[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


No 14 — April 12, A.D. 1228. — p. 190, Note 36.


Notifies the Safe-conduct given to Olave.

Rymer, Foedera, 1. i. 190.  

Olavus Rex Mannim et Insularum habet lineras de salvo conductu venieudi in Angliam, cum homiuibus suis quos secum duxerit, pro pace formanda inter ipsum et Reginaldum fratrem suum, duraturas a festo sancti Michaelis, anno regni nostri duo-decimo, usque in xv. dies. Teste Rege, apud Westmonasterium, xii. die Aprilis, anno regni nostri xii.

Olave, King of Man and of the Isles, has Letters of Safe-conduct to come to England, together with the followers whom he may bring witli him, for the purpose of coucluding peace between himself and his brother Reginald. They will continue in force from the feast of St. Michael, in the twelfth year of Our reign, for fifteen days. Witness the king at Westminster, the 12th day of April, in the twelfth year of Our reign.


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