[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


No. 43.-December 22, A.D. 1368.-p. 254, footnote a.


Delegation to decide a Case.

Urban V. Cod. Chart., tom. xx. ful. 432. Arch. Sec. Vat.  

Urbanus episcopus s. s. d. dil. fil. Archidiacono Manniæ in ecclesia Sodorensi salutem, etc. Exhibita nobis pro parte dilecti filii Johannis Hug0nis perpetui vicarii paroehialis ecclesiæ sancti Lupi in Mannia Sodorensis dicecesis petitio continebat, quod fructus dictæ ecclesiæ, quam dilecti filii Abbas et conventus monasterii de Russyn Cisterciensis ordinis dictæ dicecesis in proprios usus detinent, xl." librarum sterlingorum et ultra secundum communem extimationem valent et valere consueverunt annuatim, et quod portio pro perpetuo vicario b dictæ ecclesia,, assiI.Data sex marchas dicta-- monetæ annuatim non excedit, quodque dudum, dum dicta portio pro perpetuo vicario dictæ ecclesiæ, qui tune erat, pro sex marchis dictoe monetæ melius vivere poterat, quam dictus Johannes vicarius nunc possit pro viginti. Quare pro

a [Bor pro vicario, T. has extitit primitus assignata vicarius.]

parte dieti vicarii nobis fuit" humiliter supplicatum, ut cum cura dictæ ecclesiæ propter novos habitatores infra b ejtis parochiam venientes quam plurimum creverit, dictusque vicarius ex porttone prædicta non possit congrue sustentari et ei incumbentia onera supportare, et propter ' quod eidem ecclesiæ non possit sicut de-beret in divinis servire, ac parochialis ipsius ecclesiæ sacramenta ecclesiastica ministrare, ac Ahbas et conventus prædicti, licet super hoc per dictum vicarium fuerint requisiti portionem hujusmodi augmentare d recusent, venerabilisque frater noster episcopus Sodorensis, ad gtiem vicarius prædictus super iis retursum habuit, de hoc se intromittere non curaverit, providentiæ e tuæ per apost. scripta mandamus, quateruus vocatis qui fuerint evocandi, et atiditis hine inde propositis, quod canonicum fuerit, appellatione remota, decernas, faciens quod decreveris per censuram ecclesiasticam fir-miter observari, testes autem qui f fuerint nominati, si se gratia, odio, vel timore subtraxerint, ceusura simili, appellatione cessante,compellas veritati testimonium perhibere, non obstante si eidem ordini a dicta sit sede indultum, quod personæ ipsius ordinis ad judicium trahi nut suspendi vel excommunicari, seti ipse nut dieti ordinis loca interdict non possint per litteras apostolicas non facientes plenam et expressam ac de verbo ad verbum de indulto hujusmodi mentionem, et qualibet alia dictæ sedis indulgentia generali vel speciali, cujuscunque tenoris existat, per quam præsentibus non expressam vel totaliter non insertam tuæ jurisdic-tionis in hat parte explicatio valent quomodolibet impediri, quæ quoad hoc nolumus aliquatenus suffragari." Datum Romæ apud Sanctum Petrum xi. kal. Januarii pontificatus nostri anno septimo.

a [Theiner, extitit.] a [T. inter.]

[T. propterea.] [T. augumentare.]

c [T. has providere ipsi vicario super prTinissis de benignitate apostolica lignaremur. Nos itaque hujusmodi supplicationibus inclinati discretioni.]

[for qui . . . . . . . . perhibere, T. has etc.]


Urban Bishop, servant of the servants of God, to our beloved son the Archdeacon of Man, in the Sodor church, health, etc. The petition presented to Us upon the part of Our beloved son, John Hugh perpetual vicar of the parochial church of St. Lupus in Man in the Sodor diocese, was to the effect that the revenues of the said church which Our beloved sons the abbot and community of the monastery of Rushen of the Cistercian Order in the said diocese retain for their own use, are worth according to common estimation and have been wont to be worth forty pounds sterling and more a year, and that the portion assigned for the perpetual vicar of the said church does not exceed six marks a year of the said currency ; and that a time ago when the said portion was assigned for the then perpetual vicar of the said church, he could live better with six marks of the said money than the said vicar John now can for twenty : Wherefore, as upon [Theiner has gnadraginta.] the part of the said vicar We have been humbly petitioned, since the cure of the said church has greatly increased owing to the new inhabitants who have come into his parish, and the said vicar cannot be properly maintained from the above named allowance and support the burdens incumbent upon him, and on that account cannot have the divine service in the above church as it ought to be, nor duly administer the sacraments of the Church for his parochial church, and the above named abbot and community, although called upon by the said vicar to do so, refuse to increase the allowance, and our venerable brother the Sodor bishop, to whom the aforesaid vicar had recourse in this matter, declines to interfere in it, We by Our Apostolical Letters, commission your Providence, after having cited those who should be cited, and heard both sides, to decide the question without appeal, in accord-ance with the canons; and to enforce the observance of your decree by ecclesiastical censure; and by a like censure without appeal, to compel to give testimony to the truth witnesses who may be called upon, if through favour hatred or fear they absent themselves ; notwithstanding any privilege which may have been granted by the said See to the Order, that persons of the said Order cannot be brought to trial suspended or excommunicated, nor the Order itself, nor places appertaining to the said Order placed under interdict in virtue of Letters Apostolic which do not make full and express and word for word mention of such indult ; and notwith-standing any other privilege of the said See either general or special, of whatsoever tenor, by means of which, through its not being expressed or entirely inserted in these presents, the ex-ercise of your jurisdiction in this affair could be in any way hindered; any of which impediments in this case We Will to be of no avail.

Given at Rome, at St. Peter's, the 22d of December, in the seventh year of Our Pontificate.

a [Theiner has etc.]


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