[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


No. 34.-February 3, A.D. 1353.-p. 255, footnote a.


To see that a person be received in a Religious Order.

Innocent VI. eodem Chart. Archiv. Secreto Vat., t. v. fol. 556.  

Innocentius, episcopus servus servorum dei, venerabili fratri. . Episcopo Ergadiensi, ac dilectis filiis . . Abbati de Sagadal in Kentire, ac . . Priori de Orwansay, Ergadiensis et Sodorensis dicecesium salutem et apostolicam benedictionem. Cupientibus vitam ducere regularem, apostolicum debet adesse presidium, ut eorum pium propositum possint ad laudem divini ndminis adimplere. Cum itaque dilectus filius Gillegehanan, natus quondam Johannis Scriptoris de Mule, Acolythus Sodorensis dicecesis, cupiat, sicut accepimus, in Monasterio Sancti Colum-be de Hy ordinis Sancti Benedicti dicta dicecesis una cum dilec-tis filiis . . Abbate et conventu dicti monasterii sub regulari habitu virtutum domino famulari, Nos volentes eundem Gillege-hanan, cum quo dudum ut non obstante macula seu defectu quam seu quem patitur in oculo dextro posset ad subdiaconatus et diaconatus ordines promoveri et beneficium ecclesiasticum sine cura obtinere, fuit auctoritate apostolica dispensatum, in hujus-modi suo laudabili proposito confovere, discretioni vestræ per apostolica scripta mandamus, quatenus vos vel duo aut unus vestrum per vos vel alium seu alios eundem Gillegehanan, si sit idoneus et aliud canonicum nom obsistat, in dicto monasterio, si in eo certus monachorum numerus non habetur, vel etiam si hujusmodi numerus ibidem forsan existat et de ipso numero aliquis deest ad tempus, ex mine, alioquin quam primum aliquem deesse continget, recipi faciatis auctoritate nostra in monachum et in frntrem, sibique juxta ipsius monasterii consuetudinem regu-larem habitum exhiberi, ac de communibus ipsius monasterii pro-ventibus sicut uni ex aliis præfati monasterii monachis integre provideri, ipsumque ibidem sincera in domino caritate tractari, non obstantibus quibuscunque statutis et consuetudinibus monasterii et ordimis prædictorum contrariis, juramento confirmatione apostolica vel quacunque firmitate alia roboratis, nut si pro aliis scripta forsan apostolica ibidem sint directa, seu si eisdem Abbati et Conventui vel quibusvis aliis communter vel divisim a præfata sit sede indultum quod ad receptionem vel provisionem alicujus minime teneantur et ad id compelli, nut quod interdici, suspendi vel excommunicari non possint per literas apostolicas non facientes plenam et expressam ac de verbo ad verbum de indulto hujusmodi mentionem, et qual;bet alia dictæ sedis indulgentia generali vel speciali cujuscunque tenoris existat per quam præsentibus non expressam vel totaliter non insertam effectus earum impediri valent quomodolibet vel differri, et de qua cujusque toto tenore habenda sit in nostris literis mentio specialis ; contradictores per censuram ecclesiasticam appellatione postposita compescendo. Datum Avinione iii. Non. Februar. pontificatus nostri anno primo.


Innocent bishop, servant of the servants of God, to Our venerable brother . . . the Bishop of Argyle, and to Our beloved sons . . . the Abbot of Sagadal in Kintyre, and to the Prior of Orwansay, of the Argyle diocese and of the Sodor diocese respec-tively, health and Apostolical benediction. Those who desire to lead the Religious life should have the Apostolical protection, that they may fulfil their pious resolve for the glory of the Divine name.

Since therefore our beloved son Gillegehanan, son of the late John a notary of Mull, an acolyte of the Sodor diocese, desires, as We have been informed, to serve the Lord of all power in the monas tery of St. Columba of Iona of the Order of St. Benedict in the said diocese, with Our beloved sons the abbot and community of the said monastery, under the Regular habit, We, wishing to further the laudable desires of the said Gillegehanan (for whom a dispensation was formerly granted by Apostolical authority empowering him to be raised to the orders of sub-diaconate and diaconate, and to obtain an ecclesiastical benefice without the cure of souls, not-withstanding the disfigurement or defect under which he labours in his right eye), commit to your discretion, by these Apostolical letters, the power enabling either two or one of you, personally, or through another or others, to cause, in virtue of Our authority, the said Gillegehanan, provided that he be fit, and no other canonical impediment stand in the way, to be received into the said monas-tery as a monk and a brother, at once if the appointed number of monks be not complete, or even if the number perchance be com-plete but some one be absent for a time, or, if it be otherwise, as soon as it shall happen that the number is incomplete; enabling you further to cause the Religious habit to be given to him in accordance with the custom of the said monastery; and provision to be made for him from the common resources of the said monastery, in the same manner as is made for any of the other monks of the monastery, and to provide that he be treated with sincere charity in the Lord; notwithstanding any statutes and customs of the aforesaid monastery and Order to the contrary,

even though ratified by oath, Apostolical confirmation, or by any other sanction ; or even if perchance Apostolical letters have been directed to the same place in favour of others, or if the aforesaid See has given privileges to the abbot and community, or to any others either collectively or separately by virtue of which they are not bound to receive or provide for any one and cannot be compelled to do it, and cannot be placed under interdict, sus-pension, or excommunication by apostolical letters, unless the said letters make full and express and word for word mention of the said indult ; and notwithstanding any other privilege from the above See, whether general or special, or of whatsoever tenor, by the omission of express mention or of the total insertion of which in these presents the effect of these can be in any way prevented or deferred, and of which, and of the whole tenor of which, special mention should be made in Our Letters; and We author-ise you to restrain those who gainsay by ecclesiastical censure, without appeal.

Given at Avignon, the 3d of February, in the first year of Our Pontificate.


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