[pp30-51 of Manx Soc vol XXIV]


Earl of Derby v. Duke of Athol, Feby. 8, 1748-9. Vesey’s Reports, Vol i. p. 202.

The decision of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke as to the effect of clauses against alienation, and the general title of the Isle of Man.

Printed in Gell’s " Abstract," etc., vol. i. pp. 65-67. Manx Society, 1867.


Liberty Invaded ; or, the Remarkable Case of an English Lady, presumptuously held in a Slavish Imprisonment within these his Majesty’s Dominions, without Crime against, or any Demand upon, her. Addressed to the Honourable House of Commons.

Is Albion’s once fam’d Spirit wholly flown?
Shall Britons under worst of Slaveries groan,
In Mankish Jails immured
What ! shall the Fair, whose Right is to be free,
Crimeless in Dungeons mourn lost Liberty?
And England not resent the base Indignity!

London : printed for and sold by W. Owen, near Temple-Bar ; and G. Woodfall, near Charing-Cross, 1750-1. (Price one shilling.) Octavo, pp. 86.

Addressed " To the Honourable Representatives of the People in Parliament assembled," and signed John Baldwin, pp. 1. to v.

"Advertisement to the Reader," pp. vi. to viii.

Case of Mrs. Mary Hingston, with the pleadings in 1747.


Memoirs, containing a Genealogical and Historical Account of the Ancient and Honourable House of Stanley, from 1066 to 1735. Also a full description of the Isle of Man, of which they are the Lords. Liverpool : printed by A. Sadler. 1750. Quarto, pp. 250. Numerous Coats of Arms.

Gentleman’s Magazine.—1751.

Reasons for Annexing the Isle of Man to the Crown of Great Britain. Gentleman’s Magazine, May 1751, pp. 201-2.

London Magazine.—1754.

A Description of the Isle of Man, with a Map. London Magazime, p. 7.

Gentleman’s Magazine.—1754.

On Annexing the Isle of Man to Great Britain. Gentleman’s Magazine, p. 485.


British Liberty in Chains, and England’s Ruin on the Anvil, in the Isle of Man, now commonly called Little France, addressed to all Free Britons, zealous for the glory of the King, the Liberties of the People, and safety of the Realm; especially to the laudable Association of Antigallicans. By John Baldwin, Esq.

" Truth is bolder than a Lion,
Will ever stand upright and unshaken, For God himself is truth.
Who, then, are they that durst oppose it?"

" With her there is no receiving of Persons nor Difference; but she doth the things which are just, and abstaineth from unjust and wicked things, and all good men favour her works : neither is there any unjust thing in her judgment ; and she is the Strength, and the Kingdom, and the Power and Majesty of all ages. Blessed be the God of Truth."—l Esci. 4.

London : printed for G. Woodfall, at Charing Cross ; R. Griffiths, in Paternoster Row ; and W. Owen, at 7 Temple Bar. MDCCLV. Octavo. Pp. 93.

A Pamphlet, on Mrs. Mary Hingston of Bristol’s Imprisonrnent in the Isle of Man, for the Debt of her Husband. The author represents the Manx as enemies to the Interests of Great Britain, and inveighs against them for their treatment of Mrs. Hingston.


Genuine and Curious Memoirs of the Famous Captain Thurot. Written by the Rev. John Francis Durand, with some of Monsieur Thurot’s Original Letters to that gentleman, now in England ; to which is added a much more faithful and particular Account than has hitherto been published, of his proceedings since his sailing from the Coast of France. Oct. 18, 1759.

" He was a man, take him for all in all,
I shall not look upon his like again."


London : printed for J. Burd, at the Temple Exchange Coffee House, and J. Williams, under St. Dunstan’s Church, Fleet Street. 1760. Price one shilling. 12mo.

This Memoir was reprinted by the Percy Society in 1845. This pamphlet is referred to in the "Gentleman’s Magazine" for March, 1760, p. 110 ; with an Account of the Action with Captain Elliot, who brought his prize into Ramsey Bay, and gave a Ball on board his frigate "The Aeolus," to the principal inhabitants and strangers. This action between Elliot and Thurot became the subject of two pictures, painted by Wright of Liverpool, and have been engraved. Some relics of Thurot still exist, I believe, at Bishop’s Court.

The various songs written on Captain Thurot are printed in the 21st volume of the Manx Society’s series, "Mona Miscellany," second series, pp. 73-87, with a short Memoir.


The Scots Magazine.—1760.

An entertaining Account of Thurot’s Naval Engagement with Captain Elliot in Ramsey Bay.

This Magazine commenced in 1739, and records many events connected with Manx History.


The Principles and Duties of Christianity, for the Use of the Diocese of Man, with short and plain directions and Prayers. In English and Manx. Liverpool : printed by John Sadler, Harrington Street. 1761. Oct avo.

The first edition appeared in 1699.


Plain Instructions for Young Persons in the Principles of the Christian Religion, in three Conferences between a Minister and his Disciples, designed for the use of the Isle and Diocese of Mann. By a Resident Clergyman. London: printed by J. and W. Oliver, Printers to the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, in Bartholomew Close, near West Smithfield. 1762. Octavo, pp. 118.


The Four Gospels and Acts, in Manx. London. 1763. Octavo.

This was the first edition, and only a few copies were supplied to the Clergy, with a request "that they would insert freely their remarks on the blank pages, as the best method that can be proposed for furnishing from the whole one correct edition." I have only met with a very few of these earlier editions of the Scriptures translated into the Manx language, but prior to this the Manx were probably the only Christian Church in the world which were absolutely destitute of a printed Copy of the Holy Scriptures in the vulgar tongue. This was afterwards amply supplied under the auspices of the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge. For a full account of the progress of these Translations, vide Appendix to the Memoirs of Bishop Hildesley, by the Rev. W. Butler, 1799, pp. 211-260, for "Narrative of the origin, progress, and completion of the Manx Version of Holy Scripture, and other religious Books, for the use of the native Inhabitants of the Isle of Mann."

An edition of the Gospels and Acts was published in 1765.


The Christian Monitor, in Manx and English. London. 1763. Octavo.

This is the first edition of this work, "and was very eagerly received by the grateful natives."—Hildesley’s Memoirs.

The Rev. Paul Crebbin, Vicar of Kirk Santon, was the translator.


English Commissioners’ Report of 4th January, respecting Smuggling from the Isle of Man. Folio.

The Scots Magazine.—1764.

P. 107.—Succession of Lady Charlotte Murray, Daughter of James, Duke of Athol, to the Lordship of Man and the Isles, and the proceedings consequent thereon. P. 167.— Notice of the Death of John Bourke, in the Island, at the age of 112. Pp. 456-7.—Smuggling from the Isle of Man to be totally Suppressed. Clauses of Acts of Parliament relating to the Island. P. 682.—On the Contraband Trade. Edinburgh. 1764. Octavo. Vol xxvi.

The Scots Magazine.—1765.

Pp. 77-82.—Case of John, Duke of Athol, and Charlotte, his Wife, respecting the Isle of Man. Pp. 138-9.—A short Account of the Island. P. 139.—Letter from the Earl of Derby to Cromwell, respecting the Island. P. 165.—Proceedings in Parliament respecting Sale of the Island by the Duke of Athol. Pp. 337 to 344.—Abstract of Act 5 Geo. III., cap. 26, for Purchase of Isle of Man. Pp. 385-6. —Proclamation for Continuing Officers in the Island after purchase. P. 386.—Proceedings in the Island on issuing Proclamation, etc. P. 391.—Appointment of Governor Wood. P. 392.—Appointment of Collector and Comptrollers. P. 398.—Speech of Governor Wood on taking possession of the Island for the King. Pp. 467-8.—Proceedings in Parliament. Edinburgh. 1765. Vol xxvii.


The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, according to the use of the Church of England ; together with the Psalter or Psalms of David. Pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches. Translated into Manx, for the use of the Diocese of Mann. London: printed by J. and W. Oliver, Printers to the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, in Bartholomew Close, near West Smithfield. MDCCLXV. Octavo. Not paged from A to CCC.

The Society for promoting Christian Knowledge made grants in aid of the printing of this. Fifty copies were printed in 4to, for the use of the Churches, and for presents.

An edition in 12mo, in Manx, was published at Ramsey in 1768.

This Manx Prayer Book contains no prayer for the High Court of Parliament of Great Britain and Ireland, but instead of it is a prayer for the Members of the House of Keys, to-gether with a prayer for the Lord and Lady of the Isle, as clauses in the Litany, and in the prayer for the Royal Family, viz.—" And with them the Lord and Lady, and Rulers of this Isle."


State of the Proceedings in the House of Commons, on the Petition of the Duke and Duchess of Athol, against the Bill for the more effectual preventing the Mischief arising to the Revenue and Commerce of Great Britain and Ireland, from the illicit and clandestine trade to and from the Isle of Mann. No place or date. Octavo. Pp. 32.

An excellent statement of the Title of the Duke to the Isle of Man, by his Counsel Mr. Maddox and Mr. Cooper.


The Duke of Athol’s Letter of 25th January to the Lords of the Treasury, with Abstract of Revenue, and offer to part with the same for £70,000.


By the King, a Proclamation for Continuing Officers in the Isle of Man. Given at our Court at St. James’s, the 21st day of June 1765, in the fifth year of our reign.—London Gazette.

John Wood, Esq., appointed Governor.

The Scots Magazine.—1766.

Pp. 302-309.—-Proceedings in Parliament respecting the Illicit Trade of the Isle of Man, and Case of the Duke of Athol P. 361.—Case of the Duke of Athol. Edinburgh. 1766. Octavo. Vol. xxviii.


Memoirs, containing a Genealogical and Historical Account of the Ancient and Honourable House of Stanley from the Conquest to the Death of James, late Earl of Derby, in the year 1735 ; as also a full Description of the Isle of Man, etc. Manchester : printed by Joseph Harrop, opposite the Exchange. 1767. Quarto, pp. 238.

Isle of Man—A Complete History of the Isle of Man, pp. 189-238. Another edition was printed by Harrop in 1783.

This is Seacome’s History, without name, dedication, or preface, and otherwise curtailed. The first edition was published without date in 1736, but the work was completed in 1741. He has borrowed largely from Sacheverell in his Description of the Isle of Man, but furnishes other valuable information. He had the use of Bishop Rutter’s papers, "the historian of the family," and most probably these pagers are now in the archives at Knowsley, and would be well worth examination by the Manx Society. There is a Portrait of Bishop Rutter, at Knowsley, as Archdeacon of Man, painted by Dobson, and engraved in the "Stanley Papers," part 3, Chetham Society, vol. lxx. 1867.


A short View of the present state of the Isle of Man, humbly submitted to the consideration of the Lords of the Treasury. By an Impartial hand. London. 1767. Printed for Johnson. (Price 6d.)


The Epistles and Revelations, in Manx. Printed by Sheppard, of Whitehaven. Ramsey. 1767. Octavo.

1000 copies printed, similar to the Gospels and Acts printed in London in 1765.


A Critical Dissertation on the History of the Norwegian Principality, commonly called The Kingdom of Man. Edinburgh. 1768. Quarto, pp. xxvi. and 382.


The Christian Monitor, in Manx.

1200 Copies distributed by the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge.


Lewis’s Catechism and Prayer for the Fishery, in Manx. Ramsey. 1768. Octavo.

2000 Copies distributed by the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge.


The Book of Common Prayer, in Manx. Ramsey. 12mo.

1000 Copies distributed by the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge.


View of the Coinage of Great Britain, Ireland, etc. Seven parts in one volume. Royal Quarto. London. 1762-6 9.

Part 5. — Miscellaneous Views of the Coins struck by English Princes in France, Counterfeit Sterlings, Coins struck by the East India Company, those in the West India Colonies, and in the Isle of Man : Also of pattern pieces for Gold and Silver Coins, and Gold Nobles struck abroad in imitation of English. London. 1769. Pp. 64. Title and preface 2 leaves. 7 plates.


The Complete English Traveller ; or a New Survey and Description of England and Wales, containing a full account of whatever is curious and entertaining in the several counties of England and Wales, the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, and other Islands adjoining to and dependent on the Crown of Great Britain, etc. By Nathaniel Spencer, Esq. London : printed for J. Cooke, at Sliakespear’s Head, in Paternoster Row. 1771-73. Folio.

Pp. 669 to 671, respecting the Isle of Man. Written by Robert Sanders, and published in numbers.


Calendars of Ancient Charters, with Rolls and Schedules of Fealties done in the Isle of Man. London. 1772.

—— WOOD.1772.

Institute of the Laws of England, etc.

P. 1 states that the Isle of Man is no part of England, and is out of the power of the English Chancery Court.


Yn Vible Casherick—The Holy Bible, in Manx. J. Ware and Son, Whitehaven. 1772. 2 vols. Octavo. A few copies in 4to, in 1 vol., for the use of the Clergy.

It was first printed in this year under the auspices of Bishop Hildesley, who received the last portion of it on Saturday, November 28, 1772, and died on the 7th December following. The printing of this Manx version of the Holy Scriptures had been a work of great labour, and the latter portion was attended with an accident which had almost proved fatal to the good work. The Rev. Dr. Kelly, author of " The Manx Grammar " (already published by the Manx Society, 1859), was, on the 19th March 1771, on his way from the Island to Whitehaven, with a portion of the MS., from Deuteronomy to Job, shipwrecked in a storm, when, "with no small difficulty and danger the MS. was preserved by holding it above the water for the space of five hours, and this was almost the only article saved." The Rev. Dr. Kelly transcribed the whole of the Old Testament, besides the corrected edition of the New Testament and Prayer Book. The names of the various Translators will be found in Butler’s Life of Bishop Hildesley, p. 252.

An edition in 8vo. Whitehaven. 1775. Also distributed by the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge.

WM. CAMDEN.—1772.

Britannia : or a Chorographical Description of Great Britain and Ireland ; together with the adjacent Islands, written in Latin by Wm. Camden, Clarencieux King-at-Arms; and translated into English, with additions and improvements, by Edmund Gibson, D.D., late Lord Bishop of London. London : printed for W. Boyer, W. Whiston, etc. etc. MDCCLXXII. Folio. 2 vols. Portraits and Maps.

This fourth edition is printed from a copy of 1722, left corrected by the Bishop for the Press. The former editions by Bishop Gibson are — 1695, folio, 1 vol ; 1722, folio, 2 vols. ; 1753, folio.

In vol ii. pp. 391-398, a new Survey and Description of the Isle of Man. Drawn up by Dr. Thomas Wilson, late Bishop of the Island, and communicated by him to be inserted in this work. The first part, pp. 390-391. By John Meryk, Bishop.

Four Runic Inscriptions, pp. 399-400 :—

1. Upon a stone cross laid for a lintel over a window in Kirk Michael Church.
2. Upon a stone cross at Kirk Michael.
3. Upon a stone cross at Kirk Braddan.
4. Upon a stone cross in Kirk Andreas Churchyard.

Pp. 479 to 484, " A Chronicle of the Kings of Man" seems to have been written by the Monks of Russin. " A continuation of the foregoing History collected out of other Authors," p. 485.

A reprint is in the Manx Society’s series, vol xviii. 1871, pp. 4-33, " Old Historians."


The History of the Island of Man ; from the earliest Accounts to the present time. Compiled from the Public Archives of the Island, and other authentic Materials. By the late Mr. Rolt. London : printed for W. Nicole, No. 51 in Paul’s Churchyard. MDCCLXXIII. Octavo, pp. 152. Index and Appendix (not numbered) pp. 24.

An edition is said to have been printed in 1782, but I have not met with it.

Mr. Rolt was the author of " The Lives of the principal Reformers, with a general History of the Reformation from 1360 to 1600 : " London, Folio, 1759. "Memoirs of the Life of the Rt. Hon. John Lindesay, Earl of Crawford : "London, 1753, Quarto ; and other works.


The Antiquities of England and Wales. By Francis Grose, Esq., F.A.S., with Supplement. London. 1773-77. Six vols. Royal Quarto. The first edition.

In the sixth vol is a description of the following antiquities, accompanied with views of the Abbey Bridge at Ballasalla :—
The Cathedral Church of St. German’s, in Peel Castle; — a plan of the same ; St. Patrick’s Church and Armoury in Peel Castle ; a general View of Peel Castle ; Rushen Abbey; Castle Rushen — two plates ; The Tinwald — two plates ; St. Trinion’s Church ; Map of the Island.

Vol. vi. pp. 197-214 ; vol viii. pp. 161-162. The views were taken in 1774.

Editions of the work were also published in 1783-1797.

Reprinted in the 18th volume of the Manx Society’s series, 1871, pp. 153-170, "Old Historians."


A Political Survey of Britain : being a series of Reflections on the Situation, Lands, Inhabitants, Revenues, Colonies, and Commerce of this Island. Intended to show that we have not as yet approached near the summit of Improvement, but that it will afford employment to many generations before they push to their utmost extent the natural ad-vantage of Great Britain. By John Campbell, LLD. London : printed for the Author, and sold by Richardson and Urquart, at the Royal Exchange, etc. 1774. Two vols. Quarto.

Vol. i. see. iii. pp. 524 to 552, the Island and Kingdom of Man.

Also at pp. 493, 558, 560, 563-4, 591, 604.

The portion relating to the Isle of Man is in Oliver’s " Monumenta," vol. i. pp. 233-236. Manx Society, vol. iv. 1860.


Calendars of the Ancient Charters, and of the Welch and Scotish Rolls, now remaining in the Tower of London:

Also Calendars of all the Treaties of Peace entered into by the Kings of England with those of Scotland ; and of sundry letters and public Instruments relating to that Kingdom, now in the Charter House at Westminster. Together with Catalogues of the Records brought to Berwick from the Royal Treasury at Edinburgh ; of such as were transmitted to the Exchequer at Westminster; and of those which were removed to different parts of Scotland by order of King Edward I. The Proceedings relating to the carrying back the Records of Scotland into that Kingdom ; and the Transactions of the Parliament there from the 15th May 1639 to the 8th March 1650. To which are added Memoranda concerning the affairs of Ireland, extthcted from the Tower Records. With four Copper plates, exhibiting all the various hands in which the several Charters have been written, from the Reign of King William the Conqueror to that of Queen Elizabeth. To the whole is prefixed an Introduction, giving some account of the State of the Public Records from the Con-quest to the present time. By Sir Joseph Ayloffe, Bart., V.P.A.S. and F.R.S. London : printed for Benjamin White, at Horace’s Head, in Fleet Street. MDCCLXXIV. Quarto.

Introduction, pp. lxx. ; Calendars, etc., pp. 462 ; with a General Index.

The following List of Rolls and Charters mentioned in this volume relate to the Isle of Man :—.

Anno 19 to 24 Edward I.

P. 105.—Alanus de Wigeton habet literas de presentione ad ecclesiam Sancti Carber in Man. Anno 19.

P. 109.—De seisina Insulae de Man liberata Johanni Regi Scotiae. Ano. 21.

P. 110.—De summonitione Regis Scotiae ex parte Austricae, consanguineae et haeredis magni quondam Regis Manniae, pro terra de Man. Ano. 21.

P. 112.—De venire faciendo ad legem usque Berewicum Marcum episcopum Soderin. Ano. 24.

P. 121.—De navibus mittendis usque Insulam de Man. Ano. 4 Edwardi II.

P. 121.—De arrestando quosdam malefactores in Insula de Man. 4 Ed. II.

P. 122.—Pro Rege, de Navigio Roberti de Brus movendo ab Insula de Man. Ano. 4 Ed. IL

P. 132.—De navibus providendis et muniendis pro salva tione terrae Man. Ano. 10 Ed. IL

P. 192.—Pro hominibus Insulae de Man, de treugis cum Scotis ineundis. Ano. 16 Edwardi III.

P. 265.—De frumento versus partes Insulae de Man et alibi ducendo. Ano. 1 Henrici IV.

P. 283.—De salvo conductu pro Alexandro principe Scotorum, duce Albaniae, comite de la Marche et domino de Annanderdale, et de Man. Ed. IV.

P. 327.—Litera majorum Mann, missa Alexandro Regi Scotiae.

P. 328.—Litera regis Mann quod tenebit terram Mann di Rege Scotiae.

P. 328. —Finalis concordia inter Reges Norwagiae et Scotiae facta apud Mann, et aliis insulis.

P. 329.—Scriptum Regis Scotiae Alexandri per qiiod con-cessit episcopo Sodorensi quod non iret super Mann usque ad tempus.

P. 329.—Protectio Henrici Regis Angliae, facta domino magno Regi Mann, in partibus Walliae. A.D. 1100.

P. 334.—In sexto sacculo. Various writings, etc. Et de pluribus negotiis tangentibus terram Man. Vide Train, vol. i. p. 143. 1845.

P. 343.—Confirmatio et donatio Regis Norwagiae, monas terio de Russy in Mannia.

P. 343.—Charta Regis Norwagiae, super insula de Bot. et quibusdam aliis concessis Regi Manniae.

P. 344.—Donationes factae Abbati et conventui de Russy per magnum dictum Regem Manniae. vide Train, vol. i. p. 132. 1845.

P. 345.—Charta Regis Manniae super receptione Manniae ad firmam. Charta de Glenkelk, quae fuit Regis Manniae.

P. 431.—Pro Rege Manniae de custodienda costera Hy berniae. Rot. Par. 19 Hen. III.


Conaant Noa nyn Jiarn as Saualtagh Yeesey Creest ; veih my chied ghlaraghyn ; Dy Kiaralagh chyndait ayns Gailck; Ta shen dy ghra. Chengy ny Mayrey Ellan Vannin. Pointit dy ye lhaiht ayns Kialteenyn. Whitehaven Prentit liorish Juan Ware as e Vac., 1775. 12mo.



A Political Survey of Great Britain. Dublin. 1775. The Island and Kingdom of Man, vol. ii. pp. 546-564.


Speech of William Christian. Executed 2d January 1663. A broadside.


A short and plain Instruction for the better understanding of the Lord’s Supper, with the necessary preparation for the benefit of Young Communicants, in English and Manx, translated for the use of the Diocese of Mann. By Bishop Wilson. Whitehaven. 1777. Octavo.

This translation was revised by the Rev. Mr. Moore, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Kelly.


The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the Church, according to the use of the Church of England : Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David. Pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches. Translated into Manks, for the use of the Diocese of Mann. Whitehaven : printed by J. Ware and Son. MDCCLXXVII. Quarto.

Printed in three columns. Arms of the Bishop at the head of the Table of Contents. At the end are a number of Psalms in Manx, translated by the Revs. Robert Radcliff and Matthias Curghey, with the order of Bishop Hildesley, dated Bishop’s Court, Novr. 9, 1761, that they be sung "in the several Country Churches of this Isle." This was printed for the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge. 2000 in duodecimo, and 50 in small quarto, the latter chiefly for the use of the Clergy.


The Holy Bible, in 2 vols. Whitehaven : printed by J. Ware and Son. Octavo.


Aght Ghiare dy heet gys tushtey jeh’n chredjue Chreestee ny as toiggal jeh catechism ny Killagh Kiarit son ymmyd sleih aegey Ellan Vannin. 24mo.

A short summary of the Christian religion, or an explanation of the Church Catechism. Translated into Manx by Daniel Cowley, of Kirk Michael, who was educated by Bishop Hildesley, and by him apprenticed to a printer.

Mr. Cowley also translated Mr. Wesley’s Hymns into Manx, for the use of the Methodists.


A Tour through the Island of Great Britain, divided into Circuits or Journies, etc. Originally begun by the celebrated Daniel de Foe, continued by the late Mr. Richardson, author of " Clarissa," etc., and brought down to the present time by Gentlemen of eminence in the Literary World. The eighth edition, with great additional improvements, in 4 volumes. London : printed for W. Strahan, etc. 1778. 12mo. Maps.

Vol. 4. Isle of Man, pp. 246-252.

The additions only are by Richardson. The sixth edition in 4 vols. 12mo. London. 1769. The original work was written by Defoe. London. 1724. 2 vols. Octavo.


Anecdotes of Olave the Black, King of Man, and the Hebridian Princes of the Somerled Family, to which are added XVIII. Eulogies on Haco, King of Norway, by Snorro Sturlson, poet to that Monarch, now first published in the Original Islandic from the Flateyan and other Manuscripts ; with a literal Version and notes. By the Rev.

James Johnstone, AM., Chaplain to his Britannic Majesty’s Envoy Extraordinary at the Court of Denmark. Printed for the Author, 1780. Small Octavo, pp. 48.

To the Reader, p. 4—" The work from which this fragment is taken was composed by Thordr, an Islandic writer of the 13th century, and is extant in the celebrated manuscript of Flatey, now in his Danish Majesty’s library, where the poems of Snorro are likewise preserved."

Printed in Oliver’s " Monumenta," vol i. pp. 43-46. Manx Society, vol iv. 1860.


The History of the Isle of Man, etc., with a succinct detail of Enchantments that have been exhibited there by Sorcerers and other infernal beings, etc. 1780.

This is most likely to be Waldron’s " History," taken from the edition of 1744. Vide Campbell’s " Tales of the West Highlands," vol iii. pp. 411. Edinburgh. 1862.


The Works of the Right Reverend Father in God Thomas Wilson, D.D., Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man. In 2 vol. With his Life, compiled from Authentic Papers. By C. Cruttwell

" Though he be dead he yet speaketh."

Bath : printed for C. and R. Cruttwell, and sold in London by C. Dilly, Poultry ; J. F. and C. Rivington, and J. John-son, St. Paul’s Churchyard ; J. Philips, George Yard, Lombard Street ; and James Fox, Dartmouth Street, Westminster. MDCCLXXXI. Two vols. Quarto.

The History of the Isle of Man in vol i. pp. 477 to 492. A Portrait of Bishop Wilson. By G. Vertue.

The History reprinted in the 18th volume of the Manx Society’s series, 1871, pp. 90-124.


An Address to the People of the Isle of Man, introductory to the Report of the Attorney and Solicitor-General of England upon the late Bill of the Most Noble John, Duke of Athol, respecting the said Isle. By order of the House of Keys.

" Nescio qut natale solum dulcedine cunctos ducit. "—Ovid. " By secret charms our native land attracts."

Whitehaven : printed by J. Ware and Son. MDCCLXXXI. Q uarto.

The Address, pp. 1 to 12 ; Report, pp. 1 5 to 28. Address dated Douglas, Isle of Man, Dec. 30, 1780. The Report dated June 7, 1780.


Copy of the Report of the Deemster, Clerk of the Rolls, and Attorney-General of the Isle of Man, on a Bill proposed to be brought into Parliament, entitled " A Bill to explain and amend an Act made in the Fifth Year of the Reign of his present Majesty, intituled ‘ An Act for carrying into Execution a contract made pursuant to the Act of Parliament of the Twelfth of his late Majesty King George the First, between the Commissioners of his Majesty’s Treasury and the Duke and Duchess of Atholl, the Proprietors of the Isle of Man and their Trustees, for the purchase of the said Island and its Dependencies, under certain exceptions therein particularly named,’ and to ascertain and establish the Jurisdiction of the Manorial Courts of the Most Noble John, Duke of Atholl, in the said Island, and to enable the said Duke and his Heirs to exercise and enjoy certain Powers and Remedies therein mentioned." With Remarks thereon. Quarto, pp. 94.

The Report is addressed " To the Honourable Richard Dawson, Esq., His Majesty’s Lieutenant-Governor of the Isle of Man," and signed by " John Quayle, Thos. Moore, Wadsworth Busk, 27th April 1780," to which are added further remarks, dated " February 12th, 1781." This is a report on a Bill to amend an Act commonly called the " Vesting Act," and contains many curious particulars respecting the manners, customs, and laws of the Island. £350,000 per annum was at " the Vesting " conceived to be acquired to the public by the Resumption that was made. A tolerably good bargain forced by the Crown from the Duke of Atholl

John Quayle, Clerk of the Rolls ; Thomas Moore, Deemster. Wadsworth Busk, Attorney-General, was knighted in 1781.


Observations on some Acts of Tynwald enacted in the Isle of Man since the revesting thereof in the Crown.

In the " Cumberland Pacquet," February 26.


Acts of Tynwald passed in the years 1776 and 1777. Douglas, Isle of Mann : printed by Joseph Briscoe.

MDCCLXXXIIL Small Quarto, pp. 68.

This appears to be the first attempt at printing Acts of Tynwald, and is prefaced by a curious Introduction, with Rules to find the meaning of the Acts. There are 18 Acts.

J. BRISCOE.—1783.

Literary Lovers ; an original Manks NoveL By J. Briscoe. 12mo.


Memoirs of the House of Stanley, from the Conquest to the death of James, late Earl of Derby, in 1735 ; also a full description of the Isle of Man, etc. Manchester : printed by Joseph Harrop, 1783. Quarto, pp. 238.



Sharmaneyn liorish Thomase Wilson, D.D., Chiarn aspick Sodor as Vannin ; dy kiaralagh chyndait veih Bayrl gys Gailck. Lioar 1. Ca dy vel eh Narroo, foast t’eh loayrt.

Bath : prentit liorish B. Cruttwell, 1783. Octavo, pp. 490.

One volume of Bishop Wilson’s Sermons, translated by the Rev. Mr. Corlett, and printed at the expense of the Rev. Dr. Wilson. Twenty-two Sermons. The second volume, I believe, did not appear.


Cursory Remarks on a Bill, signed by part of the Legislature of the Isle of Mann, in 1781, and intended by them to pass into an Act of Tynwald, if His Majesty shall think fit, entitled " A Bill to establish and regulate the proceedings of the Manor Courts of the Most Noble John, Duke of Atholl, within the Isle of Mann, and to enable the said Duke and his Heirs to use, exercise, and enjoy certain Rights, Powers, and Remedies therein mentioned ; and also to obviate the difficulties and inconveniences which have been occasioned by the separation of the Manorial Courts from the Courts of Common Law in the said Isle." (Long Latin and Manx quotations.) London : printed in the year 1783. Octavo, pp. 29. No printer’s name.


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