[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


No. 21.-May 1, A.D. 1247.-p. 245.


Grants the use of Mitre and Ring to the Abbots. Reg. Inn. IV. in Arch. See. Vat., Epist. 55.  

Innoceutius episcopus servus servorum dei dilecto filio Abbati venerabilis monasterii sancti Columbæ Ordinis sancti Benedicti Sodreyensis dicecesis salutem et apostolicam benedictionem. A louginqua nobis Norwegiæ regione in qua tuum sicut asseris est monasterium constitutum personaliter ad praesentiam nostram accedens, tibi ac monasterio ipsi ad ejusdem decorem super quibusdam insignibus ecclesiæ dignitatibus a nobis gratiam exhiberi suppliciter postulasti. Cum igitur Romana ecclesia sibi subjectis humiliter venientibus ad eandem consuevit esse pize matris affectu favorabilis ac benigna, et dignum existat ut tanti labor itineris munere compensetur gratiæ specialis, tuae devotionis supplicationibus inclinati tibi et successoribus tuis anuli, et in divinis ofiiciis, diebus, horis ac locis competentibus, mitræ usum, quodque in prædicto et aliis monasteriis ordinis beati Benedicti ac etiam ecelesiis secularibus monasterio memorato subjectis, Clero et populo, legato sedis apostolicæ aut archiepiscopo vel episcopo non præsente, benedictionem possis dare solleinnem, auctoritate præsentium duximus concedendum. Nulli ergo, ete., nostræ con-cessionis, ete. Datum Lugduni, kal. Maii, pontificatus nostri anno quarto.

Innocent Bishop, servant of the servants of God, to our beloved son the abbot of the venerable monastery of St. Columba, of the Order of St. Benedict, in the Sodor diocese, health and apostolical benediction.

Having come personally to Our presence from the distant region of Norway, in which, as you say, your monastery is situate, you have suppliantly asked for some favour to be granted to yourself and to your monastery, to enhance its splendour, in regard of certain exalted church dignities. Since therefore the Roman Church, with the affection of a loving mother, has been wont to be gracious and condescending to its subjects who humbly apply to it, and it is fitting that the labour of so great a journey should be compensated by some especial favour, We, according to your devout supplications, by virtue of these presents think fit to grant to you and your successors the use of the ring ; as also of the mitre during Divine Office, due observance being paid to the laws regulating the proper days, hours, and places, for the use thereof, empowering you moreover to give the solemn benediction to the clergy and people, as well in the aforesaid monastery as in the other monasteries of the order of Blessed Benedict, and also in the secular churches subject to the above named monastery, provided that no legate of the Apostolic See, Archbishop, nor Bishop be present.

Let no one therefore, etc., of this Our concession, etc.

Given at Lyons, the 1st of May, the fourth year of Our Pontificate.


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