[From Manx Soc vol 23 - Appendices to Munch's Chronicle of Man]


No. 13. — May 22, A.D. 1223. — p. 186.


Theiner's Vet. Mon. Hib. et Scot., No. li. p. 21.

N.B. — P. Munch gives this letter at p. 90 (186 of this edition), in a footnote.


[Pegbialdus, Rex Iusularum sub protectioiae beati Petri veluti feudalarius ecclesiae Romanae suscipitur.]  

Honorius, Episcopus, etc. Carissimo in Christo filio, Reginaldo, regi Insularum illustri, salutem, etc. Promptae fidei et pronæ devotionis affectus, quem erga Romarram ecclesiam studes in effectu laudabiliter exhibere, digne mcretur ut personam tuam sincera benevolentia complectentes te speciali sedis apostolicæ gratia prosequamur, tuis supplicationibus favorabiliter annuendo. Sicut enim transmisse nobis tue litteræ protestantur, bonorum, qu,,e fiunt in ecclesia Romana, particeps esse cuprens, ad exhorta-tionem venerabilis fratris nostri P. Norwicensis Episcopi tune Electi, et apostolicæ sedis legati, ei ecclesia Romane nomine ac nostro Insulam de Man, quae ad te jure hereditary pertinebat, nullumque de ipsa servitium facere tenebaris, donasti liberaliter et irrevocabiliter tradidisti, recipiens eandem Insulam ab ecclesia Romana in feudum, et pro ea nobis fidelitatis et homagii exhibens juramentum. Ad recognitionem quoque dominii ecclesim Romany, to et haeredes tui annuatim duodecim rnarcas sterlingorum in Anglia apud monasterium de Furnis in festo Purificationis beau Virginis persolvetis : qum omria jurasti te fideliter servaturum. Nos igitur habentes haec rata et grata, tuis supplicationibus inclinati, personam et terram tuam cum omnibus, qua, impraesenti-arum. rationabiliter possides, aut in futurum justis modis prinstante domino poteris adipisci, sub beati Petri et rostra protectione suscipimus, et prmsenis scripti patrocinio communimus. Nulli ergo omnino hominum liceat hane paginaen nostrm protectionis infringere, vel ei ausu temerario contraire. Si quis autem hoc attemptare praesumpserit indignationem omnipotentis dei et beat-orum Petri et Pauli apostolorum ejus se noverit incursurum. Datum Laterani x Kalendas Junii Pontificatus nostri anno septimo

The King of the Islands is received under the protection of St. Peter, as a vassal of the Church of Rome.

Honorius Bishop, etc. . . . To our beloved son in Christ, Reginald, the illustrious King of the Islands, health, etc. . . . The proof of a lively faith, and devoted attachment to the Church of Rome, which you have exhibited in so praiseworthy a manner, eminently merits for you that embracing you with heartfelt tenderness We should extend unto you the special good-will of Our Apostolic See, by favourably acceding to your request.

Whereas your letters to Us testify that being desirous of sharing in the good things which are done in the Church of Rome, you have, at the instigation of Our venerable brother Pandolph, Bishop of Norwich, at that time bishop-elect, and Legate of the Apostolic See, generously made gift of, and irrevocably handed over to him, in the name of the Church of Rome and Our own, the Island of Man, which by hereditary right belongs to you, and for which you are bounden to no one in any manner of service, and receiving the same Island from the Roman Church in fief, have made oath to Us for it of your homage and faithfulness; -Whereas, also, in recognition of the dominion of the Church of Rome, you, for yourself and your heirs, make promise to pay yearly the surr of twelve marks sterling, in England, at the monastery of Furness, on the feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin: all which things you have sworn faithfully to observe.

We, therefore, accepting and ratifying these things, do incline to your petition:-your person and your lands, with all those things which you at present rightfully possess, or may in future, by just means, with the help of God, be possessed of, We take under the protection of blessed Peter and Our own, and We confirm the said protection by these presents. Let no man therefore, whosoever he be, infringe this Our patent of protection, or rashly dare to go against it. If, however, any one should presume to attempt such a thing, be it known to him that he will incur the wrath of the Almighty God, and of his blessed apostles Peter and Paul.

Given at the Lateran, this 22d day of May, in the seventh year of Our Pontificate.


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