[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


No. 51. — July 14, A.D. 1388. — p. 257, footnote a.]


To Treat with Godfrey, son of the Lord of the Isles.

Rymer's Foedera, 12, Richard 11.  

Rex, omnibus ad quos, etc. : Salutem.

Sciatis quod Nos, de circumspecta fidelitate et industria Venerabilis Patris Johannis, Episcopi Sodorensis plenam et solidam fiduciam reportantes,

ad tractandum cum strenuo viro, Godefrido, filio Johannis de Islay nuper Domini insularum prope Scotiam, ac sibi adhærentibus et alligatis, seu ad hoc per eundem Godefridum deputatis mandaturo sufficiens habentibus, super quibuscunque ligis, confoederationibus, et amicitiis inter Nos, subditos nostros, regna et dominia nostra quaecumque, ex una, et ipsum Godefridum, subditos suos, terram et dominia sua quæcumque, ex altera parte

Etiam de modo, forma, et quantitate auxilii, subventionis seu subsidii, hint inde tempore necessitatis, mutuo ministrandorum

Et de communicationibus inter subditos prædictos, hint inde in mercimomis, et aliis licitis, secure faciendis

Necnon super omnibus et singelis articulis, quantumcumque .specialibus, quæ ligas, confoederationes son amicitias inter Nos et ipsum Godefridum firmandas concernere poterunt quovis modo, cum eorum incidentibus, emergentibus, dependentibus et connexis

Cæteraque omnia et singula nomine nostro faciendum, exer-cendum, et expediendum, quæ in hoc case necessaria fuerint sea quomodolibet oportuna

Et ad Nos et Concilium nostrum de praemissis, cum sic tractata fuerint clare et expresse certificandum

Ut tune, de hujusmodi tractatu per idem Concilium nostrum plenius avisati, eidem securius et consultius imposterum annuere valeamus, prout de deliberatione, avisamentis, et assensu ejus dem Concilii nostri fore viderimus faciendum : Plenam tenore praesentium concedimus et committimus potestatem.

In cujus rei testimonium has literas nostras patentes fieri et sub magni sigilli nostri testimonio fecimus consignari.

Teste Rege apud Westmonasterium, xiv. die Julii. Per Concilium. Consimiles literæ regis patentes diriguntur eidem episcopo ad tractandum cum strenuis viris, Donaldo, filio Johannis de Yle nuper Domini Insularum prædictarum, et Johanne fratre ejusdem Donaldi.

Teste ut supra.

Per Concilium.

The King, to all to whom, etc.: Greeting.

Know that We, placing full and firm reliance on the circum-spect fidelity and industry of the Venerable Father John, Sodor Bishop ;

To treat with the powerful chief Godfrey, son of John of Islay late Lord of the islands near Scotland, and with his adherents and allies, or with persons having sufficient authorization deputed for this purpose by the same Godfrey, regarding all leagues, con-federations, and alliances between Us, Our subjects, Our kingdoms and dominions whatsoever, on the one side, and the aforesaid Godfrey, his subjects, lands and dominions whatsoever, on the other

Also regarding the manner, form, and quantity of aid, subvention, or subsidy, to be mutually afforded on either side in time of need

And regarding the communications between the aforesaid subjects of either side, for the safe carrying on of commerce and other lawful purposes

Moreover, upon all and each of the articles, howsoever special, which can in any way concern the strengthening of leagues, confederations, or alliances between Ourselves and this Godfrey, along with whatever may be incident upon, issuing from, depending on, and connected therewith

And to do, exercise, and expedite in Our name, all and each of the other thins which shall be in this case necessary or in any way whatever meet

And clearly and expressly to certify to Us and Our Council about the above mentioned points, when they shall have been thus treated of

That then, being more fully advised by Our said Council about this treaty, we may be able to ratify it more securely and prudently for the future, according to what from the deliberation, advice, and assent of Our said Council, we shall see should be done ; by the tenor of these presents we do grant and entrust full power.

In testimony whereof, we have caused these Our letters-patent to be drawn up, and signed under the mark of Our great seal. Witness the King, at Westminster, the 14th day of July. By the Council. Similar letters-patent are addressed to the same bishop to treat with the powerful chiefs, Donald, the son of John of Islay late Lord of the Isles aforenamed, and John, brother of the same Donald.

Witness as above.

By the Council.


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