[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


No. 45.-December 1, A.D. 1371.-p. 255.


To make certain Payments.

Gregory XI. Seer. de Curia, in Arch. Sec. Vat. Ann. 1, fol. 245.  

Gregorius, etc. Dilecto filio Johanni Doncan Archidiacono

Dunensi, apostolicæ sedis nuntio, salutem, etc. Discretioni tune tenore præsentium mandamus quatenus de pecuniis ex provent-ibus et juribus quibuscunque ad tameram apostolicarn pertinent-ibus, in partibus in quibus es nuntius apostolicus deputatus, per te et succollectores a te seu a prædecessoribus tuis deputatos recollectis et predictæ cameræ seu aliis pro ea nondum assignatis, dilectis filiis Raynerio Dominici, Petro Marci, Bartholo Johannis, et Talento Andreae, de Florenca de societate Albertorum anti-quorum, et Angelo Joliannis, et Bernardo Nicolai factoribus et procuratoribus Albertorum antiquorum sex milia florenorum auri in civitate Londoniensi tradas realuer et assignes, etc. Datum Avinione kal. Decembr. pontificatus nostri anno primo.

Gregory, etc., to our beloved son John Donegan, Archdeacon of Down, Nuncio of the Apostolic See, health, etc. By tenor of these presents We direct your Discretion to hand over in cash and consign, etc., to Our beloved sons Rayner the son of Dominic, Peter the son of Mark, Bartholi the son of John, and Talenti the son of Andrew, of Florence, of the firm of the old Alberti, and to Angel son of John, and Bernard the son of Nicholas, agents and procurators of the old Alberti, in the city of London, six thousand golden florins of the monies coming in from the revenues and claims of what kind soever belonging to the Apostolic chamber, in those parts in which you are deputed Apostolic Nuncio, and collected by you, and the sub-collectors deputed by you or your predecessors, and not yet paid to the said chamber, or to others in its name.

Given at Avignon, the I st of December, in the first year of Our Pontificate.


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