[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


No. 20.— April 17, A.D. 1247.— p 247.


Taking him under his protection.

Reb. Innoe. IV., in Archiv. Secreto Vat." Anno 4.  

Epist. etc Innocentius, etc., Duibgaldo 2 domino de terra Machumel' in Kyntire' Lismorensis dicecesis salutem.'

Sacrosancta Romana ecclesia, etc., personarv team cum omnibus bonis quoe impraesentiarum rationabiliter possides, sub beati Petri et nostra protectione suscipimus et præsentis scripti pagina' communimus, districtius inhibentes, ne quis te in devotione sanctee Romaine ecclesia-persistentem super eisdern bonis temere molestare praesumat. Nulli ergo, etc.' Datum Lngduni xv. kal. Maii, Pont. nostri anno quarto.


Innocent, etc., to Dugald, lord of the land of Machumel in Kintyre, in the diocese of Lismore, greeting.

The Holy Roman Church, etc. We take under the protection of Blessed Peter and of Ourselves your person, together with all the goods which you at present rightfully possess, and for this purpose furnish you with this present rescript, strictly forbidding any one to presume to molest you in regard to the aforesaid goods, provided that you continue in your devotion to the Holy Roman Church.-Let no one therefore, etc.

Given at Lyons, the 17th of April, in the fourth year of Our Pontificate.

Hiberjlaor~cn et, Scolorum Rovaa,, 1864, p. 46 :-' 552. 2 Dinbgaldo. s Machernnunel. } Kintyre. - etc.

" [The following corrections or readings are from a copy of this Rescript in Theiner's Vetera Monumeitas for, etc., read, devotos et huniles lilios, etc., usque inclinati. % patrocinio.

8 add, nostra pritectionis et inhibitionis, etc. Si quis, etc.]


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