[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


No16. — July 11, A.D. 1235. — p. 197.


Fee to Olave for Guarding the Coast.

Rymer's Foedera, 1. i. 218. Langebek, iii. 230.  

Rex dilecto et fideli suo M. filio Geroldi, justiciario suo Hiberniae, salutem. Sciatis nos dedisse, et charta nostra confirmasse dilecto et fideli nostro Olavo, Regi Manniae et Insularum, pro bomagio suo et servitio custodiendi, ad custum suum, costeram maris Angliae versus Hiberniam, et versus insulam de Mannia, et similiter costeram maris Hiberniæ versus Angliam, et versus praedictam insulam de Plan ne damnuet prædictis terris nostris Anglia; et Hiberniæ, pro posse suo, per mare in costeris illis possit evenire, quadraginta marcas, et centum crannocos frumenti, et quinque dolia vini, singelis aneis percipienda in terra nostra Hiberniæ, ad terminum Paschæ, per manns justiciary nostri Hiberniæ, quamdiu prædictus Rex Manniæ bene et fideliter nobis serviret, prædictas costeras custodiendo. Et ideo vobis mandamus, quod proedictas quadraginta marcas, et praedictos centum crannocos frumenti, et proedicta quinque dolia vini, singelis annis ei habere faciatis, sicut prædictum est ; incipientes primum terminum ad Pascha proximo venturum, anno regni nostri xx. In cujus rei testimonium has litteras nostras patentes vobis mittimus. Teste Rege, apud Westmonasterium, undecimo die Julii.

The king, to his beloved and faithful M. son of Gerald, his justiciary of Ireland, greeting. Be it known to you that We have given, and confirmed by Our charter, to Our beloved and faithful Olave, King of Man and of the Islands, in return for his homage, and the service of guarding, to the best of his power, at his own cost, the sea-coast of England which looks towards Ire-land and towards the Isle of. Man, and likewise the sea-coast of Ireland which looks towards England and- towards the aforesaid Isle of Man, so that no damage accrue by sea to Our aforesaid territories of England and Ireland along those coasts, forty marks, and a hundred crannocks of corn, and five casks of wine, to be received each year, in Our territory of Ireland, at Paschal term, through the hands of Our justiciary of Ireland, so long as the aforesaid King of Man shall well and faithfully do Us service in keeping the aforesaid coasts. And therefore We enjoin you to see that he receives the aforesaid forty marks, the aforesaid hundred crannocks of corn, and the aforesaid five casks of wine, each year, as has been said ; beginning the first term at the ensuing Easter, in the twentieth year of Our reign. In testimony whereof we send you these Our letters-patent. Witness the king at Westminster the 11th day of July.


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