[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


No 17. — May 24, A.D. 1236. — p. 197.


Takes Man under his protection.

Rymer's Foedera, 1. i. 218. Langebek, iii. 231.  

Rex omnibus ballivis et fidelibus suis, præsentes litteras in-specturis, salutem. Sciatis nos suscepisse in protectionem et defensionem nostram homines, terras, res, redditus, et omnes pos sessiones dilecti et fidelis nostri Olavi Regis Manniæ et Insularum, qui, pro negotiis suis, ad partes Norwegiæ de mandato Regis Norwegioe profecturus est. Et ideo vobis mandamus quod homines, terras, res, redditus, et omnes possessiones ipsius Regis Manniæ et Insularum manuteneatis, protegatis, et defendatis. Nullum ei rode inforentes, etc. Et si quid ei inde fuerit foris-factum, etc. Teste Rege aped Merewell, vicesimo quarto die Maii.

The king, to all his bailiffs and faithful subjects who shall see these present letters, greeting. Be it known to you that we have undertaken the protection and defence of the subjects, territories, goods, revenues, and of all the possessions of our beloved and faithful Olave, King of Man and of the Isles, who, for the transaction of his affairs, at the behest of the King of Norway, is about to set out on a journey to Norway. And therefore We enjoin you to maintain, protect, and defend the subjects, territories, goods, and all the possessions of the said King of Man, and of the Isles.

Causing him therefore no, etc. And if any wrong be done to him, etc. Witness the king at Merewell, the 24th day of May.


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