[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


APPENDIX, No. 33. 355 No. 33.-June 14, A.D. 1349.-p. 254.


Leave for certain Dispensations.

Ut supra. An. 8, 1. iv. p. 2, fol. 228.-Archiv. Secreto Vatican. Epist. 936.


Clemens,   etc., venerabili fratri Wilelmo episcopo Sodorensi salutem, etc. Provenit ex tuæ devotionis affectu quo nos et Romanam ecclesiam revereris, ut petitionibus tuis quantum cum deo possumus favorabiliter annuamus. Cum itaque sicut ex parte tea fuit propositum coram nobis frequenter contingat nonnullas religiosas personas ad mensam team tuumque hospitium declinare, et ex eis aliquas tecum etiam residere quibus secundum statuta et consuetudines suorum ordinum est esus carnis interdictus, nos tuis supplicationibus inclinati ut to eisdem personis possis auctoritate apostolica vescendi carnibus in hospitio tuo illis diebus duntaxat quibus a sacris canonibus esus carnium communiter prohibitus non existit, licentiam concedere et cum eis dispensare super its cum hoc videris expedire, super quo tuam conscientiam oneramus, prædictis statutis seu consuetudinibus ac privilegiis apostolicis contrariis nequaquam obstantibus, dummodo ipsi juramento vel voto speciali ad abstinentiam esus hujusmodi minime sint astrictæ, fraternitati tue tenore proesentium in-dulgemus. Nulli ergo, etc. Datum Avinione xviii. kal. Julii pontificatus nostri anno octavo."


Clement, etc., to Our venerable brother William, Bishop of Sodor, health, etc. On account of the devoted affection with which you show your reverence for Ourselves and the Roman Church, We are ready to accede to your petitions as far as God's law allows us. Since then it frequently happens, as it has been stated to Us on your part, that some Religious come to partake of your board and hospitality, and that some of them moreover reside with you, who are forbidden in accordance with the statutes and customs of their Orders to eat flesh meat, We, acceding to your prayers, by the tenor of these presents give permission to you, brother, to allow the said persons, by Apostolical authority, to eat meat, when you in conscience consider it expedient, and grant dispensa-tion to them for this purpose, but only on those days upon which the eating of meat is not generally forbidden by the sacred canons; notwithstanding the aforesaid statutes or customs, and any Apostolical decrees to the contrary ; provided, however, that the persons in question are not bound by oath or special vow to abstinence from such food. Let no one therefore, etc.

Given at Avignon, the 14th day of June, in the eighth year of Our Pontificate.

a [This and the preceding document do not appear to warrant the conclusion drawn from them by P. Munch, note 60, p. 254, namely, that Bishop William did not return from Avignon till after the date of this last one ; for the application to which the letters of Clement reply may have been made by letter, or by an agent. Indeed, the expression= fuit ex parte tua toram nobis propositum,' would rather lead to the supposition that the petition was not made by the Bishop in person.]


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