[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


[No. 52-September 16, A.D. 1405.-p. 257, footnote a.]


On Treating with Donald of the Isles. Rymer's Foedera, I. tom. iv. p. 89.

N.B.-This Commission is dated September 21 in the Index to Rymer, not September 16.  

 Rex, Vencrabili in Christo Patri, J. eadem gratia Episcopo de Donn infra terram nostram Hiberniæ, ac dilecto armigero nostro Janico d'Artasso, salutem

Sciatis quod nos de fidelitate et circumspectione vestris plenius confidentes assignavimus vos ad conveniendum

Omnibus viis et modis licitis et honestis, quibus melius, pro honore et commodo nostri, ac populi regni nostri Angliæ, necnon dictæ terræ nostræ Hiberniae, juxta sanas discretiones vestras sciveritis seu poteritis

Cum Donaldo de Insulis Chivaler, et Johanne fratre ejus, super finali pace, alligantia, et amicitia, inter nos et ligeos nostros regni et terme nostrorum prædictorum, et præfatos Donaldum et Johannem et subditos suos omnium et singularum Insularum suarum, tam per terram quam per mare, habenda tractandum

Ipsosque Donaldum et Johannem super modo et forma pacis, alliga ntæ et amicitiæ, quibus ipsi nobiscum habere et teuere et firmare intendunt, audiendum

Et ad nos de tractatu et auditu hnjusmodi, necnon de toto facto vestro in hac parte, cum præsens inandatum nostrum fueritis executi, in propria persona nostra, ubicumque fueritis, sub sigillis vestris, distincte et aperte certificandum, una cum hoc brevi

Ut nos, super biis, juxta avisamentum concilii nostri, in hac parte, ordinare valeamus quod pro honore et statu nostri ac regni et terræ nostrorum prædictorum fore viderimus faciendum

Et ideo vobis mandamus quod circa præmissa diligenter intendatis, et ea faciatis et exequamini in forma prædicta.

In cujus, etc.

Teste rege apud Bishopesthorp juxta Eborum, decimo sexto die Septembris.

Per ipsum Regem.

The King, to the Venerable Father in Christ, J., by the same grace Bishop of Down within our land of Ireland, and to Our beloved Esquire Janico d'Artois, health

Know that We, fully confiding in your fidelity and prudence, have appointed you to make an arrangement

In any way and manner lawful and honourable that you shall, according to your sound discretion consider the best in your power for the honour and advantage of Ourselves, and the people of Our kingdom of England, and also of Our said land of Ireland

And to treat with Donald the Lord of the Isles, and his brother John, concerning a lasting peace, alliance, and friendship, to be established by land and by sea between Us and Our lieges of Our aforesaid kingdom and land, and the aforenamed Donald and John, and their subjects in all and each of their islands

And to hear Donald and John themselves on the mode and form of the peace, alliance and friendship, which they intend with Us to have and to hold, and to confirm

And when you shall have executed our present mandate, wherever you may be, to certify to Us in Our own person, distinctly and candidly, under your seals, concerning this treaty and audience, as well as your whole proceeding in this matter, together with this brief

That We, upon these things, according to the advice of Our Council in this affair, may be able to ordain what We shall see fitting for the honour and estate of Ourselves, and of Our aforesaid kingdom and land

And therefore we charge you to apply diligently to the aforesaid things, and do them, and execute them in the form aforesaid.

In, etc., etc.

The king being witness, at Bishopthorpe, near York on the 16th day of September.

By the King himself.


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