The Book of Common Prayer, in Manx. Whitehaven printed by John Ware. 1808.


Commentaries on the Laws of England. 15th edition. Vol. i. p. 105. Vide " Abstract of Laws," etc. J. Gell, Esq. Vol. i. p. 163. Manx Society, vol. xii., 1867.


Case of Major-General William Stapleton on the Investigation ordered by his Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department, into the Charges preferred by General Stapleton, against his Honor John Lace, Esq., his Majesty’s First Deemster in the Isle of Man. No place or date on Title. Octavo. Pp. 30. Dated " 21st October 1809."

Case arose in consequence of an affray at the Theatre, in Douglas, caused by Major-General Stapleton having in a mere frolic pushed a Mr. Johnson forward on the stage, when the General and Sir John Piers and Captain Edwards were summoned to appear in the Deemster’s Court in Castle Rushen, when Deemster Lace reflected on the character of General Stapleton. Memorial and correspondence of the transaction. [see also Clague's Forms]

NATHANIEL JEFFERYS.—No date.—[1809.] (Mr. Bell.)

A Descriptive and Historical Account of the Isle of Man; with a view of its Society, Manners, and Customs ; partly compiled from various authorities) and from observations made. in a Tour through the Island in the summer of 1808. Dedicated to his Majesty, by Nathaniel Jefferys, formerly representative in Parliament for the City of Coventry. To which is added a Map of the Isle of Man, with the roads described, and every information necessary to the convenience of the Pleasurable and Commercial Traveller. Also, a short account of the Towns of Whitehaven and Workington, with the fashionable Bathing Places of Allonby and Skinburness, on the coast of Cumberland, and the entrance to Scotland across the Solway Frith. Newcastle-upon-Tyne : printed for the Author, by Preston and Heaton ; and sold by R. Miller, Book-seller, Mosley Street, and all other Booksellers in the United Kingdom. (Price 8s.) Small octavo. Pp. 200. Dedication, " To the King," pp. iii. to viii. Preface, pp. ix. to xxxviii.

George Woods observes in the preface to his Account of the Isle of Man (1811), that he considers it as stated, to be " a sort of literary license for picking and stealing" and "The authorities of the Jeweller to the Prince of Wales appear to have been Robertson and Feltham. Had the treatise been valuable, it would have checked my own presumption. The period of ten or fourteen years makes considerable alteration in the appearance of an improving country ; and the author has not been careful to separate what continues to be true from that which is so no longer."

Mr. Jefferys was Jeweller to the Prince of Wales (George IV.), against whom he had a claim for nearly £100,000 for Jewels, about 1806. Nineteen pages of the Preface relate to these transactions with the Prince and to his publications connected therewith. He was once M.P. for Coventry.

Mr. Bell, of Gateshead, wrote the Account of the Isle of Man in Jefferys’ parlour, and the latter put the Preface to it.

N. JEFFERYS.—1809. (Mr. Bell.)

The same Title, but without the Author’s name, and the date inserted.

In the Preface, at pp. 21 to 38, is the Manx Magna Charta, instead of the Matters relating to the Prince of Wales. The History, pp. 39 to 200.


James Neild on Castle Rushen Gaol. A Letter addressed to Dr. Lettsom. London : Gentleman’s Magazine, Dec. 1810. Pp. 514-517.

He states the number of Prisoners, Nov. 10, 1810 :— Debtors, 9 ; Felons, etc., 0 ; and mentions that in one of the rooms is confined, " besides an infant boy, son of a man and his wife, who (so strangely is the law here constructed) are both of them confined in this gaol for the same debt !"


A Sermon preached at St. George’s Chapel, Douglas, Isle of Man, on Sunday, the 26th day of August, 1810, being the anniversary or yearly meeting of the children educated in the Lancasterian School, in the town of Douglas.

By the Rev. Hugh Stowell. Published at the particular request of the Committee of the Lancasterian School, and for the benefit of the Institution. George Jefferson, Printer, Douglas. Octavo. Pp. 22.


Old Ballads, Historical and Narrative. By Thomas Evans. London : 1810. Octavo. 4 vols.

In vol. ii. pp. 308 to 310, is the " Winning of the Isle of Man by the noble Earl of Salisbury." Reprinted from the "Garland of Delight."

This ballad is reprinted in the sixteenth volume of the Manx Society’s Series, 1869. " Mona Miscellany," pp. 45-47;


Conaant Noa nyn jiarn as saualtagn Yeesey Creest. The New Testament, in the Manks Language. 12mo.


Encyclopaedia Britannica. Edinburgh. Quarto. 20 vols. Vol xii.—Article on the Isle of Man.


An Account of the past and present state of the Isle of Man; including a Topographical description ; a sketch of its Mineralogy ; an outline of its Laws, with the privileges enjoyed by Strangers ; and a history of the Island. By George Woods.

" Quis nescit, primam esse histori~e legem, necjuid falsi dicere audeat ? Deinde, neque verè non audeat ? "—Cicero cle Oratore, Lib. II.

London : printed for Robert Baldwin, 47 Paternoster Row, and William Blackwood, Edinburgh. 1811. Octavo. Pp. 365. Dedicated to Thomas Stewart Traill, of Liverpool, M.D. Preface, pp. v. to vii. A small Map of the Island.

" The best as well as the latest traveller who has laid before the public any account of this Island." — Quayle’s Survey, Preface, p. 9. 1812. It contains the earliest geological notice of the Island.


Articles of Agreement between the Duke of Atholl, Earl of Derby, Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man, Lord Stanley, and the Clergy of the Isle of Man, respecting the Ecclesiastical Rights and Properties on the Island. 1811. Privately printed. Folio.

J. JOHNSON.—1811.

A View of the Jurisprudence of the Isle of Man : with the History of its Ancient Constitution, Legislative Government, and Extraordinary Privileges ; together with the practice of the Courts, etc. etc. etc. By J. Johnson, Esq. Edinburgh : printed by George Ramsay and Compy.; sold by Thomas Bryce and Co., No. 13 Infirmary Street; Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, London ; and J. Cuming, Dublin. 1811. Octavo. Pp. 234. Index, pp. 6, and List of Subscribers, pp. 15.


Hargrave’s Jurisconsult Exercitations. London : Quarto.

Vol i. pp. 141-70, " On the Case of the Duke of Athol in respect of the Isle of Man."

Vol. iii., 1813, pp. 255-312, " Further opinion in the Duke of Athol’s Isle of Man Case."

For this further opinion, vide " Abstract of Laws," etc., J. Gell, Esq. Vol. i. pp. 158-163. Manx Society, vol. xii. 1867.


A brief Report of the Transactions of the Committee of the Douglas Library, for the last twelve months, including some of the Resolutions passed at the last Annual Meeting. By K. Stowell. Printed by J. Beatson and Co., Douglas. Delivered gratis to the Proprietors. 1812. 12mo. Pp. 17.

Mr. Stowell was Secretary, and resigned 30th May 1812. An expose of the management of the Committee.

About 1810, Samuel Ward, Esq., LL.D., then residing in Dublin, presented to the Library a great number of valuable works, for which his name was placed on the list as an Honorary Member. Some time after, visiting Douglas for a few months, he availed himself of this privilege, when the proprietors resolved that no honorary member (there were only two) could have access to the rooms without paying the Annual Subscription ! Mr. Ward’s name was erased, and he was obliged to leave the rooms. A list of the works Mr. W. presented is given at p. 13.


General View of the Agriculture of the Isle of Man, with observations on the means of its Improvement. Drawn up for the consideration of the Board of Agriculture and internal Improvement. By Thomas Quayle, Esq. London:

Printed by W. Bulmer and Co., Cleveland Row, St. James’s : sold by G. and W. Nicol, Booksellers to his Majesty, Pall Mall ; and Sherwood, Neely, and Jones, Paternoster Row. 1812. (Price 7s. 6d., Boards.) Octavo. Pp. 193.

A Map of the Island, same as in Wood’s Account, 1811.


A Letter to the Inhabitants of the Isle of Man, or, an Exposition of the circumstances which led to the ruin of the Methodists’ Friendly Society of Douglas ; with Notes, containing Interesting Anecdotes of many eminent Persons. By Kermotte Stowell. Price One shilling and sixpence. For the benefit of the Poor belonging to the above Society. . 1813. Octavo. Pp. 24. Dated " Douglas, Isle of Man, 5th May, 1813." Printed by J. Adlard, Duke Street, Smithfield.


The third Report on the Day and Sunday Schools. Douglas: 1813.


A Sermon preached at St. John’s Chapel, July 5th, 1813, before the Legislature of the Isle of Mann, assembled in Tynwald, by the Rev. Hugh Stowell, Vicar of Kirk Lonan. Published by the expressed command of the Most Noble John Duke of Atholl, Governor in Chief of the Isle of Mann, etc. etc. Douglas : printed and sold by J. Beatson, Custom House Quay. 1813. Price is. 6d. Quarto. Pp. 15.


A Sermon . preached at St. George’s Chapel, Douglas, Isle of Man, on Sunday, the 25th July 1813, being the Anniversary or Yearly Meeting of the Children educated in the Daily and Sunday School, in the town of Douglas. By the Rev. Hugh Stowell. Published at the request of the Committee of the School Douglas : printed by G. Jefferson. 1813. Post octavo. Pp. 16.


Hargrave’s Jurisconsult Exercitations. Vol. iii. 255. " Further Opinion on the Duke of Athol’s Isle of Man Case."

This is printed in Gell’s " Abstract," vol. i. pp. 158-163. Manx Society, 1867.


The four new Acts of Tynwald, promulgated at a Tynwald Court holden at St. John’s, on the 5th day of July 1813. Now published by Authority. Douglas : printed and sold by J. Beatson. (Price only Sixpence British.) (No date.) 12mo. Pp. 29.


An Impartial Inquiry respecting the Duke of Atholl’s right to Licence Intacks, and . the tenant’s Indefinite Claim as to Turbuary and Depasture on the Mountains of the Isle of Man.

" Quam multa injusta ac prava fiunt moribus. "—Ter. Hectut.

By Mark Anthony Mills, Esq. Douglas : printed and sold by Beatson and Copeland, Custom House Quay. 1813. (Price One shilling and sixpence British.) Octavo. Pp. 27.


The Isle of Man Weekly Gazette, and General Advertiser. The first number published by Beatson and Copeland. Price 4d. Continued three years.

John Beatson was brother-in-law to Mr. James Harrop, proprietor and printer of The Manchester Mercury and British Volunteer. .


A Topographical Dictionary of Scotland and the Islands in the British Seas, etc. Being a continuation of the Topography of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. By Nicholas Carlisle, F.S.A. London : printed for G. and W. Nicol, Booksellers to his Majesty, Pall Mall ; and Bell and Bradfute, Booksellers, Edinburgh, by W. Bulmer and Co., Cleveland Row, St. James’s. 1813. 2 vols. Quarto.

In the Preface he states " The Isle of Man has also been included upon the grounds of its having constituted part of the Territories belonging to Scotland in 1266, although it was taken under the protection of Edward the First in 1290; and in 1307 assumed as his own."

Each parish, town, etc., in the Island is noticed in alphabetical order.


Acts of Tynwald promulgated on the Tynwald Hill on the 24th March 1814. Second edition, carefully revised and corrected. Douglas : printed by G. Jefferson. 1814. 12mo. Pp. 24.

Act for the more easy Recovery of Debts contracted out of the limits of the Isle of Man. Act for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors in the Isle of Man.

DR. BERGER.—1814.

Memoir of a Geological Survey of the Isle of Man. This was published in the second volume of the first series of the Transactions of the Geological Society of this year. London.

A Supplementary Account, by Professor Henslow, was also published in the fifth volume of the same series. Dr. Berger resided a considerable time in the Island, and these accounts furnish the greatest amount of geological information up to this time respecting the Isle of Man.

In the first volume of the Transactions, Dr. Berger gave the heights of the mountains, etc., in the Island, which were obtained by the barometer.— Vide vol ii. pp. 29-65, and vol. v. pp. 482-505.


A Letter to his Grace the Duke of Atholl, embracing various subjects, with notes ; containing much valuable information and deserving the particular attention of the Inhabitants of the Isle of Man. By Kermotte Stowell Price One shilling. 1814. Octavo, pp. 12.

Dated " Douglas, Isle of Man, May 10th, 1814." Printed by J. Adilard, Duke Street, Smithfield.


A Sermon, preached at Kirk Lonan Church, January 16th, 1814, on occasion of the death of Mrs. Amelia Stowell, wife of the Reverend Hugh Stowell, Vicar of Kirk Lonan. By the Rev. Thomas Howard.

" The righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance."—Ps. cxii. 6.

Douglas : printed by Beatson and Copeland. 1814. Octavo, pp. 21.

Scots Magazine.—1814.

View of the State of the Isle of Man in 1814. Scots Magazine, p. 508.


The Isle of Man Weekly Gazette. New series. Published by M. A. Mills. Continued six years.


An accurate, interesting, and peculiarly entertaining Description of that lucrative branch of business the Herring Fishery of the Isle of Man, which affords Employment for more than three months every year to above Five thousand poor people, to a number of Coopers all the year round, and to a variety of other crafts periodically. Of the Superior Quality of the Red Herrings manufactured in Douglas, as well as that of the Pickled Herrings, in a comparative point of view with all such as are caught and cured elsewhere. Of the various curious modes of preparing these Monarchs of the Finny Tribe, throughout the Island in their fresh state, for immediate consumption, and also the several amusing ways of making use of Pickled Herrings. A particular and very pleasing account of the flourishing Town of Douglas, which has been long considered as the Emporium of the Island with regard to Commerce ; comprising its present state, its commodious Quay and Harbour, its new Streets, the many genteel Houses built in the Modern Taste in many of the old Streets, the several places of Public Worship, the grand new Public Library, the famous new Charity School, the large new Poor House, etc. Likewise a List of the several Packets and constant Traders, and a correct abstract of the British Act of Parliament passed in July 1814, repealing the old Harbour Dues of the Island and substituting new ones in Lieu thereof, on the Fishing Boats and on all British and Foreign Vessels not only entering its Harbours but even anchoring in its Bays ; also the Duties payable on every kind of Merchandize imported into the Island. To all which is added a very curious, descriptive, entertaining and picturesque view of the much admired Seats and Estates of the Nobility and Gentry in the Vicinity of the Town. Humbly inscribed to His Excellency the most noble John Duke of Atholl, Governor-in-Chief and Captain General of the Island. By Thomas Callister. Price only One shilling and six-pence British. 1815. Octavo, pp. 30. No place or printer.


Original Poems and a Play. By Charlotte Nooth. London: printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Paternoster Row. 1815. Octavo.

At p. 21-23 is a Manks Elegy, and at p. 49 lines written at Sea off the Isle of Man.

MRS. ST. GEORGE.—(About 1815.)

Edwardine. A Novel. By Mrs. St. George. In 3 volumes. 12mo.

The Scene in the Isle of Man. Mrs. St. George was formerly Mrs. Maddocks, a resident in Douglas.


Crossman’s Cathechisin in Manx. Douglas. 1815.


A Letter addressed to the Hon. John Moore (one of the Hon. Commissioners of Harbours) embracing various subjects.

By Kermotte Stowell. Presented to_____ By the Society for upholding the Rights of the People. Dublin : printed by Wm. Espy, 14 Cork Hill. 1815. 8vo, pp. 34.


An Address to the Inhabitants of the Isle of Man, embracing various subjects. By Kermotte Stowell Presented to —. By the Society for upholding the Rights of the People. Dublin : printed by J. J. Nolan, 3 Suffolk Street. 1816. 8vo.

On " Paper Currency." " Letter to a Member of the House of Keys on the system of Custom House Fees." In a note, p. 14, " Two Clergymen informed me that to the few Public Institutions which are in this Country, they did not know of his Grace (the Duke of Atholl) contributing one farthing." "Memorials of Kermotte Stowell to the Right Hon. Lord Viscount Sidmouth, on not having the Lamps properly lighted up on the Quays of Douglas, and neglect of the Harbour Lights." Dated " 9th March 1816," and 21st April 1816. A Petition of K. S. to the Same, respecting the Duke of Atholl enclosing part of the Sea Beach extending towards Pollock Rocks, and his Grace conveying the same to Mr. Wm. Scott, the Collector of Douglas Port, and nephew (by marriage) to his Grace, and that the said Wm. Scott took the Stones from the Old Fort to enclose the same. Praying that these enclosures may be demolished. Dated " Douglas, 18th May 1816."

In Mr. Feltham’s " Tour," 1798, on the title page is given a view of this Old Fort, attributed by Waldron to the Romans, but more probably erected by the Picts. At one time it was commanded by a Constable and Lieutenant, and defended by four pieces of ordnance, and four of the townsmen were bound to keep watch and ward upon the ramparts.

H. A. BULLOCK.—1816.

History of the Isle of Man, with a comparative view of the past and present State of Society and Manners ; containing also Biographical Anecdotes of Eminent Persons connected with that Island. By H. A. Bullock. London: printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Paternoster Row. 1816. 8vo, pp. 436. Introduction, Table of Contents, and List of Subscribers, pp. v. to xL Map and View of Peel Castle at the time of the Revestment.

This History was written by a Lady. Mr. Wm. Cubbon of Denny, N.B., in a letter to Paul Bridson, Esq., January 24th, 1862, says, " She was a lady of no ordinary cleverness. I saw her only once, and I thought at the time that nature had made a mistake at her formation, and made her of the materials designed for a drum-major ! She appeared to me to be quite qualified to hold the scissors of destiny, or stir the cauldron with Macbeth’s witches ! ~ And with her pen she knew not to show mercy to the living or the dead. Stanley Bullock, Esq., her husband, was a man of a much more meek and quiet spirit."


A Sermon preached at St. George’s Chapel, Douglas, Isle of Man, on Sunday the 1st September 1816 ; being the Anniversary or Yearly Meeting of the Children educated in the Daily and Sunday School, in the Town of Douglas. By the Rev. Robert Brown. Published at the request of the Committee of the School Douglas : printed by G. Jefferson. 1816. Octavo, pp. 29.


Memoirs of Mrs. Stowell. By the Rev. Hugh Stowell, Rector of Ballaugh, Isle of Man. Wellington, Salop : printed by and for F. Houlston and Son, and sold by G. and S. Robinson, Paternoster Row, London. 1817. 12mo. Pp. 143. Introduction pp. iii. to vii.. Dated Ballaugh, Isle of Man, October 7, 1816. Mrs. Amelia Stowell was the wife of the Rev. Hugh Stowell. She died January 9th, 1814.


The New Criminal Code, or an Act for Altering and Amending the Criminal Law of the Isle of Man. Promulgated at the Tynwald Hill on the 31st July 1817. Published by Authority. Douglas : printed by G. Jefferson. 1817. Octavo. Pp. 23.


A View of the Principal Courts in the Isle of Man, founded upon Authentic Documents, accompanied with Practical Remarks. By a Member of the Council Liverpool: printed by Harris and Co., Water Street ; and sold by Jefferson, Douglas, and the Booksellers in the Isle of Man ; London, Liverpool, Whitehaven, etc., 1817. Octavo. Pp. 60. Dedicated to the Duke of Athol.

The Author was Attorney-General of the Island.


Maria, a Domestic Tale. Dedicated by permission to Her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte of Saxe-Coburg.

By Catherine St. George. London : published by J. Porter, Bookseller to Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte, 81 Pall Mall. 1817. 12mo, 3 volumes.

Mrs. St. George kept a Lady’s School in Douglas, and was the widow of a Mr. Maddocks. A portion of the Tale is laid in Douglas.


The Isle of Man Diary and New Almanack. Published for M. A. Mills and Co.

The loss of the Herring Fleet is mentioned as having taken place on the 21st September 1787 at Douglas, and many persons perished.


The Seneschal’s Creed. No place or printer. 12mo. Pp. 12. Written by Kermotte Stowell, and dated at the end " March 1st, 1818." " N.B.—The Litany and the Old Woman in breeches in a few days."

The latter was never published, the Creed having given so much offence.


Sermons on Various Subjects. By the Rev. Robert Brown, Minister of St. Matthew’s Chapel, Douglas, Isle of Man. Wellington, Salop : printed and sold by F. Houlston and Son. Sold also by Scatchard and Letterman, Ave Maria Lane, London. 1818. Octavo. Pp. 400. 22 Sermons.

The Rev. Mr. Brown was afterwards Vicar of Braddan.

M. A. MILLS.—1818.

Observations applicable to the existing system of Tithes in the Isle of Man. Douglas : printed at the Phoenix Press, Parade, for M. A. Mills. 1818. Small Octavo. Pp. 16.

An extract from a late publication on Tithes, with notes applicable to the Island, and a calculation of the value of the Tithes.


Description of the Western Isles of Scotland, called Hybrides. By Mr. Donald Monro, High Dean of the Isles, who travelled through the most of them in the year 1594. Glasgow : printed for John Wylie and Co. by R. Chapman.


This forms a portion of " Miscellanea Scotica," vol ii. Glasgow, 1818. The Isle of Man is the first island described.

There are several tracts in the first edition which appeared in 1774. Edinburgh. 12mo. Only 50 copies were printed.

REV. H. STOWELL.—1818.

Yn Chied Lioar gailckagh ; ny cooney dy ynsaghey, chengey ny mayrey Ellan Vannin, Liorish y Cheshaght son Cummal seose, as cur er nyu doshiaght, Schoillyn Dhoonee Trooid magh reeriaght hostyn. Lunnin : prentit liorish Harry Teape, Chrork Toor. 1818. 12mo. Pp. 24.

A Manx Spelling and Lesson Book, compiled by the Rev. H. Stowell, Rector of Ballaugh.

A Manx Spelling Book was also compiled by —— Corlett, with an explanation at the end, but I have not been able to meet with a copy.


The Life of the Right Reverend Father in God Thomas Wilson, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man. By the Rev. Hugh Stowell, Rector of Ballaugh, Isle of Man.

" A friend to human race; Fast by the road, his ever open door Obliged the wealthy, and reliev’d the poor."

Pope’s Homer’s Iliad, vi. 15-20.

London : printed for F. C. and J. Rivington, No. 62 St. Paul’s Church Yard, and No. 3 Waterloo Place, Pall Mall. 1819. Octavo. Pp. 419. Preface, pp. ix. Dated " Ballaugh, Isle of Man, April 1819."—A Portrait of Bishop Wilson.


Bible, in Manks.

Yn Vible Casherick, ny yn Chenn Chonaant, as yn Conaant Noa ; veih ny chied Ghlaraghyn ; dy Kiaralagh Chyndait ayns Gailck : ta shen dyghra Chengey ny mayrey Ellan Vannin. Pointit dy ye l’haiht ayns Kialteenyn. London: printed by Eyre and Strahan, for the British and Foreign Bible Society. 1819. Octavo.

A beautiful and accurate edition of the Manx Bible.


The Lex Scripta of the Isle of Man ; comprehending the Ancient Ordinances and Statute Laws. From the earliest to the present date. A new Edition published by Authority. Douglas : printed at the Manks Advertiser Office, for G. Jefferson, Bookseller and Stationer, Duke Street. Sold by Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, Paternoster Row, London, and other Booksellers. 1819. Octavo. Pp. 543.

The last Act in the collection was promulgated on the 26th Feb. 1819. A copious Index added.


A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland, including the Isle of Man, comprising an Account of their Geological Structure, with Remarks on their Agriculture, Scenery, and Antiquities. By John Macculloch, M.D. London: printed for Archibald Constable and Co., Edinbro’, and Hurst, Robinson, and Co., Cheapside, London. 1819 Two vols. octavo. One vol. quarto ; plates.

Isle of Man—Vol. ii. p. 516-579.


The Isle of Man Diary and New Almanack, for the year of our Lord 1819, etc. etc. Douglas : printed at the Phoenix Press, Parade, for M. A. Mills. Small octavo.

Gives a list of the Legislature, Manks Bar, Packets, Inns, Principal Estates, Tables of Manks and English Money, etc. etc.

J. BARROW.—1820.

The Mona Melodies. A collection of Ancient and Original Airs of the Isle of Man. Arranged for the Voice, with a Piano Forte accompaniment by an amateur. The words by Mr. J. Barrow. Dedicated by permission to Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent. Price 8s. London: published at Mitchell’s Musical Library and Instrument Warehouses, 159 New Bond Street, opposite Clifford Street, and 13 Southampton Row, Russell Square. Folio. Pp. 26.

Advertisement. Dated " London, 30 May 1820." Contains the following Airs:—

Brown William, or Illiam Dhoan.
Molly Charane.
False Isabel—Isbel Falsey.
The Storm is up—Callin Veg Dhoan—My little Brown Girl.
The Praise of Wine—Skilley Brishm—Kirkbride.
Berry Dowin—The Brown Oxen.
My Hen Whoomey Vien—My dear old Man.
~ A Sheign Doin.
Ny Kirree fo Sniaghtey—The Sheep under the Snow.
Ma graigh nagh nare doin farraghten?—Had we not better wait, my dear?
Manks Air—Hunt the Wren.

Manks Dances:

Tapsagyn Jeargey—Red Cockade.
Wandescope—The Wanderer.


Memoirs of Count Borowlaski, containing a sketch of his Travels, with an account of his reception at the different Courts of Europe, etc. etc. Written by himself. Durham : printed by Francis Humble and Co. 1820. Octavo. Portrait. Pp. 393.

Isle of Man, pp. 327-348.


A Full Report of the Trial and Honourable Acquittal of James M’Crone, Esq., upon an Information for Perjury preferred against him by Robert Cunninghame, Esq., Resident Attorney-General of the Isle of Man ; prosecuted before the Hon. Thomas Gawne, His Majesty’s first Deemster of the said Isle, on Thursday, September the 7th, 1820, and continued by adjournment to the evening of Saturday the 9th of same month ; containing copies, taken from the records of the different proceedings had, and of the evidence given by the respective witnesses in the course of the trial : As also, Copies of the Correspondences relating to the matter at issue, and of other documents produced thereat ; To which are added, the Arguments of Counsel on both sides—the Judge’s Charge— and other interesting particulars. The whole carefully arranged and corrected from notes taken at the trial, by Mark Anthony Mills, Esq., Member of the Hon. Society of King’s Inn, Dublin, and Solicitor and Public Notary of the Isle of Man.

"Maxima admiratio est in Iudiciis ; quorum ratio duplex est : nam et ex accusatione et defensione constat ; quarum essi laudabitur est defensio, tamen etiam accusatio probata persupe est. "—Cicero de Officiis.

Isle of Man, 1820. Printed for the Author at the Phoenix Press, Douglas. Price 2s. 6d. And with a facsimile of the Book referred to in the Proceedings, 3s. Octavo. Pp.79.


Appendix (No. 1) to the Lex Scripta of the Isle of Man, containing an Act for the better Making and Repairing and Amending of Highways and Bridges. And also an Act to provide for the Commencement and taking Effect of certain Provisions of the above Act of Tynwald. Published by Authority. Douglas : printed and sold by G. Jefferson.. son, Duke Street. 1820. Octavo. Pp. 23. Appendix (No. 2), pp. 1 to 8.


Account of Stock or Dividends belonging to any Hospital, School, etc., in Ireland, Isle of Man, etc. Printed by order of the House of Commons, 4 May 1820. Folio.


The History of the House of Stanley, from the Conquest to the Death of the Right Honourable Edward, late Earl of Derby, in 1776. Containing a Genealogical and Historical Account of that illustrious House. To which is added, A Complete History of the Isle of Man, with a comparative view of the past and present state of Society and Manners : containing also Anecdotes of eminent Persons connected with that Island. Manchester : printed and published by J. Gleave, No. 191 Deansgate, and sold by J. Talus, 16 Warwick Square, London. 1821. Octavo.

The House of Stanley, pp. 265.

The title for the Isle of Man portion is, " A Complete History of the Isle of Man ; containing the Situation and Geographical Description thereof, the ecclesiastical and civil Histories, the whole order of the governments from the earliest accounts, the nature of the Soil, the produce of the Country and the neighbouring Sea, the number of Inhabitants, and description of their Trade ; with a particular Account of its purchase from the Duke of Athol, by the Government, under the reign of George III." Manchester : printed and published by J. Gleave, No. 196 Deansgate. 1821. Octavo. Pp. 260.

This is a greatly enlarged edition of Seacome's history. That of 1793 ends at p. 96. Much new matter is here introduced, to which is added a copious appendix. A portrait, with several plates and coats of arms.


The Ancient Ordinances and Statute Laws of the Isle of Man; carefully copied from, and compared with, the Authentic Records. Together with copious extracts from the several British Statutes which have reference thereto. Published under the patronage of the Right Hon. Lord Sidmouth, one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State ; His Grace John, Duke of Atholl, Governor-in-Chief ; the Hon. Cornelius Smelt, Lieut.-Governor of the Isle of Man ; the members of the Manx Council, His Majesty's two Deem-sters, the House of Keys, and Gentlemen of the Manx Bar, etc. etc. By Mark Anthony Mills, Esq., Member of the Honourable the Society of King's Inn. Douglas: printed at the Phoenix Press. 1821. Royal Octavo. Pp. 557. Index, etc., pp. xii.

An Index is added. The last Act in this collection was promulgated on the 1st November 1820. Some copies were struck off in folio. This is the Text-book of the Manx Bar, but many of the earlier Acts are very incorrectly copied from the originals in the Rolls Office.

The Manx Legislature have decided to print the whole of the Manx Statutes from the copies in the Rolls Office, the expense to be defrayed out of the insular revenue.


The Rising Sun, or Mona's Herald.

Fiat Lux, et lux fuit-et eundo lucemus.

"Mens conscia recti famu mendacia ridet."

The first number of this weekly journal, which was published and edited by Captain Colquitt, appeared on April the 24th, 1821. In December 1824 the title was altered to The Manx Rising Sun, and in April 1826 the present title, The Manx Sun, was adopted. Published on a Saturday.


The Douglas Reflector, and Isle of Man Magazine. Douglas: printed by G. Jefferson, Duke Street. Published by Lane and Son, at the Wellington News Room, Pier ; to whom orders for the work and communications for the Editor are required to be sent, post paid. Sold also by Mrs. Joyner, Post Office, Castletown ; Miss Louisa Cannell, Kirk Michael ; and Mr. John Townsend, Ramsey, by whom orders are received. (Price 6d. British.) Octavo.

The first number was published in February ; the publication was only continued for six numbers.


A Correct Report of the Speech of His Grace, John, Duke of Atholl, Captain-General, Governor-in-Chief, etc. etc. etc., of the Isle of Man, to the Court of Tynwald, assembled at Castletown on the 26th of November 1821. Douglas,

Isle of Man : printed by T. Davies, at the Phenix Press, for the Proprietor. 1821. Octavo.


Memoirs of the Rev. Joseph Stowell.

--' ' I had a brother once:
Peace to the memory of a man of worth!
A man of letters, and of manners too;
Of manners sweet as virtue ever wears,
When gay good humour dresses her in smiles."


By the Rev. Hugh Stowell, Rector of Ballaugh, Isle of Mann. Wellington, Salop : printed by and for F. Houlston and Son ; and sold by Scatchard and Letterman, Ave Maria Lane, London. 1821. 12mo. Dedication " To the Pupils of the late Rev. Joseph Stowell," pp. v. to vii. Preface, pp. ix. to xi. Memoirs, pp. 1 to 124. A Sermon by the Rev. Joseph Stowell, pp. 125 to 141.

The Rev. Joseph Stowell was Master of the Free Grammar School at Peel, and also of the Mathematical School, under whose care they became united in 1799. Born 22d December 1772. He died 15th June 1801.

The Rev. Hugh Stowell was also the author of several tracts published in Houlston's Series ; as

No. 17. The Pious Manx Peasant, or the History of Wilham Curphey. He was a pupil of the Rev. Hugh Stowell, canon of Chester.

No. 18. The Pious Manx Schoolmistress (Jane Teare), a living character. Both the above were of Kirk Lonan.

Also the Life of Pat, the Irish Chimney Sweeper.

Also, published by the Religious Tract Society, No. 513, The Happy Man, or the Life of William Kelly, a Tailor in the Isle of Man, who turned Fisherman, and lived for many years of his life on less than two shillings a week. A True History.



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