[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


No. 44.-March 13, A.D. 1369.-p. 255.


Faculty to choose a Confessor.

Urban V. Comun. in Arch. Seer. Vat. Ann. 7, fol. 58, Epist. 279.  

Urbanus, etc. Dilecto filio Johanni Doncan Archidiacono Dunensi, apostolicæ sedis nuntio capellano nostro salutem, etc. Benigno sunt tibi illa concedenda favore per quæ sicut pie desi-deras conscientiae pacem et salutem animæ deo propitio cousequi merearis. Hine est quod nos tuis devotis supplicationibus in-clinati tibi apostolica auctoritate indulgemus ut quamdiu nostris et ecclesiæ Romanæ servitiis institeris aliquem idoneum et discretum in tuum possis eligere confessorem qui quotiens tibi fuerit oportunum confessionibus tuis diligentur auditis pro com-missis debitam tibi absolutionem impendat et injungat penitentiam salutarem, nisi forsan talia fuerint propter quæ sedis apostolica sit merito consulenda. Nulli ergo, etc. Datum Romæ apud Sanctum Petrum. iii. Idus Martii pontificatus nostri anno septimo.

Urban, etc., to our beloved son John Donegan Archdeacon of Down, Nuncio of the Apostolic See, Our Chaplain, health, etc. With benign favour those things should be conceded to you by which you may deserve to obtain, according to your pious desires, with the assistance of God, peace of conscience and your soul's welfare.

Hence it is that We, giving ear to your devout petition, by Our Apostolic authority allow you, as long as you are engaged in Our service and in that of the Roman Church, to select any fit and discreet person for your confessor, who, as often as it shall suit you, after having diligently heard your confession may give due absolution and impose a salutary penance, unless perchance there be matters on account of which the Apostolic See should properly be consulted. Let no one therefore, etc.

Given at Rome, at St. Peter's, the 13th of March, in the seventh year of Our Pontificate.


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