Thomas Kitchin, 1754

Thomas Kitchin, 1754

The Isle of Man Drawn from the best Authorities By T.Kitchin Geogr

215mm x 165mm

A series of 56 maps by T Kitchin appeared in London Magazine from 1747-60 all bear name of T Kitchin and at bottom (few exceptions) "Printed for R Baldwin jun at the Rose in Paternoster Row"

The London Magazine was published from 1732 to 1785 mostly by Robert Baldwin publisher in Paternoster Row (fl 1749-1810) who succeeded his uncle R.Baldwin and was in turn suceeded by another Robert Baldwin.
(A Dublin edition of the LM was published which seemed to use re-engraved close copies of the maps (cf Berks) - unclear if this is case for IoM)
As in earlier 1749 Kitchin Castletown labelled “Sodor or Castletown”
Snaefell labelled “Suable, Suawble & Snafield”


(1) The London Magazine: or Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer
Printed for R Baldwin, jun, at the Rose in Pater-Noster-Row London [London 1747-60]

(2) possibly published (the English & Welsh county maps were) in

Historical Descriptions of New and Elegant Views of the Antiquities of England and Wales…published under the inspection of Henry Boswell, Esq. F.A.R.S. assisted by Robert Hamilton, L.L.D. and other ingenious gentlemen…
London Alexander Hogg [1786]

Complete Historical Descriptions …Henry Boswell
London Alexander Hogg (1790)

The Antiquities of England and Wales…Henry Boswell
London Alexander Hogg 1795

A new and complete abridgement of the most interesting and important subjects in the Antiquities of England and Wales…By Francis Grosse…To which will be added…a complete set of county maps…
London H.D.Symons and Alexander Hogg 1798




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