[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


[No. 1.—AD. l073.p. 146, footnote a.]


Baronius, Annales Eccles., tom. xi. AD. 1073. No. xlviii.

After setting forth the dangers and troubles which surrounded him from the perversity of the Great, and the worldliness of certain Bishops, he begs his prayers, and continues thus

TUAM vero Fraternitatem, etsi monitore non egeat, impellente tameri nos sollicitudine admonernus, quatenus graviora usquequaque resecare vitia studeat ; et inter omnia, et præ omnibus, nefas, quod de Scotis audivirnus, quod plerique videlicet proprias uxores non solum deserunt, sed etiam vendunt, omnibus modis prohibere contendat. Ad hæc enim Apostolica te auctoritate fultum esse volumus ut non solum in Scotis hoc scelus, sed etiam in aliis, si quos in Anglorum insula tales esse cognoveris, dura animadversione punias, et radicem tanti mali prudenti sarculo correctionis penitus extirpare non differas.

But though, indeed, you need no admonition, yet, impelled by our deep solicitude, we admonish you, Brother, that you strive to eradicate the more grievous vices ; and that, aniong other things, and before all things, you use every exertion to put an end to that crime, of which we have heard concerning the Irish (Scoti), that forsooth many not only abandon their own wives, but even sell them. For to this .end We will that you be invested with Apostolic Authority, that you may severely punish this crime, not only in the Irish (Scoti), but in any others that you may know to be of the same sort in the island of the English, and that you delay not to root out so great an evil with the prudent hoe of correction.


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